City Wide Cleanup Day

Saturday, May 3, 2008

At least some of my junk is gone now, I couldn't sleep and got up at 7am and started to haul the smaller item to the curb. When Ken got home from work we took out the old fridge (less doors I had already taken off and out) and a dead treadmill. Here is a picture of what was ready to leave at 9am in front of my house.

And be careful what you say, you KNOW they remember!! A while back I "suggested" to Ken that a small two drawer file cabinet was just what he needed for his "stuff" (you know--STUFF) and it would fit under the long arm like MINE does. Yup, he came home from an auction today with one. Sigh--teach me to keep my mouth shut! Maybe this will give him the incentive to get all that paperwork/manuals etc out from behind MY recliner!