Design Wall and Weekly Goals

Monday, October 29, 2012
A new project has been started.   Can you guess what it is??

Yes, that's the start of a Double Wedding Ring.   I've admired and *gasp* LUSTED for one!   But all those little pieces!   Then I decided to bite the bullet and utilize paper piecing.  

After a bit of experimentation with different paper--tracing paper seems to be the answer.  Its lightweight and transparent, and with careful handling it feeds through my printer.  Its also easy to remove after sewing.  I found a free pattern at Free Spirit.  And the melons and arcs?   A window place near me will cut nice plexi-glas templates fairly cheap--I will take the pattern there and have a set made.  This is a long term project--after all--I've wanted one for a long time!   Please check everyone's Design Walls at Patchwork Times.

More yo-yos are being set in blocks of 36.  This vintage quilt came from Quilt Index--I like how it doesn't use one color/fabric as sashing.  So far the plan is to use this setting for my yo-yo quilt. 

Picture from Quilt Index
One color sashing is nice--but that would require 1,120 (as near as I can figure) yo-yos all the same (how boring to make!)--and use 19.44 YARDS of fabric!  This setting would use my stash--much more to my taste and pocketbook.

The camper hasn't moved--the weather wasn't the best--windy, a bit of rain and some of this---

Outside my camper door
Yes--that's SNOW outside my camper door!  It quickly melted and the weather will be mild and NOT WINDY--I hope to have the camper home on Tuesday. 

Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
All the Square in a Square blocks are done---

Square in a Square blocks
They need to "age"--I'll check them in a few days and see if any need moving.  Check out everyone's Design Walls at Patchwork Times

Sunday afternoon I felt like baking.  Five kuchen and two pans of pecan caramels rolls.

They didn't last long!

Weekly Goals--

None this week.  We're planning to pack the camper and take it home.  I will play with my yoyos if I have time.  


Rainbow Scrap Challenge and Checking On Weekly Goals

Saturday, October 20, 2012
Brown is one of my favorite colors, so making some brown blocks was easy.  I had to stop myself or I would have made so many blocks I could have done an all brown quilt!

36 Patches

Spinner Blocks

4 Patches
 Check everyone's progress at soscrappy!

My weekly goals??
  1. sew two yo-yo blocks--sort of
  2. lay out Square in a Square blocks--I think I need more
Today I'm going to play in the sewing room.  Its been a while since I made some blocks "just because".  Several quilting programs playing on PBS channels.  Maybe I better not watch--I might be tempted to start a new project!


Weekly Goals

Monday, October 15, 2012
Its Monday again--beautiful day--77F this afternoon.   But it won't last, fall is here and winter can't be far behind.  

75 Square in a Square blocks are sewn and trimmed---I will lay them out and see how they look.  

Goals for the week--
  1. sew two yo-yo blocks
  2. lay out Square in a Square blocks
Those will be my goals.  I may need a few more Square in a Square blocks. 

Karla took this picture---I laugh at the contradiction in it--the soft pudgy body and the stiff upright tail!

Prairie Dog taking a Nap
He looks ready for winter.  Black Tailed Prairie Dogs usually do not hibernate--but may spend several weeks below ground

Motivation Friday and Sad

Friday, October 12, 2012
Its a beautiful morning, a bit of frost on my car earlier but its warming up.  Weather for the next few days--highs of 71F.   But its time to check on my goals---
  1. Trim square in a square blocks--yes
  2. make 5 more square in a square blocks--yes
  3. Sew on a UFO--not yet
The maple tree by my camper has lovely color right now--

Then I drove over to where Toni and Eddie live---

That picture didn't last long--Toni and Eddie finished packing and pulled out heading south this morning.  They stopped at the Visitor Center before they left--

Drive careful and see you in the spring!  Oh--and Toni--work on those yoyos!!  Toni and Eddie are heading for Donna TX.  

Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, October 8, 2012
Last week these were my goals--
  1. Complete two yo-yo blocks--kind of
  2. Sew 10 square in a square blocks--yes
  3. 40 more yo-yos--no 
These were the two yo-yo blocks I completed--

Whoops--sewed an extra row on one block--now I will have to frog stitch!

I'm going to sew more yo-yo's together into blocks before I make more.  All the square in a square blocks I had prepped are ready for trimming/squaring--there are 51 done.  I will make 5 more to total 56. 

Weekly Goals--
  1. Trim square in a square blocks
  2. make 5 more square in a square blocks
  3. Sew on a UFO

Sunday the "summer people" met for breakfast.  In a few weeks they'll be scattered--Texas, Arizona, Nevada.  Next year they'll all be back.  We promised we'd do more "socializing" next year! 

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Motivation Friday

Friday, October 5, 2012
Checking my goals--I've done a little sewing but mostly resting my arms/hands/shoulders.  I love sewing on the yo-yos--but all that hand work....!  Driving, computer work, and holding a book is limited.

Since I haven't much to report--I begged David for some pictures!!  David is a Park Ranger.  He had a tag to "snag" a paddlefish and spent Wednesday with his uncle on the river.

Wait--that's NOT A PADDLEFISH!!   It's a Flathead Catfish!  David "snagged" this fish and his uncle quickly snapped a picture.   That was a "catch and release" fish.   David and his uncle were on the river right below the Visitor Center--I watched him pull this fish in through the telescope.  (I feel like a stalker--I would check out the telescope every time I went past the window)

David did snag a Paddlefish later that morning--congratulations David!!  The weather was great on Wednesday--80F and it was t-shirt weather on the water. 

An arctic blast has hit us--today's high was 51F and tonight will drop below 30F.  UGH  I'm nice and toasty in my camper--later on I'll crank up my electric blanket and practice human toasting!

Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, October 1, 2012
Today I used the grass in front of the Visitor Center for my design wall.  8 yo-yo blocks completed so far.   Its a totally random process--if I pull out two yo-yos that are identical--I do draw again--but that's only happened once!

Design Wall Monday on the Grass
Last week my goals were--

Complete two yo-yo blocks--Yes
Sew 10 square in a square blocks--Yes
40 more yoyos--Yes

My goals this week will  be the same--
  1. Complete two yo-yo blocks
  2. Sew 10 square in a square blocks
  3. 40 more yo-yos 
Its been perfect camping weather, warm days and cool nights.  The days are becoming shorter and I miss sitting outside reading in the late evening.

Along with cooler weather the leaves are changing color.  

By Picnic Shelter
Along the Road
Although I'm only 60 miles from home--there is a much larger variety of trees.  I especially love the Bur Oaks.