Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, January 31, 2010
My week has been busy but quiet.  Is that an oxymoron??  I have worked on the blue blocks and the bricks and stepping stones and made great progress.  I also picked out a top to load.  But I haven't made pillowcases yet, I still have time.  Maybe!! 

My totals are the same as last week.  Nothing in and nothing finished.  I count "experiments into fashion" the same as I did Mason's crib sheets!  But I'm feeling good as I can see finishes coming up.  Stash reports make me focus and stay on track.   But, I still have lot of fun!!

Bought Year to Date -34.35
Finished YTD 36.85
YTD  +2.50 yards 

Tonight went went to my sister Kathy and FAVORITE BROTHER IN LAW PAUL'S and had snacks and played cards.  I am sorry to report that the women WHUPPED the men BAD!  I made 5 kuchen today--4 cherry and one prune,  and a cheese ball, Ken picked up pop, chips, salami, and cheese at the store.  Tomorrow we are heading to Yankton to the Lewis and Clark Visitor Center for "Eagle Days".  I'm not sure what the program will be, last year there were several types of raptors and it was VERY up close and personal!

I've been having a great time--what have you been doing?  I find out all SORTS of things reading stash reports!!

And, as I watch the weather dumping snow all down the east coast, I am saying "Thank you Lord!!!"  I am counting down the days until spring!

Motivation Friday

Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm feeling frustrated today.  I cannot get my email program to work.  I am switching email addresses--please be patient with me!  

My blue blocks are sewn into rows and pressed.  Whew! The stepping stones are sewn into "paired matchsticks".  

I need to make a couple of pillowcases and load a quilt top.  I have the weekend to work on that.  

And I have another project I want to work on, I want to see if I can make myself a SKIRT.  Time will tell if that is a good idea or not!


Thursday Thoughts

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I always read Tanya's blog, even across those big ponds so many things are the same.  The other day was that our kids NEVER send enough pictures!  When we were visiting Laura Beth, Nick, and Mason over New Year's---I asked Laura Beth to schedule some family photos.  

First is all of us.  I know, Ken and I look a bit stiff, but its hard to take a picture when Laura Beth is trying to hold a wiggling Mason and still look natural! 

Next is a picture of Mason and I, Ken said I look like I'm terrrorizing Mason.

And of course we have to have one of Mason by himself!



We miss them all.  Mason is now "listening" to us on the phone, is past the stage of eating the phone and pushing all the buttons.  

Tonight we ate at Ruby Tuesday's, and bought some groceries.  I pressed a whole PILE of blocks I had sewn, so I'm keeping busy.  

Monday Goals--on Tuesday

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The wind has gone down, the sun is shining, and its clear and cold.  Now I can focus on some goals.  Maybe.  

  1. Load a top to quilt
  2. Work on blue blocks
  3. Continue sewing on bricks and stepping stones
  4. Sew a couple more pillowcases

Okay--I think those will be my goals this week.  I did sew over the storm, I'm just not very focused when I do!

I finished  a QOV, an isolette cover and 3 pillowcases (1 for the QOV)

I had made these  blocks a while back, and they finish to 4".  I was going to make 4 baby quilts, but instead will combine the blocks to make it about twin size.

 And I made red and white 4 patches for another bricks and stepping stones quilt.  I pulled bricks for it, avoiding all the "obviously red" ones!

And this is why I don't sew very well when the weather is unsettling!  Yes, I cut a whole stack of 4.5" squares in the wrong color background!  I will save them, I am SURE there will be a project come up where I can use them!

I also need to work on my "too good to cut challenge" with Rosewillow, and my own challenge of "get out of your rut"--I am making a chinese block quilt in "not me colors".  So many projects--I had better get going.  What are you planning for this week??

Monday Goals

Monday, January 25, 2010
Monday Goals are cancelled for today due to blizzard.  

pushing snow with my front door

Looking off my deck down the ramp to the street

The snow is level with my steps again--4 foot high.

The roads are closed in most parts of the state that I know of.  Ken is out with the snowblower, he has to work tonight (24/7 facility) so he has to be there.  It's not REAL cold out, just lots of snow and wind and no visibility.  We only live six blocks from where he works, and they will probably send a 4 wheel drive for him.  

I am totally unfocused when the weather is like this.  So I won't set any goals today.  Maybe tomorrow the weather will be better and I can think of some.  Tonight I plan to continue working on a UFO or reading.  Something SAFE!  Yesterday I said I'm not very good at sewing when the weather is like this, then walked into my sewing room and proceeded to cut about 100 squares of background fabric OF THE WRONG COLOR!  ROFL  Luckily I have plenty, and will save them for another project!  

Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sometimes I think this should be called "Confession Sunday"!!  I don't feel guilty so maybe it should be "Celebration Sunday"??  My internet order came to 22.6 yards.  And two books!  But I did have some finishes!  I finished the Batik D9P quilt and made a matching pillowcase--that used 13 yards.  The pastel D9P quilt used 3.75 yards.  And I made two children's pillowcases--that used 2.3 yards, for a total of 19.05 yards used.

Year to date +6.05
Bought this week -22.60
Bought Year to Date -34.35

Finished this week 19.05
Finished YTD 36.85

YTD  +2.50 yards

I'm still in the black, but barely!  The completed quilts are in the dryer, I will take pictures tomorrow.  How are you doing??

Motivation Friday

Friday, January 22, 2010

The weather forecast doesn't look very good.  Rain, sleet, ice, and snow.  Ken's Christmas Party for work (it was to be on Saturday) is canceled.  Thursday we moved a tractor with a loader into town, it's now parked in the backyard.  You know, just in case!  

How did I do on my goals so far??  I've quilted the batik D9P top.  I put together the baby D9P blocks, quilted it, and have the binding made.   I need to make two pillowcases and finish the binding on one of the quilts.  I pulled out an old UFO and am working on it.   And I better have some finishes because this came yesterday--

It's not ALL mine, the fabric on the left is Henrietta's, the jelly rolls, the two books, and the fabric on the right is mine.  No, I haven't added up my yardage yet, Sunday will be soon enough!  How has your week been?

Wednesday Wanderings

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Just a post so you don't think I've fallen off somewhere!  I'm working on this weeks goals.   Yes, I quilted another top.

And I've been working on my baby D9P blocks.  Now I understand WHY you don't cut the squares too small.  These got a bit fiddly, but I think the pattern shows.

And remember when I challenged you to "get out of your rut"?   I picked a fabric I probably would NEVER choose.  

It's a peachy pink coral--not a color I would EVER choose.  And the coordinating fabric is brown and gold with the coral in it.  Not a speck of green!  It will go on the back and maybe a bit of a border.  The pattern has odd sizes, I HATE to cut odd sizes--

I need to focus on this weeks goals, I would LOVE to start my challenge projects, but I need to finish some projects first.  What are you doing this week??


Monday Goals

Monday, January 18, 2010

After writing my Sunday stash report, I know I need to finish a few projects.  Over the weekend I've finished three tops to the quilting stage, now I have to find some backing. 

From top to bottom--D9P, Bricks and Stepping Stones, Geese Medallion

So my goals for this week will be--

  1. Quilt one of the tops
  2. Work on my baby D9P blocks
  3. Finish another top to the quilting stage
  4. Don't start anything NEW until I finish at least one more project! 
  5. Make two pillowcases to donate

I really have an urge to start something, I want to work on my People quilt, but know I should finish at least one more quilt before I do that.  

I had to push myself this week to make my goals.  But sometimes goals are to challenge you to try harder.  I don't have any plans at the moment to "road trip" anywhere, so hopefully it will be a good week to get things done.  

Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, January 17, 2010
You know, I look forward to these posts.  Mostly I look forward to reading everyones else's posts.  When you practice "retail therapy" you like to know you are not alone!

I bought fabric on Friday--6.25 yards.  I finished the navy blue bricks and stepping stones--that used 15.50 yards.  I finished two pillowcases for 2.3 yds.


Year to date -5.5 yds
Bought this week 6.25 yds
Bought YTD 11.75 yds

Finished this week 17.80 yds
Finished YTD 17.80 yds

YTD +6.05 yds

I'm just barely in the black.  And, I pushed a few buttons this week!  Excuse me, I have to get back to sewing!

Saturday Shopping Results

Saturday, January 16, 2010
Yesterday we went shopping.  I was looking for a piece of fabric for Rosewillow's challenge.  I searched for a blue, purple, yellow, orange, peach, and a red.  But guess what--the perfect match was a GREEN!  Yes, I had the ladies in the store look too, and the green was the best match.  The neutral will be Kona Sand.

I was really looking for a blue, and may find one yet, but at the moment this is what I have.  And I have two pattens, the first one I am going to make is--

It will show my "people", I hated the thought of cutting them up.   I did do a bit of "retail therapy", but not much.   I will confess all on my Sunday Stash Report. 

Motivation Friday

Friday, January 15, 2010
How are my goals coming?  SLOWLY!!  So far I've only gotten my first goal done.  Royal duties and the paper route took up a lot of my time.  And now I'm relaxing.  But I have played around a bit.  I thought the loaf that Ken took to work smelled and looked so good, I had to make one for us.

It's a loaf of Cinnamon Raisin bread.  When it's cooled, I am going to sample it!

And then there was this really neat new toy Henrietta bought so I test drove it.  I should have read the directions first, color selection has A LOT to do with how your blocks look, but I wanted to see if it was EASY.  Yes, it was!

I had read about it on Elaine's blog.  Hey Henrietta---I think it's a neat tool.

Tomorrow is errand day.  I hope to find a bit of fabric to go with my Japanese Royalty fabric so I can work on the "too good to cut it up" challenge Rosewillow is hosting.  I think I can make two quilts so I'm pretty happy.  And I need to work on my "get out of the rut" challenge.  More on that later!

PS--do you think the sapphire necklace might be a bit much for shopping??

Thursday--I'm leaving with the royal jewels!

Thursday, January 14, 2010
Found lots of "royal jewels" I'm taking with me as I end my reign.  I decided
to"lift" the sapphires, they are SO pretty!

I have finished my blue bricks stepping stones.  I haven't any particular plans for this quilt, at the moment it's on our bed and my husband's first question was--"can I lay on this or is it for someone??" 

My reign has been fun, but it's time for someone else to be Queen.  Have fun picking your crown, scepter, jewels--and the gowns.  Just don't try to deliver papers in the gowns, they DO drag in all the snow, and are very hard to fit inside a 4 wheel drive!   And of course I need to include a picture of the finished quilt--

Tomorrow we are heading to Sioux Falls, we need to have a little warranty work done on our car (nothing major--I can't adjust the steering wheel or figure out the remote starter!) and will have it serviced and also plan a little "retail therapy".  I HAVE COUPONS!!!!  I doubt I will find the bargains Jay did, but I need a dark to go with my Japanese Royalty fabric.  And another package of batting using a coupon would be good!  So goodbye all my loyal subjects---and cheer on the new queen!  Long live the queen!  

Wednesday Royal Thoughts

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Delivered the Royal News early this AM. I can't BELIEVE all the people who are up doing things! I came home and took a nap. Not much to eat here, and I'm afraid the "other royalty" that reside in this house are going to revolt. So I baked bars--

Then I baked cake layers--one for Dad and Sharon and one for us--

I also baked a loaf of homemade cinnamon raisin bread for one of Ken's co-workers--but forgot to take a picture of that before it went out the door! They have a new baby, so every little bit you don't have to do yourself is good. And then because the royal queen was so tired from this, a pizza was ordered. I am almost half way round sewing the binding down on my UFO quilt. So get ready Lady's in Waiting!

A new crown was dusted off for tomorrow.

And a new gown.

Tuesday News

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
I did the royal news today--I helped my nephew deliver papers! Now, most of you know I HATE mornings, but I said I would help because he is filling in for two other carriers who are gone. ONE MORE MORNING!!

And because royalty has lots of royal duties, I dusted off another crown, and found a lovely green gown!


And in between naps I sewed. Watch out Ladies in Waiting, see what I did today.

Yes, that's the leftovers from the binding I put on my blue bricks and stepping stones. I only have the hand sewing left!

Have a great day everyone, my reign will be ending as soon as I get this binding sewn down!

Monday Goals

Monday, January 11, 2010

Someone said I needed a Scepter to go with the Royal Crown. Today I think I will wear the red one. Not so much bling, after all, it's Monday!

Goals--time to set this week's goals. I didn't quite get last weeks done, but I did get the top quilted. So this week I want to---

  1. Bind the blue bricks and stepping stones
  2. Finish my Christmas presents (yes, I have a couple lingering)
  3. Add borders to the flying geese on the wall

Okay, that's enough, I have a busy week ahead! Have a good week royal subjects!