Motivation Saturday

Saturday, March 31, 2012
Yesterday didn't happen--I'm not sure if it was the beginning of a cold or bad allergies.  But I'm up and running today!

Checking on the goals---
  1. Quilt Blue Urban Cabin--done
  2. Load another top--loaded Blue 25 in 25
  3. Sew more countries on Plaid 4 Patch--yes, a few more done
  4. Make two bindings--not yet
Blue 25 in 25 and 100 Birds in Air blocks
I have 100 Birds in Air blocks to the trimming/squaring stage.   I've added a border to the Green Urban Cabin, and seamed backing for Henrietta's Brown Urban Cabin.   Lots of sewing being done.

Tomorrow I want to work outside in the flower beds and garden.  I need some compost (horse manure) and I hope Ken will haul me a couple of big loader buckets full in from the farm.

I did buy another treasure at the auction---a set of embroidered pillowcases with crocheted edging.  They are in great shape and I love the water lilies.

Water Lily Pillowcases

I hope you're having a good week too! 

A New Treasure

Thursday, March 29, 2012
Yesterday Henrietta and I attended an auction.   Everything from tractors to fencing to Christmas decorations. A 1936 Chevrolet car.   But there were some unadvertised treasures.   Quilts.  There must have been a dozen.  Like most auctions---items were lined up in rows.  Lots of jumping back and forth.  The quilts were in the LAST row!   I had my eye on this beauty--and I came home with it!

A 7 Sisters quilt.  My FAVORITE pattern--and one I have never made.  

You can see where the green has faded to tan---

green faded to tan around the pink diamonds
The pinks are no longer the same--they were probably the same pink when they were made--but not anymore.

two different pinks
She's definitely had lots of use--but it only makes her "more loved" to me.  At 74" x 78" she's good sized for her time.  Her age??  I'll guess the 40's.  


Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, March 26, 2012
I loaded the Blue Urban Cabin on the Princess.  Anita's Arrowhead in hanging on the wall.   Dark mauve borders were added and the backing is hanging with it. 

I usually hang my tops with their backings before quilting.  Why?  Umm--once in a while I measure wrong (I've always said I'm bad with numbers) and its "seeing is believing".  If my backing is a bit bigger than the top--I'm OK.   How much bigger is enough??--I use 10% as a guideline. 

Goals for this week--

  1. Quilt Blue Urban Cabin
  2. Load another top
  3. Sew more countries on Plaid 4 Patch
  4. Make two bindings

Yes, that should keep me busy.  

Do you have your week planned??  

Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, March 25, 2012
Its been a great week.  But, let's get the numbers out of the way!   Henrietta and I shopped WITH A COUPON and it was fun!   I added to the stash---32 yards.  Before you faint--I figured what the cost per yard damage came to--$3.16.  Not bad for quality fabric.  Most of it was backing, background, and borders. 

In This Week--32 yards
In Year to Date--77 yards
Used This Week--ZERO
Used Year to Date--50.75 yards
Stash is ahead--25.25 yards
Here is a picture of my purchases--

Does it look like 32 yards?
I've spent the week preparing tops to quilt.  Seaming backings.  PRESSING!   I'm satisfied with my stash report and my week's work.   Henrietta has been watching my progress.  I can hear her thinking "Enough already--quilt something!!"  

I did a little baking this week--I had promised Ken pies.  Here they are--

Apple and Peach
One apple, one peach.   Bad night lighting--but we weren't going to wait until the next day to sample them!

And while I'm thinking of sweet things--we had supper with a special gentleman friend--

Ric outside of Cracker Barrel
Ric has been my neighbor in the summer while volunteering.  I've MISSED Ric!  Henrietta and I had a great time visiting with him.  He's much sweeter than my pies!

And then there is my husband--doing what he does best--

Ken napping with the remote
Napping with the remote in his hand!

I hope you're had a great week--today the weather forecast is another beautiful day.  Check out everyone's Stash Report on Judy's blog!  

Motivation Friday

Friday, March 23, 2012
Lots of sewing here this week.  Time to check those goals---
  1. Load a quilt on the Princess--not yet
  2. Add last two sashes to Swoon--done
  3. Sew more countries on Plaid 4 Patch--not yet
  4. Add borders to Blue Jacob's Ladder--done
  5.  Finish Urban Cabin to a top--done  
I've been preparing tops to the "load and quilt" stage.  Backings seamed and with the top.  Its much easier to find a bit of time to quilt when everything is ready.  There are some BIG quilts in that stack so hopefully there will be some big finishes soon! 

Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, March 19, 2012
Last week I pulled out the "blue 25 in 25" blocks I had made.  Two more white sashings and a narrow blue border and it will  be ready to quilt. 

Blue 25 in 25
Henrietta and I picked a simple quilt pattern to play with.  Here are my blocks---

Urban Cabin
Its fairly subdued for me.  More sashings and borders yet, that will change how it looks.  

Weekly Goals--
  1. Load a quilt on the Princess
  2. Add last two sashes to Swoon
  3. Sew more countries on Plaid 4 Patch
  4. Add borders to Blue Jacob's Ladder
  5. Finish Urban Cabin to a top
 That will be enough for this week. 

The weather the last 7 days have been unusually warm.  Today it has cooled off a bit and is supposed to rain.  I will hope for two inches.  

Sunday Stash Report Week 12

Sunday, March 18, 2012
No fabric bought this week.  I finished Japanese Royalty BQ2--that used 9 yards.  My numbers are--

In Year to Date--45 yards
Used This Week--9 yards
Used Year to Date--50.75 yards
I'm ahead--5.75 yards
Check Judy's blog for everyone's stash report.  


Motivation Friday

Friday, March 16, 2012
Time to check on my weekly goals!  I have worked on all of them except to load a quilt on the Princess.  

  1. Sew "countries" on Plaid 4 Patch--sewed a couple of countries together
  2. Finish Swoon into a top--two sashings left
  3. Load a quilt on the Princess--NOPE
  4. Pick a UFO to move one more step--blue 25 patch being worked on
  5. Fold/organize a fabric cube--put all bolts away, folded green cube
  6. Work on borders for the blue/white Jacob's Ladder--3 borders ready to sew on

Henrietta and I were in Orchard NE Tuesday night.  We didn't sew very hard--but it was great to talk and do show and tell with those ladies.  A few pictures--

Flicsha and Jenny had precut a project--an ironing board caddy.  Henrietta and I took our kits home with us--we were too busy talking.  Orchard Ladies--you are wonderful fun and we'll be back!~

I have a finish--Japanese Royalty BQ2--

This was a challenge from Rosewillow I started in January of 2010.   It has my favorite fabric in it--Japanese Royalty--sitting in groups and gossiping.  It required lots of planning to make sure all those people are sitting up--you turn the blocks after adding the green and white strips.  The pattern calls it a "large lap''--so I think it will be a wall quilt.  I have a bit of that fabric left--you will find a piece of it in most scrap quilts I make. 

The weather has been beautiful--70's and 80's here.  Windows are open during the day, but it still cools down at night.  All us Midwest natives are a bit confused--but we'll enjoy it anyway!

How has your week been?  

Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, March 12, 2012
The Plaid 4 Patch from Nickel Quilts is back up on the wall.  Henrietta helped me put it up yesterday, it's a lot easier with four hands.  

This is most of it.  Its bigger than my design wall which is 8 ft X 8 ft.   All from stash.

Weekly Goals--
  1. Sew "countries" on Plaid 4 Patch
  2. Finish Swoon into a top
  3. Load a quilt on the Princess
  4. Pick a UFO to move one more step
  5. Fold/organize a fabric cube
  6. Work on borders for the blue/white Jacob's Ladder
Those will give me plenty to choose from this week.  Tomorrow is a road trip.  Henrietta and I plan to sew with the Orchard Nebraska ladies tomorrow night.  They are such a fun group!

This week Henrietta and I will have some finishes.  BQ2 is done, and I'm almost done binding Baby Yang.

The weather is supposed to be warm this week--in the 70'sF.   I'll enjoy it while I can, I remember the blizzard last year in April.   I've had no urges to work in the flower beds or the garden.  

I think finishing Swoon will be my favorite project for this week.  What do you have planned for this week?  Something quilty?  

Last week I "rendered lard".  Does anyone remember what that is?  I use my lard for pie crust and a few other recipes.  I remember "before Crisco" when all recipes used lard.  It stirred up a lot of memories. 


Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, March 11, 2012
Week 11 stash report.  No finishes this week.  I bought 8 yards.

In this week--8 yards
In Year to Date--45 yards
Used This Week--Zilch
Used Year to Date--41.75 yards

Stash is ahead--3.25 yards
A finish in the next few days.   Only hand sewing the binding on BQ2 is left.  Hand sewing binding is a FAVORITE part of the process. 
The year is 1/4 over.  Are you where you want to be?  I am.  Five finishes so far this year.  I have tops ready to quilt.   Organizing my stash a bit at a time each month helps me rediscover my fabric.   Working on my UFO's one step at a time is doable.   2012 guidelines have really helped--I check them often.  And I'm enjoying myself. 

Motivation Friday

Friday, March 9, 2012
Progress to report!  The Anita's Arrowhead blocks are sewn together and off the wall.  I can now put the Plaid 4 Patch up again.  BQ2 is quilted and waiting for binding.  Henrietta and I loaded her quilt on the Princess.

Baby Yang
Henrietta had pieced a king size quilt for her son and his wife.   It was from a pattern called Yin Yang.  This is a smaller version made from extra blocks she didn't use in the Big Yang. 

While blog hopping I found a New York Beauty Quilt-A-Long.   Paper piecing.  I'm not fond of paper piecing--but I love the blocks.  I followed their links and made a beginner block.  

beginner New York Beauty

Bright.  Henrietta put on her sunglasses.   I really didn't plan to make it so bright--the orange and the green were in the scrap box.  The other pieces were fabrics I f̶o̶r̶g̶o̶t̶  found in the fabric closet.  Fossil ferns, Moda marbles, and some hand dyes.   You can read about the quilt-a-long at Sew Sweetness blog.  Thank you Sara!

Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, March 5, 2012
12 Swoon blocks completed!

Goals for the week---

  1. Sew more Arrowhead blocks together--it would be REALLY NICE to get these into a completed top
  2. Finish quilting BQ2
  3. Start borders for blue/white Jacob's ladder
  4. Load another quilt
  5. Get Plaid 4 Patch back on design wall

Okay--more than I can do in a week--but I will have plenty of choices.

What do you have planned for your week?

Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, March 4, 2012
Stash report is pretty short.  No purchases.  I made 4 more custom design round hot pads and gave them away.  

In Year to Date--37 yards
Used This Week--.5 yards
Used Year to Date--41.75 yards
I'm ahead--4.75 yards

I don't think hot pads are making a big dent in my stash.   But they're fun!


Happy Birthday Dad and Motivation Friday

Saturday, March 3, 2012
Last night we celebrated my Dad's 92nd birthday.   It was a surprise party--and yes, he was surprised!   Supper at the local steakhouse and then a get together at my nephew's.  Happy Birthday Dad!!

Dad reading his cards
 Time to check my weekly goals.  Yes, I've sewn more Arrowhead continents.  Decided what kind of borders to put on the Jacob's Ladder quilt.  There are 10 completed Swoon blocks--this is the last one I made---

Swoon green and pale orange
Pale orange and a green. 

Remember my Japanese royalty fabric--the fabric I LOVE and hoard?  I had pieced a BQ2 quilt using it.  Earlier this week Henrietta and I loaded it on the Princess.

BQ2 Japanese Royalty
Its ready to go.  

I've made a few more round hot pads--LOL--I love to make the silly things!

How has your week been?