Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, March 28, 2016
The R/W/B album blocks were on the wall--

The neutral sashings are on and its measured and waiting for borders.  Or something.  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Friday night I pulled out the basket of album blocks from Rainbow Scrappy Challenge 2015.  Hmmm, quite a big stack.  Aaacckkk--84 blocks!  I was a bit overwhelmed so put them back in the basket Liz said she has "ideas" on how to set them.  30 makes a big quilt.  25 makes a nice quilt.  20 makes a twin size quilt.  No matter how you figure it that's at least three quilts.  (I can easily make one more blocks to even the numbers.)

Weekly Goals--

Barn Dance Step Two
Jacob's Ladder blocks
Bricks & Stepping Stones 
Make Alletaire binding
Hand sew more binding
Very few goals this week.  Starting Tuesday I'm joining a Quilting Marathon with fellow Stashbusters.  Would you like to join us?   I have five tops ready to quilt.
In a couple weeks are the Bonnie Hunter classes I signed up for.  My projects are pretty much ready to go.     
Do you eat Dove chocolates?  I've been collecting the sayings inside the wrappers.  This one was written just for me--
Stay up until the sun rises! 

Sunday Stash Report -- Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 27, 2016
New numbers this week.  

Stash In-- 5.5 yards yds 
Stash out--17 yds
Stash in YTD--38.5 yds
Stash out YTD--66 yds
I'm ahead 27.5 yds!
I bought 5.5 yards for borders/binding of Alletaire.  The borders are on and a backing is ready.  It can go in the quilting queue.  Please see everyone's stash reports at Patchwork Times.
Happy Easter!

 A herd of bunnies on the table.  Don't you love Peeps?? 


Purple Rainbow Scrappy Saturday

Saturday, March 26, 2016
The last purple Saturday, I have six more Jacob's Ladder blocks--

Six Jacob's Ladder blocks
 There is also a finish--

Twirling Spools
Twirling Spools--the spool blocks were made as my Rainbow Scrappy Challenge project in 2012.  The border fabric is an oriental fabric I love, but doesn't work well cut up.  The backing is pieced, and I hate to piece backings!  Its quilted with apples, leaves, and flowers.   93 x 93" for 17 yards of stash busted.  Please see everyone's Purple Projects at SoScrappy.


Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, March 21, 2016
This weekend I pulled Beach Party out of the cabana (closet).  Immediately pinned them to the wall before they could start any bonfires!  Quickly sewed them together--

Beach Party

They're bright and cheery, perfect for April.  Folded them up and hung them in the cabana to keep warm.  I don't think there is anything in the stash for borders but Lorri2Rs thought she'd have something.  Next I found another OLD UFO--

Disappearing 4 Patch

ROFL--notice the mistake?  The bottom two rows were sewn on upside down.  Oh well, its an easy fix!  At least its not quilted.  Please see everyone's design walls at Patchwork Times.

A few more Barn Dance Blocks--

Barn Dance QAL
Weekly Goals--

Quilt a top
Finish a binding
Patch Little Boy Jeans
Find Borders for Alletaire
Play with R/W/B Album blocks
Barn Dance Step Two

Enough for this week!  I'm getting over my cold (slept 12 of 18 hours), hopefully a few more days and it will be gone.  

Its warmed up a little, I saw a few flowers coming up.  Snow is possible later this week.  Can't it just be Spring already??!!


Rainbow Scrappy Saturday--Purple

Saturday, March 19, 2016
Another week rolls around--

Six purple Jacob's Ladder blocks. (the HST are purple fabrics). Please see everyone's purple projects at SoScrappy.

This week has been like swimming in jello--I have a head cold.  Alletaire's blocks are all sewn together--

Next are borders.  First I'll recheck my stash, but I think I'll need to purchase some red.  

A new project has been started--Barn Dance QAL.  This week I made eight 12" blocks.  There even are a couple purple ones!

My background will be scrappy neutrals, just not WHITE WHITE.  Whatever I find.  These traditional vintage blocks speak to me.  Loudly! MakeMeMakeMeMakeMeMakeMeMakeMe!!

Its sewing weekend for the Iowa Ladies.  I didn't want to share my germs so I'm sewing along from home.  I MISS THEM!!!  Never pass an opportunity to sew with friends.


Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, March 14, 2016
These blocks were hiding in a cupboard--

No idea where I was going with these.  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Weekly Goals
Sew more Alletaire
Work on Binding
Bricks and Stepping Stones 4 patches
Load a top on the Princess
Work on April class projects 
Sister's Choice Blocks
Most of last week's goals didn't happen.  Thursday -- Sunday was spent with the Laura Beth, Nick, and the boys.   So my goals are a repeat!  A few pics from the weekend--

Maxwell turned one last week.  He is always happy and cheerful!

Asher baked some BLUE cupcakes.  Grandma realized the bright blue batter would stain his shirt, (honestly, how can you expect a little boy to lick the bowl and NOT get batter on his shirt) it was in the laundry after being treated with stain remover.  You can buy cake mixes in BRIGHT colors and they make 12 cupcakes--perfect size for little boys to make.

Grandma premade the frosting, the boys added the sprinkles.  It was a fun, easy, and quick project.  Mason made the red ones--but somehow I forgot to get a picture of him. 

It was warm enough on Saturday to eat on the deck. 
The only sewing I did all weekend was patch 10 pairs of little boys jeans!  I seriously considered sneaking out to buy new ones.  Maxwell will never get them as hand me downs unless they end up as shorts.  
The weather is cool again and very foggy.  Unusual for South Dakota--we seldom have fog.  Possible rain showers all week and maybe SNOW.  I think SNOW is a four letter word just like COLD.  
I love Dove chocolates.  Especially these--
 Not sure if they are a promo flavor for St. Patrick's Day but they are OMG good!  And they have sayings in them JUST FOR QUILTERS--

Did they see my Ribbon Twist quilt??


Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, March 13, 2016
New numbers this week--I had two finishes for 32 yards.  I bought 10 yards of fabric.  

Stash In--10 yards yds 
Stash out--32 yds
Stash in YTD--33 yds
Stash out YTD--49 yds
I'm ahead 16.00 yds!
Please see everyone's stash report at Patchwork Times.

Rainbow Scrappy Saturday

Saturday, March 12, 2016
No purple blocks this week but I finished a quilt from my 2013 RSC--

30's fabrics with a soft vine print for sashing.  Wide backing dyed a soft pink and quilted using an off white on top and a variegated pastel on the back--

Its quilted using a panto called "Delicious".  Its a nice change--apples, leaves, and small simple flowers.  Reminds of 30's style, soft and whimsical.  84x104" and I estimate 16 yards.   Please see everyone's purple posts at SoScrappy.


Weekly Goals and What's on the Wall

Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Although I've been absent from blogland there's been lots of sewing--

Alletaire has the rows sewn together and the setting blocks ready to attach.  Monday two bindings made and three sewn to quilted tops.  They have been moved to the Happy Binding Pile.  Today I spent two hours folding and putting fabric away.  Whew--better!  There is still a lot of fabric not on the shelves but its definitely an improvement.  Each month I organize one section--this month was the blues, reds, browns, oranges, and bolts. 

Sunday night I started to write down projects that were clamoring to be let out of their boxes.  Short list was 12 projects to complete (meaning all the blocks are made and need to be assembled or are in rows already).  Four tops ready to quilt.  Once Alletaire is off the design wall I'm putting Beach Party up.  They are a rowdy bunch, sand volleyball tournaments and I KNOW there is nude sunbathing going on, I ignored the man thong on the floor.  They are going back in a cabana (closet) until the wall is open.  Next would be surfboards, parasailing and beach bonfires under the Princess with batting as fuel!  The other projects cries are muffled by tightly closed tote lids and Ziploc bags zipped and stacked on shelves.  

Saturday's quilting was down to the last bit of thread--

Only a couple partial bobbins left of this blue.  

Weekly Goals--

Sew more Alletaire
Work on Binding
Bricks and Stepping Stones 4 patches
Load a top on the Princess
Work on April class projects 
Sister's Choice Blocks

Way more than I will get done this week but I like to have options!  Thursday is guild night, then grandsons and hopefully a date night for Laura Beth and Nick.  Ken's first week of full shifts and I'm hoping he doesn't get too tired and sore.  

Friday I was playing on the internet and looked at Craigslist for the 2nd time in my life.  Typed in "sewing machine" and VOILA--a listing for a Singer 201-2!  It was fate I tell you!  Although I have many sewing machines my favorite is Becca the 201--

Becca the 201
The "new" machine will need a bit of elbow grease and maybe some new wiring but soon she will be a teammate to Becca.  The gentleman selling her said he didn't think his mother in law had used her in 40 years.  She moved freely and smoothly and I'm looking forward to sewing with her.  


Rainbow Scrappy Saturday--Purple and the last of Brown

Saturday, March 5, 2016
March brings purple and yellow, I have a purple block--

Purple star points and the background is a lavender print.  Three more brown Jacob's Ladder blocks--

Please see what everyone is doing with purple and yellow at SoScrappy.

Time to check my goals--

Sew more Alletaire blocks together--yes
Finish cutting for April classes--working on them
Dye a backing--yes
Load and quilt a top--not yet
More binding--yes
Two brown Jacobs Ladder blocks--yes
Look at Block Party--yes
Alletaire is slowly coming together.  Took a break from cutting for the classes, my arm is sore.  The backing was dyed and the top is ready to load on the Princess.  I looked at Block Party--I need the design wall or a design BED but Ken was sleeping in it.  The spare bed is inaccessible due to income tax.  

But--I have a finish!!  

Ribbon Twist
I've called it "Ribbon Twist".  These were 30's blocks I found cleaning the sewing room.  Look carefully--not all the ribbons are twisting the same way.  That was NOT the plan, I only noticed them after IT WAS QUILTED!!!  I briefly (very briefly) thought of taking it all apart and fixing it--but then decided it was a wonderful design element and would leave it.  After all--done is better than perfect.   Dove chocolates have prophetic sayings inside the wrappers--and tonight's says "its okay to be fabulous and flawed".  Solid 30's fabrics made a border and it has a soft pink backing.  I quilted it with "Delicious".   Apples and leaves and flowers.  Quilting it is fun and its whimsical and not overly girly.   97 x 102"--I'll say 16 yards.  The bright sunlight washes the color out--its much brighter in person.  This may be a keeper, I love it flaws and all.