Saturday, May 31, 2008
Yes I have it. Tonight it is miserable, too tired to sew, but just lay in bed and toss and turn and decided to write a post.

I have PLANS for the weekend. Finish the camper and park it for the summer. Plant the flowers that are currently waiting for the weather to dry off a bit. Mow the lawn. Pray for thread. Quilt. Pray for thread. Sew.

But let's be optimistic and grateful for what I DO have:

Warm weather, plenty of rain instead of blowing dust, food in the fridge, family, a first grandchild on the way, a husband who loves me. Friends who like me for ME, not because I'm related to them! LOL

Motivation Friday

Friday, May 30, 2008
Uhhh--maybe I shouldn't have titled this post "motivation" so much as "got a lot done but not things on my list"!! I did get the binding done and picture taken of the wonderful tessellating courthouse steps quilt my friend made. The pink hearts quilt isn't loaded, the blooming rose blocks aren't a top, there is still a set of blocks on my design wall, the flower beds are only about half done. In my defense it rained every day but today. And I mean RAIN!! Yesterday we were in a FLOOD watch--in South Dakota!! But since I had to spend a lot of time either inside or just passing by my sewing room, I did get the tossed salad blocks done.

I spent two days this week driving my sister to Dr. appointments 1 1/2 hours away. And one day we spent picking up the lumber for our deck, that took four hours at the lumber yard. Today it was nice without being hot, so I cleaned my camper. Still no thread order, but I will keep plugging away.

Monday Goals

Monday, May 26, 2008
Today I got up early and have already done a few things. Made a rhubarb torte dessert to take over to my sister's and "favorite brother in law's"--they are grilling supper and invited us. I also have some bread raising, I make a lot of homemade bread, and I know my brother in law likes it. I'm working on laundry and did lots of dishes too! After the bread is done I plan to nap!!

Goals for the week:

1: Finish binding Courthouse steps quilt. Maybe by later today I will have it done and take a picture
2: load the pink hearts quilt and start quilting it
3: Work on making blooming rose blocks into a top
4: Make the blocks on my design wall into a top.
5: Finish my flower beds.
6: Finish tossed salad blocks

Last week, although a bit jumbled up, was fairly productive. Still waiting on the thread order. Sigh The only goals I didn't get done were making the blooming rose blocks into a top and picking up the deck building materials. But the deck people aren't coming until this week, so didn't need them-YET. My luck they will show up at 8am tomorrow and I won't have them!

Oh--here's the picture!

Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, May 25, 2008
What a beautiful day it is! The sun is shining, a light breeze. Ahhhhhh! This week I bought two yards, and it was something I needed, so I'm not feeling guilty. I needed some striped black/white fabric. No finishes. It is the accent fabric used is a book I bought a while back. I have already cut some of it up, the blocks are made and being "previewed" on my design wall. What do you think? These were fabrics I just pulled out of my stash. Maybe a little over powering, but it was a good place to try the pattern.

Today I mowed, divided a hosta and replanted it in three more places, moved some purple coneflowers, made some more "wigwams" for my vining flowers. I weeded some of the flower beds, and spread weed and feed on my lawn. Whew!! Now it is time to shower and sew. Yesterday I took my dad and my oldest sister shopping, my dad does very good, he is 88yo, and he goes off by himself with his own cart at WalMart. He just doesn't like to drive in the heavier traffic. And like any father, he has to wait for his daughter to finish her shopping!

Motivation Friday

Friday, May 23, 2008

Well, it's been a busy week. My goals were "bumped". I spent one day helping Ken plant corn. Another day running errands and being available to help him. But, it's good we did because now it's raining! Oh, I wish we had more done in the field, but can't stop Mother Nature.

I did finish the quilt on the long arm, and have the binding sewn on, all that's left is the hand stitching to the back. I've put two or three more rounds on the tossed salad blocks. I've mulched my garden and weeded some of my flower beds. The camper has been picked up but the carpenters aren't coming until some time next week so didn't pick up the building supplies. No thread order yet--AAARRRGGGHHH!!

I should work on the blooming rose blocks, and prepare a quilt for the long arm. Sigh--I can work on another one of mine, but wish that dratted thread would come!

Busy but not quilty!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Today I mulched with garden with straw and watered it down. It has been too windy the last few days to spread straw, but today was nice and still. I also got the tomato cages around the plants. I have a Clematis and a Perennial Sweet Pea (Lathyrus Latifolius) I made "bamboo wigwams" (hey--that's what they called them in the book!) for them to climb on this year. Maybe by next year they will graduate to a "real" trellis! I have been working for several years starting these Perenial Sweet Peas, and now I have found a couple more as I've been weeding my way around the house. They grow up into a shrub like bush (with a little support) and bloom profusely. Ken's grandmother had one and it was lovely, and it required very little care. So I live in hope that mine will get to that stage! Since South Dakota has such extremes of weather, it's hard to find plants that grow well. On the east and north side of my house I can grow hostas, columbines, snow on the mountain, campenula (okay--I can't remember how to spell that--they get pretty lavender blue bell flowers on them) and I've started many purple coneflowers--which should grow well in the hot areas because they are native to this area.
I have some wisteria (yes, they shouldn't grow here but I planted a special kind and it's sheltered on the south side of my house) that I would LIKE to transplant to the south side of my deck after it's built. We'll see. I also spread 4 more pails of compost in the flower beds and weeded some more. Whew--I think I'll get ready for bed!

Monday Goals for the Week

Monday, May 19, 2008
Time to set some goals. I NEED goals!

1. Finish quilt on long arm
2. Work on Blooming Rose blocks to top stage
3. put another round on the tossed salad blocks
4. Mulch the garden and weed my flower beds
5. Pick up the "stuff" for the carpenters to build the deck and pick up my camper from being serviced at the dealer.

This may change, rain is forcast, the thread backorder may arrive, and helping DH with field work. I will just have to deal with it as it happens!


Becky at The Quilting Booklady tagged me with questions to reflect on and answer. I'm not sure what this game of tag is called, but it's always fun to share and learn new things about friends.

The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.
Okay, seems easy. Here goes:

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? I was an office manager for a auction sale barn. Daughter was 15 yo, and DH was farming. I lived (and still live there) in the town I was born.

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order): Send my next riding horse to the trainer. Weed in my flowerbeds. Quilt on the long arm. Spread some mulch on my garden. Move and divide a hosta.

3. Snacks I enjoy: Vanilla ice cream in milk. Chocolate. Strawberries, grapes, and oranges.

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Move somewhere it was warm in the winter!! Buy my daughter and SIL a house. Pay off my daughter's school loans! Travel for a year in an RV.

5. Peeps I want to know more about: Stephanie at Scraps, Kim at Still Meadow Quilting, Helen at Quilts and ATC's Pat at Bell Creek Quilts Sue at North Winds Quilting
Please do not feel that you have to play, it is just for fun. Reading about other people's lives is so interesting!!

Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, May 18, 2008

No stash bought, nothing finished. But I did get my garden planted!! It's a small garden, 12 tomato plants, some summer squash, and rhubarb. I've also been hauling dirt for my flower beds, my goal is to have almost all perennials eventually. I also "recycled" some rock my sister and BIL had, I put it around my gas meter and central air units. Several rounds sewn on my tossed salad blocks, a quilt on the machine. So it's been a good week! Tonight I will have overnight company, I am making homemade pizza, and have made some sour cream raisin bars and chocolate chip cookies. I didn't have time to participate in the quiltathon, but maybe next time!

Motivation Friday

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm not sure what I've done this week would "motivate" anyone! Another load of compost for the garden. Helped my BIL haul out some landscaping rock at their house (that tractor got used again!) and then Ken and I put the rock between our back steps and the central air units. (Is that recycled rock??) Don't have any plants there, and it's a hard place to mow. We also put some more black dirt from the garden into my flowerbeds along the house. I have received only one spool of thread--the rest is back ordered yet. But I DO have a quilt loaded and have started quilting it. And I've put at least three more rounds on the tossed salad blocks. I've quartered and then sewn back together the blooming rose blocks and then squared them up. Haven't put them together into a top yet. Want to lay them out of the wall and "test drive" them. No garden planted, the man has not been here to till it yet. Bummer!!

It is still too wet to work in the fields. DH will soon be driving me crazy. My lawn is growing like crazy, think I will have to mow again tomorrow. And sew, sewing keeps me sane!!

My "Honey Do" list

Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Well, it was a long day yesterday with Ken, hauling the piece of farm equipment to "trade up". We had TWO flat tires, luckily Ken had taken plenty of spares. And the "newer" piece has four large tires, if one went flat we could always limp along on the other three! But no flats on the way home. The weather was beautiful--76° and sunny.

When we got back we were able to haul in one load of dirt for my garden. (Oh, that rear tire on the tractor is over my head--so that's a BIG bucket load of dirt!) Yes, that is "compost" or well, it's just plain old manure pile from the farm. I hope the "aroma" isn't too much for the neighbors until the smell wears off. With luck I will have time to haul in another load today and pull out an old clothesline. Ken is at an inservice and can't help this afternoon. Later we are going to worm the three horses at the farm. Also arranged for the man with the big tractor tiller to come and till my garden when he has time. Maybe tonight I can relax and sew.

A Little Extra Time, Goals

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today I had a little extra time and pulled out a set of swap blocks from several years ago. I hope I can still find the magazine we had the pattern in!! I think it was called "Blooming Rose". LOL You take the blocks and can either sew them together as it, or quarter them horizontally or diagonally and then sew then back together in different sets. I have started to sew my back together, and hope to get all them put together tonight. They all share a yellow background of some kind, and a kaleidoscope of colors/fabrics for the flower. Leaves get raggy edge appliequed later when the top is together.


1. Work on customer quilts if thread gets here
2. Put Blooming Rose blocks together into a top
3. Plant garden--oops--not a quilty goal!
4. Put more rounds on the tossed salad blocks

All my other goals, well, they're not quilty ones. But I will be busy!!

Sunday Stash Report

It's not raining today, it's been raining almost a week now, off and on. My goal for this afternoon is mow the grass, doesn't that sound like a great Mother's Day??!! But I've had a good week, I finished the Green Pineapple Smoothy--the directions say it took 22 yards. (It's a queen size.) And no stash bought. So that is a lot moved out of the stash. I finished binding the Pink Tossed Salad for my friend too. Hehe--she doesn't live close to me, I think I will put it on my bed for a while. Isn't it feminine and soft looking?? Both these quilts were made from stash too! And I've worked on my tossed salad blocks--they are over halfway. Finished one customer quilt, and I am stalled for the moment while I wait for a thread order. Oh, I can load one of my quilts and keep the machine busy, but I would rather get my customer quilts done so they can take them home and finish them in plenty of time for the quilt show in June! Now that it's quit raining, tomorrow is a "honey do" day, only I am the honey! I have to go with Ken and trade off a piece of field equipment for a larger one. That means almost all day hauling it with the pickup there and back. I will take a book for when I am not driving.

So my goals have gone well. Tomorrow I will think of NEW goals. Thanks for the motivation Pat!!

Motivation Friday!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Well, it wasn't on my list of goals, but by tonight the "Pineapple Smoothy" top will be quilted. I am using the panto "Alfresco" by Hermione Agee. It flows smoothly and looks nice. There are more tops for customers to do, but I am waiting on a thread order. One I could start, but I might not have enough thread to finish, and would hate to have to unload the quilt and then load it again. Tonight I will work on my Tossed Salad blocks for a little while. Oh, in case you missed it in the picture, my Pineapple Smoothy quilt is the same green as my long arm!! I started it in the fall of 2001, so it's time to get it finished! I pieced it all from greens in my stash, and I used two green fabrics to make the backing--STASHBUSTER!!!

Tonight I am trying a new recipe, Lentil Soup made with hambone and chicken stock and lots of other good things! It's starting to smell really good, and I am making a batch of fresh homemade bread to go with it. Ahhhh--it's a rainy cool day so I think this is a perfect meal.

Keeping my tools handy

Thursday, May 8, 2008
I keep my seam rippers and self threading needles handy when I quilt. I attached two seam rippers with stick on velco- one to the front of the head and one to the back. And a friend made me a cute tie-on pincushion and I have that on the head loaded with self threading needles that I use to bury my thread ends after they've been knotted. On one end of my table there are baskets (oh--I'm a "basket queen" too!) and I keep my bobbins in them. Currently being used bobbins, wound but not completely used up bobbins. Thread is cheap, most the time I don't worry about using that last little bit on the bobbin while quilting, I just put a full one in. The odds and ends go on my domestic machine for piecing, making the bindings, sewing bindings down. It all seems to work in the end!

This picture shows my long arm, which is a KenQuilt Princess with Intellistich Turbo CL. I ordered her in British Racing Green, my favorite color! You can order your machine in any color you would like. What color would you pick??

Favorite Quilting Tools

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Last night I was working on goals #1 and #5, and I started thinking about what is my favorite quilting tool. My rotary cutter?? My cutting mat? I think my most USED tool is my scissors on a retractable leash that clips to my shirt! I have worn out two of them, and now keep a few extra on hand because it is inconvenient when I don't have one! I keep one with my handwork, and one in a basket on my long arm table. I love all my quilting tools, but that little leash that retracts my thread cutting scissors, well, she is a handy little thing! What is your most favorite tool?


Sunday, May 4, 2008

All right, after two weeks of reading Pat's goals, I guess I better make some of my own.

1. Finish top on longarm
2. Finishing binding pink quilt for friend
3. Start next customer quilt
4. Put borders on green pineapple quilt
5. Work on "Tossed Greens" blocks

Okay--five goals for seven days--I think that will be enough!~!

Sunday Stash Report

No stash bought, and nothing finished. The only thing I bought this week was some batting, I bought some of the Cream Rose that Judy likes, and some of that new bamboo type to try, and three pre-packaged king size 80/20 batts since they no longer ship it in the large rolls. Most the time I can squeak by with the narrower stuff, but have a few here to do that will need the extra few inches. And I bought a hi-loft poly batt, I am quilting a top for a lady that is VERY old, and made out of everything you can think of. I guess I can say the top is "challenging"--it has lots of puckers etc, but it was finished as a labor of love. I am trying the higher loft poly to "hide" some of the imperfections. Yes, the owner knows they are there--she said to just quilt over them. Hard for me to do, I want to FIX them! There is dress material, drapery fabric, upholstery goods, and lots and lots of gingham along with sateen fabrics.

Today I borrowed my nephew's chainsaw and trimmed the tree I was mowing THRU last night!! No more of that! I had my dad come over (LOL--he's 88yo) so if I sawed any of MY parts off he could call 911!! Next will be to clear the garden off, I am waiting for Ken to be done sleeping (he works overnights) and we can finish that. My dad started me some tomato plants and they are at least a foot high, he is "hardening them off" and as soon as my garden is ready I can plant them.

My best friend sent me a quilt she did using the pattern called "Tossed Greens" from the January/February 2007 Fons and Porter Magazine--the pattern is by Pam Peck. It uses 1.5" strips, and I have had a whole small tub of them under my table so I have started it. Just what I need, another project!! But it is mindless easy piecing, and with all those strips I guess I can call it a "string" quilt!!

City Wide Cleanup Day

Saturday, May 3, 2008

At least some of my junk is gone now, I couldn't sleep and got up at 7am and started to haul the smaller item to the curb. When Ken got home from work we took out the old fridge (less doors I had already taken off and out) and a dead treadmill. Here is a picture of what was ready to leave at 9am in front of my house.

And be careful what you say, you KNOW they remember!! A while back I "suggested" to Ken that a small two drawer file cabinet was just what he needed for his "stuff" (you know--STUFF) and it would fit under the long arm like MINE does. Yup, he came home from an auction today with one. Sigh--teach me to keep my mouth shut! Maybe this will give him the incentive to get all that paperwork/manuals etc out from behind MY recliner!

City Wide Cleanup Tomorrow

Friday, May 2, 2008

Cold, rain, wind. Ugh! We even had hail yesterday. Today was a good day for soup, so made some corned beef, cabbage and potato soup with homemade bread and german chocolate cake. Not much quilty stuff happening, I have been hand sewing a binding down. And tomorrow is all city cleanup--I was in the basement this evening finding all those things you SHOULD get rid of but haven't yet--old fans that don't work, two non-functioning treadmills, a humidifier that died, an old falling apart cupboard. I even got an old refrigerator ready to go--the doors are off. Now if DH and his friend can get it all carried out in the AM.....!!

Fluff Five

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I was considered "tagged" by Libby at
"simply libby". Okay--I can do this!!

Five Things Found in Your Bag/Purse:

1. Checkbook
2. Tylenol and Tums
3. a tape measure
4. spare car and house key
5. a AT&T phone card in case I forget my cell phone and need to "phone home"

Five Favorite Things in your room:

1. My favorite adjustable halogen floor lamp
2. my books
3. more books
4. a bookcase holding SOME of my books
5. Ok--I do have a really comfy bed in there too!!

Five things you have always wanted to do

1. have long straight hair
2. visit Australia
3. play the piano
4. have a waist!
5. travel for a year in a camper

Five things you are currently into:

1. Quilting
2. Reading
3. gardening
4. waiting for the carpenters to build my little deck
5. waiting to be a grandmother!

Pat, Kim, Henrietta, Amanda, and Tipper, please step up and tell us your "fluff five"!! And anyone I might have missed--join in!