Motivation Friday

Friday, May 30, 2008
Uhhh--maybe I shouldn't have titled this post "motivation" so much as "got a lot done but not things on my list"!! I did get the binding done and picture taken of the wonderful tessellating courthouse steps quilt my friend made. The pink hearts quilt isn't loaded, the blooming rose blocks aren't a top, there is still a set of blocks on my design wall, the flower beds are only about half done. In my defense it rained every day but today. And I mean RAIN!! Yesterday we were in a FLOOD watch--in South Dakota!! But since I had to spend a lot of time either inside or just passing by my sewing room, I did get the tossed salad blocks done.

I spent two days this week driving my sister to Dr. appointments 1 1/2 hours away. And one day we spent picking up the lumber for our deck, that took four hours at the lumber yard. Today it was nice without being hot, so I cleaned my camper. Still no thread order, but I will keep plugging away.


Becky said...

Sounds like you accomplished lots even though it wasn't things on your list. I haven't touched my bloomin' rose blocks either. How lucky your sister is to have you to drive her to appointments! I don't have a sister. I do have three wonderful sisters-in-laws ( my husband's sister and my 2 brothers wives), but they are all out-of-town. My brother's sister lives 45 minutes away but this is metro Atlanta so that's touch driving and not considered close. Send some of that rain our way. We're having to water our garden with a sprinkler.