Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
I have something new on my wall---

Sailboat blocks!  I have eight made.  The sailboats always drew me, and I just had to try making some.  Check the rest of the Design Walls at Patchwork Times.

How did my goals go??
  1. One more yoyo block-YES
  2. Bind Henrietta's quilt-YES
  3. work on a UFO-YES
Henrietta's quilt is already in the mail to its new home.  The UFO I worked on was the Trip Around the World--which is behind the sailboat blocks!  More rows to be sewn together--but progress is progress.  

New goals--
  1. One more yoyo block
  2. Two more sailboat blocks
  3. Three more Trip Around the World rows
 And there is not a fourth goal!!

Thanksgiving is over, we spent the weekend in Minnesota with Laura Beth, Nick, Mason and Asher.  Grandparent time--Ken and I feel much better.  Asher looks like such a solemn baby--

Life is tough when you keep sliding out the bottom of the high chair.   He's a very cheerful baby--he's just solemn when he sees the camera!   

Do you Black Friday shop?  Not me!  Ken did one stop for me--

An Infrared heater with a digital thermostat and a remote.  I'm often cold and Ken is not--so I can have this close to me or in my sewing room and stay toasty. 

I did stop at JoAnn's with my coupons on Saturday--no fabric, just thread, rotary blades and a package of rulers.  Today I stopped at another store--8 yards of flannel to make crib sheets for Asher and Mason.  I won't count this in my stash report--it will be "in and out" and not used in a quilt.  

Are you preparing for Christmas?  Time to get the decorations out! 


Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, November 19, 2012
I'm still putting yoyo blocks together.  Once in a while this happens---

Ooops!  See what everyone is working on at Patchwork Times.

Weekly goals---
  1. One more yoyo block
  2. Bind Henrietta's quilt
  3. work on a UFO
Sunday I laid out the 36 patch blocks and the additional scrappy blue bargello blocks and have them ready to sew together.  Forgot to take a picture.

Saturday we ate at my nephew and his wife's -- it always tastes better when someone else cooks it.  Thanks Brian and Judy!  Although you're not supposed to play with your food Hannah decorated her fingers.  That's OK--she loves olives.  

Checking Weekly Goals

Saturday, November 17, 2012
Saturday is here again, I need to check on my goals.
  1. Lay out 36 patch blocks--nope
  2. Load a top on the Princess--yes
  3. 2 more yo yo blocks with sashing--yes
I haven't laid out the 36 patch blocks--but maybe I can work on it yet tomorrow.
With Henrietta's help two small tops were quilted.   While clearing the quilting table and other flat surfaces Henrietta found a remnant of blue left over from a backing.  Yippee!!  I needed it to finish a UFO that had that exact same blue in the blocks. 

Two more yoyo blocks were completed--

Six Completed YoYo blocks
Tonight is Thanksgiving at my nephew's, I'm to bring sweet potatoes.  We all love sweet potatoes--I hope I've made enough!

Precooking the Sweet Potatoes
First I peel and precook them a bit.  

Sweet Potatoes in Crock Pot
Next they go in the crock pot covered with a sauce made from butter, brown sugar, light syrup, water, and corn starch to thicken.  Then its flavored with lots of nutmeg.   This crock pot is the 5 qt size and it is completely full.  I'm also making a small simple salad.  Sliced red grapes, walnuts, and sweet whipped cream.  Yes, real whipped cream.  Its a nostalgia moment--my mother made that salad on holidays.  

Do you have a "nostalgia recipe" you serve on the holidays?  

Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, November 12, 2012
4 Yo Yo blocks are complete with sashing---

I like how these look, this week I'll make more completed blocks.  Each block is only about 11 inches.   See everyone's design walls at Patchwork Times.

Weekly Goals--

  1. Lay out 36 patch blocks
  2. Load a top on the Princess
  3. 2 more yo yo blocks with sashing
I think that will be enough--can I add make a batch of cookies to the list??  I've been hungry for some Double Chocolate Walnut Drops.  

Ruby the quilting dog is "my" dog.  I feed her, pet her, I WANTED her and picked her out as a puppy  But--her heart belong to Ken.   Ruby has the peculiar habit of "guarding" Ken's shoes when he's home. 

Got all the shoes in sight
Well, I'll lay on  one pair and have a pair at each end

I wish she'd put that camera down--I'm busy here!
OK--I'll ignore her.
But her favorite spot in laying on his feet.  Whenever he puts his shoes on she anxiously awaits being invited along.  She's very polite, she isn't pushy and waits to be asked.  And when he leaves her behind there is much sighing and flopping down in disappointment.  She doesn't pay any attention when he leaves for work--she knows the difference.  If he is asleep (Ken works nights) and I'm in the sewing room--she lays in the hall looking both ways--she's always anxious about keeping her flock together.   And when Ken leaves she trots down to the sewing room and comes in to check on me--then lays in the hallway by me.   If Laura Beth and Nick are here with the boys--she does lots of getting up and finding a better vantage point to keep track of all of us! 

Its COLD tonight, low of 18F and only in the 30's tomorrow.   BRrrrr!!!!  Its good sewing weather.

Ranbow Scrap Challenge Saturday and Weekly Goals

Saturday, November 10, 2012
Black and gray were the colors for November.  Here are the blocks I made--

Please see more blocks at soscrappy.

Checking my weekly goals--
  1. 100 yo yos-YES
  2. Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks-YES
Tonight I'll  play with the 36 patch blocks and lay them out. 

I've really enjoyed this challenge.  Not really from my "scrap bag" but definitely from my stash.   Have you thought about next year?  Any plans??

Design Wall and Weekly Goals

Monday, November 5, 2012
No changes to my wall so instead a picture from my friend Toni--

T-shirts decorated for Christmas with -- YO YOs!!!  Aren't they darling???!!  Please see what everyone is working on at Patchwork Times.

The camper is still parked outside, a few more (ok--maybe 7 or 8) baskets of "stuff" to be brought in.  Then it can be winterized and parked in storage. 

Weekly Goals--
  1. 100 yo yos
  2. Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks
That will keep me busy.  Are you like Toni and preparing for Christmas??