Checking Weekly Goals

Saturday, November 17, 2012
Saturday is here again, I need to check on my goals.
  1. Lay out 36 patch blocks--nope
  2. Load a top on the Princess--yes
  3. 2 more yo yo blocks with sashing--yes
I haven't laid out the 36 patch blocks--but maybe I can work on it yet tomorrow.
With Henrietta's help two small tops were quilted.   While clearing the quilting table and other flat surfaces Henrietta found a remnant of blue left over from a backing.  Yippee!!  I needed it to finish a UFO that had that exact same blue in the blocks. 

Two more yoyo blocks were completed--

Six Completed YoYo blocks
Tonight is Thanksgiving at my nephew's, I'm to bring sweet potatoes.  We all love sweet potatoes--I hope I've made enough!

Precooking the Sweet Potatoes
First I peel and precook them a bit.  

Sweet Potatoes in Crock Pot
Next they go in the crock pot covered with a sauce made from butter, brown sugar, light syrup, water, and corn starch to thicken.  Then its flavored with lots of nutmeg.   This crock pot is the 5 qt size and it is completely full.  I'm also making a small simple salad.  Sliced red grapes, walnuts, and sweet whipped cream.  Yes, real whipped cream.  Its a nostalgia moment--my mother made that salad on holidays.  

Do you have a "nostalgia recipe" you serve on the holidays?  


Toni Ewing said...

I see that your yoyo are made with 6 yoyo's per square. I only did 5. Do you think that will be ok? I was going to put all white around mine, but I like the different colors you have around each. How many do you need for a full size bed? I love Ruby's picture.

Nancy said...

I bake my sweet potatoes like regular potatoes - no spices, no sugar - just yummy sweet potatoes.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

bunbear said...

nostalgia food - all the time! can't make hoscah without thinking about my great grandma (it's a bread). lot's of other stuff like that too, but i can't think of any right now, of course!

yo yo's look great!

pcflamingo said...

Thanksgiving is always at my sister's - she has the most room - and I am not allowed in the house unless I bring the green bean casserole (a giant one) and a broccoli and spinach dish with sour cream and french onion soup mixed in with grated cheese on top. I can bring anything else I want in addition to that, but no admittance without those two dishes. Never ever.

Katie Z. said...

Mmm... Sweet potatoes! I generally provide a pecan pie spin, but every year it's different! My older sister and younger brother are keepers of the flame of tradition!

Pokey said...

I sure like your yo-yo blocks, Lori, it's gonna finish so sweet!
I like sweet potatoes most any way the come, but I am favoring the baked variety these days. I think that's my nostalgia way, my Grandmother baked them and we ate them with butter and brown sugar sprinkles ~

Stephanie D said...

Our Thanksgiving will be small, as usual--just the hubby and me--and I just don't do much cooking for it. I hate spending all day cooking, only to have it all eaten in 20 minutes and the whole darned kitchen to clean up.

But when I DID cook Thanksgiving meal, I would pre-cook the sweet potatoes, then whip them with brown sugar, pecans and butter, put them in a casserole dish, and bake them. The last few minutes I'd top them with marshmallows and continue heating them til they melted. Sometimes I'd add a little chopped pineapple to the mix.

Yummmm. Sweet potatoes are almost the best part of Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

candied sweet potatoes =) Mama's recipe. Just catching up a little with what's in your life.