I'm Still Here!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Life has been busy and I just haven't had time to blog.  Seems like its been raining, or we've been busy in the field, mowing the lawn, or quilting.  Last week we moved the camper and I'm back to volunteering.  Oh how I've MISSED volunteering!

About a month ago Ken came in and said "you have kittens in your clematis bush".  Really--but we don't have a cat!!  A stray cat had kittens under our deck/clematis bush.  Since I don't want to be know as the resident crazy cat lady I have caught and tamed the kittens.  Here is a very deceiving picture of them--

They are race around 100mph, jumping and climbing and atttacking each other.  Most will be heading to new homes this week.  Right now they are living in the camper with me, and its five cats too small!  I have a huge wire dog kennel they live in when I am not home or asleep.  This is "Itty Bitty" kitty--he's the smallest and a bit timid.  When he investigates something new, he carefully approaches it--then races back to my feet and cries pitifully until I pick him up and reassure him.  He is always looking for a spot to sleep--

My sewing basket is a favorite spot.  The grandsons have been enjoying them--

Well, Max isn't sure what to think of them, but Mason and Asher love them.  

I wanted a cabinet sewing machine in my camper so I moved the kitchen table to make room--

I have a 1956 Singer 99 I'm going to put there--

I love a 99, I learned how to sew on one just like this.  She is a more "modern" machine than this 99--

She's a 99 too, but she doesn't have a backstitch. She has all her attachments, a knee lever, and a beautiful bentwood case.  She's hardly been used, the Roccoco decals are almost perfect.  She sews beautifully, I'm glad I got her out and oiled her and played with her, but she's too nice to sew on every day. 

Memorial weekend the grandsons and parents camped near us, the weather was perfect.  There was kitten exercising, grilling, fishing, campfire with S'Mores building.  It was a GREAT weekend.   But no sewing.  

Hope you had a great weekend!