Happy Halloween!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I'm heading to the Heartstrings Sew in at Kasson MN!

Motivation Friday

Friday, October 30, 2009
Time to check on my goals.

I finished sewing together the b/w AND the navy/white bricks and stepping stones.
Finished quilting the pastel baby quilt, next will be binding it.
I trimmed and put the narrow sashing on Sonja's Windows.

Left to right--blue with circles possible border fabric, lavender backing. Top--Navy/White bricks and stepping stones, Black/White bricks and stepping stones, pastel baby blanket. Bottom--Sonja's Windows blocks.

I have the first set of 9 patches previewing on the wall.

I didn't get the D9P's sew together. But remember, these are GOALS. It's ok if I don't make them all.

Today the camper went in storage for the winter. Its raining, so I am planning on going to the Heartstrings Sew in at Kasson MN on Saturday.

And today is a special day, it's Laura Beth's Birthday!! Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Tuesday Baking

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Today I baked a couple loaves of bread. A cinnamon raisin and a buttermilk white.

I've already sampled the cinnamon raisin, delicious! Later when it's cool I'll try the white with some of that pear/orange/pineapple/cranberry/ginger jam. I've taken a couple days off from sewing, my hands are sore and swollen from peeling all those pears!

Monday Goals

Monday, October 26, 2009

Time to think on my goals.

  1. Finish sewing together the b/w bricks and stepping stones rows
  2. Finish quilting the pink baby quilt
  3. Trim up Sonja's Windows blocks and pick out the narrow sashing
  4. Sew together the pastel D9P blocks

I did get all the strips sew on Sonja's windows, and they have been sewn together and quartered. I must have had an "oops" moment, I was supposed to make 20 and there are 32. So I either make a REALLY LARGE quilt, or make 8 more blocks. I don't really like the piano key border show in the photo, with all the corner to corner lines it's maybe just a bit confusing. Maybe only on two sides? Hmm, a thought to ponder!

If I have time I may go to the Heartstrings Sew In at Kasson MN this weekend. I would be able to stay with Laura Beth and Nick, and maybe Mason would snuggle and play with me.

Pear Update

Sunday, October 25, 2009

There are 5 pears left to eat "au naturel". I gave one of Ken's co-workers a dozen to eat. I processed---
  • 20 pints pear butter
  • 18 pints canned pears
  • 10 pints spiced Christmas pears
  • 22 pints/jelly jars pear/pineapple/orange/cranberry ginger jam
I've been eating them fresh all along. I didn't think there were that many--but that makes 70 jars of pear something!

I'm sure I will give a lot of it away at Christmas time. The jam is especially good, and I look forward to making some homemade bread to eat it on. And sorry you purists, I do like to apple or pear butter with my grits!

My pans are almost all washed, the electric roaster is soaking. I think a long soak in the tub for me is due!

Confession Sunday!!

I had a GREAT day shopping this week. I got a new pair of Levi's! (gotcha--not what you expected to read!) Truly, it was a great day shopping! See what I bought--


and fabric

See, its a small pile of fabric!! Well, maybe not that small. 70 yards. Yes, you read right, 70 yards! But I don't regret one bit of it! You are seeing mostly backings, backgrounds, and a few sashing pieces. Not much was bought with the thought of using it for piecing. It's all quality fabric. And the best part, I figured out my cost of all this fabric---$2 yd! I even used a 60% off coupon on the bolt of blue. All the solids you see were $1.49 yd. And before you think I was the only idiot wise shopper, the place was hopping! So move over Vicky, I'm heading your way!!

Stash figures this year--I'm -60 yards!!

Saturday Silliness

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A very good friend of mine, Henrietta, writes an "Ecommerce blog". On Saturdays she posts a video of something funny. Todays was really good, hop on over there, watch and leave a comment! Be sure and watch the expressions on everyone's faces!

Working on Saturday

Today we "mushed" the cooked pulp out of the pears I had cooked. Messy job! But then I am left with this

I know this pulp will have to cook for several hours on low heat before it's done. That roaster was HEAPED full of cored and quartered pears yesterday, now it's reduced to what you see! And if you're wondering, that's an 18 qt roaster!

Ken needs my help to replace a couple of outside windows, so I'm off to do that. Hopefully later I can sew.

Motivation Friday

Friday, October 23, 2009
I'm beat! The last few days I've spent canning. A VERY NICE LADY gave me two large boxes of pears. Now, I love pears. Last night Ken and I canned 18 pints. Today I made 10 various sized jars of pear/cranberry/pineapple/orange/ginger jam! That's a mouthful! I had a dab left over and I ate it as a jelly sandwich. Yummy! I can hardly wait to make some homemade bread to eat it on.

No, I usually don't turn my jars over while they're hot, but the cranberries want to float to the top so I'll keep turning these as they set up.

And I also cooked a whole electric roaster full of pears. I will make that into pear butter tomorrow. And I still have some pears left. Hmm--what can I make next??

Oh--you wanted to hear about how my QUILTY goals are coming?!

B/W stepping stones aren't all sew together yet. When they are all off the wall I will preview the 9 patches. I did get the D9P pastel blocks done. Still auditioning them. Sonja's windows, I think I will go sew on them now. I'm tired and they are so relaxing! What did you do this week??

Lookie Lookie!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A giveaway of the best sort--more fabric!! Woohoo!! I would make a quilt for ME!! Primitives, my favorite type of fabric! Bet you didn't know that about me! Thanks for the opportunity Brenda!

Working Wednesday

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Tonight I'm pooped! Yesterday I drove my sister to a Dr. appointment, and then we did some shopping. I got home last night, took a 2 hour nap, and then was awake until 8am. I hate that! I got up at noon and have been busy all day.

But the quilty things--I loaded the pink baby quilt on the machine.

I have all the pastel D9P blocks sewn together and auditioning on the wall.

I'm not sure these two tops are "me", but then, I'm not having a baby!! They will look better when they are finished. My friend was going to stop and stay on Monday, but had to get home. But we were able to sample these--

No, it's not the picture, there are two different kinds of kisses on the bars. Most are the regular milk chocolate, the shiny ones at the top are dark truffle chocolate kisses. These bars are just like those peanut butter kiss cookies, only in a bar. I love them!

I'm not looking forward to Confession Sunday uh, Sunday Stash Report!!

Monday Goals

Monday, October 19, 2009
Time to set goals. This week I will try to--

  1. Finish sewing together b/w bricks and stepping stones
  2. Preview and sew 9 patches and sashings
  3. Finish my D9P pastel baby blocks
  4. Load the pink baby quilt on the long arm
  5. Sew another set of strips on Sonja's Windows

Whew--that's a list. I will just pick one up and sew on it as time allows. I know I will not get them all worked on.

Had a lovely couple of days with Laura Beth and Mason. A few pictures--

Cuddling with Grandpa

Oh oh, discovering Grandpa's moustache

Grandpa decides to open his eyes and keep an eye on Mason!

Eating out, Mason playing with his favorite toy, a straw!

I sew inbetween loads of laundry, while timing something baking, you know those spare moments you have once in a while!

9 patches pressed with sashings, waiting for preview on wall

About 1/3 of the b/w bricks and stepping stones rows sewn together

Sonja's Windows pressed and waiting for another set of strips

Pastel baby D9P's almost all together

I hadn't planned on trying some D9P's so small, but I was asked to make an incubator cover for NICU unit, (I do this for a friend every year) and after reading on Helen's blog I made these. Helen, you're right, anything smaller than 3" is too "fiddly". Helen has a great tutorial on D9P's, it's my favorite. (mine were 3", and that is small enough!)

Mason Is Visiting

Saturday, October 17, 2009
Oh pet me please!!!

Halloween dog eyes! And he's got my nose!

Notice mom's legs right there, she's supervising! Ruby and Mason have forged a friendship. They chase each other. When he catches her she lays down and he crawls over her. He uses her as a pillow. He doesn't pinch her, or pull her hair.

And I hung up my Halloween lights today. My night pictures aren't the best, but you get the idea!

You can't see it, but they are orange, and there are orange pumpkins on some of them. I'm not sewing, but having "grandma time"!!

Motivation Friday

Friday, October 16, 2009

Time to check on my goals. Hmmm.

  1. Sashings on 9 patches--yes, I've worked on them, have sashings sewn down one side of the rows. I'm now waiting for the b/w bricks and stepping stones to come off the wall so I can "preview" the 9 patches.
  2. Sew together the b/w stepping stones--yes, I've been working on them too!
I sit and sew a lot, soon I will be busy quilting and finish something!

PS--Mason and Laura Beth are coming for a short visit this weekend, Nick is going pheasant hunting with his dad and brothers.

Working Wednesday

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
Today my sister and I worked hard! We canned 13 jars of squash. We made two loaves of pumpkin cream cheese bread. Upside down pumpkin cake. Pumpkin sheet cake. Whew! I have a ham in the oven, but we ate taco pizza for supper. Guess the ham will be for tomorrow. A kind person gave me two LARGE boxes of pears, they aren't quite ripe enough to can. Soon!

My holiday cactus sat out on the deck all summer. Right before it froze Ken brought it inside.

There are several different colors of cacti in that pot---yellow, white, pink/white, and a fuschia. I think they are all trying to bloom!

And, I've been sewing a little too. The b/w stepping stones rows are slowly being sewn together.

Monday Goals

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Got busy and forgot about Monday goals. Monday evening my sister and I went to NE to sew with the NE ladies. My sister doesn't sew, but enjoyed the socializing. It's always a fun time! But goals---

  1. Finish the sashings and borders on the 9 patch blocks
  2. Sew together the b/w bricks and stepping stones

Those will be my goals this week. I have many non-quilty things to get done before winter. I know if I keep plugging away I will finish SOMETHING!

PS--Someone asked me for my homemade laundry soap recipe--just "google" it, I use the one with one whole bar Fels-Naptha soap, 2 c. Arm and Hammer Washing Soda, 2 c. Mule Team Borax. Just follow the directions. This batch made 350 oz plus a little more. All for about $2.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

See that? Large wet snowflakes are drifting quietly down. See my climbing vines that are froze? Sniff! I do not LIKE snow!

Sunday Stash Report

Okay, let's get THAT out of the way. No change in the stash report. -10 yards.

But, I KNOW you think I've been slacking off. So I took pictures of a FEW things I did this week.

Yesterday I cooked and canned pumpkin, 17 jars. And made pumpkin pie bars and muffins--sent some of the baking home with my sister for her and my dad. See that big white bucket beside the jars--I noticed I was low on laundry soap, so I made a batch of homemade before I went to bed.

And after I made the soap I wasn't tired anymore, so decided to sew.

If you look carefully, left to right, there are 9 patches with tan sashings, the pink baby top, the navy blue/white stepping stones set into rows, underneath it is Alycia's #2 not so top secret quilt (needs some "unsewing") and the two boxes on the sewing cabinet arm--one holds bricks I cut (I HAD hoped to take some to Linda) and another set of 9 patches for MY quilt. And remember, I have another set of b/w bricks and stepping stones on ANOTHER wall sewn into rows. That is SIX quilts I can count in various stages of putting together. ROFL If I get them finished before the end of the year (and yes I plan to try to) then I think I might break 100 yards! All those quilts except the baby quilt are full size or bigger.

I filled an entire 40 gallon garbage can with batting bits and trimmings while cleaning my cutting room. I have a whole basket of noodles, and my bricks basket if at least half full AGAIN. The shelf cubes are looking much more empty.

Saturday Efforts

Saturday, October 10, 2009
Not much quilty going on today. Last night it snowed a bit, but was melted and fairly nice this afternoon. Yesterday I picked the few pumpkins I had in my garden. Today, I cooked and canned most of them.

14 pints and 3 quarts, (some are still in the pressure cooker) that will probably be enough until next year. These are not Halloween type pumpkins, but "pie" pumpkins. My older sister came over and we made pumpkin pie bars and pumpkin muffins.

I've been on my feet most of the afternoon, I think it's time to take a bath and snuggle up in bed with a book.

Hated That First Picture

Friday, October 9, 2009
Okay, that first picture was so "bleah" I added the borders and took another. Still washed out in my light, but a LITTLE better.

Already I miss camping. During one of the last weekends I was volunteering, Ken and I went to Mulberry Bend

and Ponca State Park.

As many times as I have given directions to these places, I had never been to them. It was very windy that day (High Wind Advisory) and although I stood on some high open places, it was worth it. This section of the Missouri River is a National Park and has been left as natural as possible.