Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, May 4, 2008

No stash bought, and nothing finished. The only thing I bought this week was some batting, I bought some of the Cream Rose that Judy likes, and some of that new bamboo type to try, and three pre-packaged king size 80/20 batts since they no longer ship it in the large rolls. Most the time I can squeak by with the narrower stuff, but have a few here to do that will need the extra few inches. And I bought a hi-loft poly batt, I am quilting a top for a lady that is VERY old, and made out of everything you can think of. I guess I can say the top is "challenging"--it has lots of puckers etc, but it was finished as a labor of love. I am trying the higher loft poly to "hide" some of the imperfections. Yes, the owner knows they are there--she said to just quilt over them. Hard for me to do, I want to FIX them! There is dress material, drapery fabric, upholstery goods, and lots and lots of gingham along with sateen fabrics.

Today I borrowed my nephew's chainsaw and trimmed the tree I was mowing THRU last night!! No more of that! I had my dad come over (LOL--he's 88yo) so if I sawed any of MY parts off he could call 911!! Next will be to clear the garden off, I am waiting for Ken to be done sleeping (he works overnights) and we can finish that. My dad started me some tomato plants and they are at least a foot high, he is "hardening them off" and as soon as my garden is ready I can plant them.

My best friend sent me a quilt she did using the pattern called "Tossed Greens" from the January/February 2007 Fons and Porter Magazine--the pattern is by Pam Peck. It uses 1.5" strips, and I have had a whole small tub of them under my table so I have started it. Just what I need, another project!! But it is mindless easy piecing, and with all those strips I guess I can call it a "string" quilt!!


Granny said...

I'm impressed that you used a chain saw! :)

Let me know how you like the Rose batting, ok?

Vicky said...

I was going to say the same thing! Good for you!

Mary Johnson said...

I'll be curious how you like the cream rose batting - I bought a roll and liked it OK but I like the higher loft of the Hobbs 80/20 better and it's less expensive too.

Kathy said...

Wow! You used a chain saw! I'm impressed!!