Monday--Chaos Tamed and Goals

Monday, March 29, 2010

My sewing room is better than ever.  

This is when you stand behind the long arm--bright South Dakota sunshine today, the weather is glorious.  The shelves are started to be filled with "treasures".  There is a 120" picture window in front of me when I quilt.

This is the north wall, we have rearranged things, and more treasures on the shelves.

A pile of completed tops, tops to be quilted, and Henrietta's tops, stacked on the cedar chest.

More tops to be quilted.  This is the stack on the piano bench.  There are still more tops hanging in the closet. 

Henrietta has been pulling backings and matching them to tops.  I haven't counted, maybe I better not!

Ken carried one of the sewing machines in a cabinet downstairs. (Jay--it's that one for you!)  I still have three in cabinets, plus some portables--so we're not lacking for a sewing machine!

I only have one goal this week, to finish quilting the top on the machine.  And I'm half way done, maybe later today I will get back to it.  

Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, March 28, 2010
My fabric stash had a dent put in it this week as I donated fabric to a 4-H project.  They were looking for quilting type fabric (or any type of fabric) to teach kids how to sew straight seams, match seam lines, etc, and piecing quilts is an excellent way to learn those skills.  I asked Henrietta to guess how much we had added out of my stash (of COURSE we didn't measure before we added to the boxes!) but will guess it at 29 yards.  Now that wasn't so much, as Jay gave us about 200 yards from his stash!  

So this week my figures are---

Bought this week--00.00
Donated this week--29.00 yds
Bought Year to Date -39.60
Finished YTD 45.60
YTD  +35.00 yards

The numbers look odd when I didn't finish a thing!  But I'm sure those kids will have more fun with it than I would. 

I hope to get a little sewing in this week.  I'm also planning an Easter meal as Laura Beth, Nick, and Mason will be here.  Probably a few other people too. 



Saturday, March 27, 2010
My sewing area has been turned upside down!  I am finding things I had forgot I had.  But it's a good thing.  Henrietta has pulled out some UFO blocks and is putting them together.  We haven't been able to quilt for a few days, the carpenter is here putting up shelves around my quilting room about a foot down from my ceiling for "precious treasures".  I hope by this evening we will be back to normal and I can quilt.  Maybe.  

Lots of stuff under those sheets!  The carpenter really didn't make a mess, I just figured if I covered most of it, if something did fall over or spill or WHATEVER, I would have it covered!  And I hope to move sewing machines around a bit.  Unless some Heartstrings people are coming to sew, them I will pull out LOTS of machines!  I have beds too, no need for hotels.  As long as you don't mind the accommodations, I'd be glad to have company!

Well, I better get back to work, I would like to get some sewing done tonight!

PS--Although Henrietta and I brought home BOXES and BAGS of fabric from Jay, we have ADDED to it and donated to a 4-H group who has a very small budget.  So I will have to guess at my reduction in stash, as I forgot to measure it.  Henrietta (the math whiz) will have a better guess than I do!

Motivation Friday!

Friday, March 26, 2010
I have no goals this week.  But in an effort to be quilty--I did pack a quilt and pillowcase for Alycia, and two preemie isolette covers/quilts for another friend's project.  I plan to take them to UPS tomorrow.  

In between I've been plodding away at my disappearing 4 patches.  I like these blocks, I sew on them when I need to sit down and relax.  I keep the pieces in a cake pan ready to go.

I have used all of background fabric I had like this, I will look for another cream on cream to use for some more.  I have a HEAPING box of "nickels" from swapping about five years ago.  I think I need 80+ blocks, and have about 50 so far.  Those figures don't sound right, but will get my calculator and dull pencil out tomorrow.  (I am horrible at math!)

Wednesday, I Think....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yes, we've been busy and the days are running together.  But a few pictures to show that we HAVE been working!  First, Henrietta has been working on a postage stamp "something".  It started out as a quilt, but may end up as a pillow!  I've been working on a set of Disappearing 4 patches.

Yesterday we ran errands.  We stopped off at the antique/junk mall.  Henrietta found a New Home machine in great shape with the cabinet.  It has the original manual and box of attachments.  We doubt this machine was ever used much, probably bought by the husband for the "little lady" at home who said "fat chance I'm going to sew when I can BUY it!"

The greyhound decal is especially nice, the whole machine, other than the grime from the last 70 or 80 years, is in great shape.

I'm not sure if anyone knew that JAY shares our love of old sewing machines.  He gave us this Free brand head--which I'M going to claim because it has lovely green in the decals.

I do LOVE the green decals! 

Jay has since found the front slide plate and is mailing it to me, I don't have to rob one from another of my old machines.  Jay--Thank you so much, I am going to pull a head from another treadle and try this one out.  I definitely think it's a keeper!

And this morning I loaded one of Henrietta's tops on the long arm, so we can work on it next!

It's a Miss Rosie pattern called Cracker Crumbs.  Yes, all from scraps!

I hope you're having as good a time as we are!

Home Again!

Sunday, March 21, 2010
We've been to Fremont NE to a Heartstrings sew in.  Lots of talking, sewing, and good fun.  I did take a few pictures.

Linda and Jenny from Orchard NE

Jay giving Henrietta and Julia directions

Henrietta sewing on Jay's 2404 Singer Merritt

Jay counting the blocks left to put together

Mary concentrating on the new "basketweave" method of QAYG.

Jay with a finished QAYG

Front Row--Sue from Missouri, Henrietta from Hawaii, Sheree from MN, Julia from NE, Mary from MN, Jenny from NE

Back Row--Linda from NE, Becky from MO, Lori from SD, Jay from NE
I know one friend of Jay's left early, but this is MOST who attended.  Julia sewed valiantly even though she had an injury!  

It was lots of fun, if you ever have a sew in close to you--GO!!  Jay made two wonderful homemade soups (Jay--I need the recipe for the vegetable!)   I brought health food.  (Yeah right--if Twinkies are health food!)  And there were many other goodies as well.  We had a great time--Thanks for hosting us Jay!  The Fremont Library was a perfect place to have this--Jay, thank them for me!

And although there was a shopping trip downtown (it was National Quilting Day) I stayed and sewed and didn't buy anything!  

Friday--Road Trip

Friday, March 19, 2010

Yes, I know Fridays are usually a post on this weeks goals.  But, since I didn't HAVE any goals this week--it won't be that!

Today we are packing up and heading to Fremont NE for the Heartstrings Sew In.  Last night I started to pack most my things, I have them piled in a heap.  Ruby the quilting dog finds this upsetting, I think she knows I am going somewhere.  She and Ken will stay home, probably watch TV and eat pizza!

But I did do some sewing in between this week.  I found most of a set of bricks and stepping stones blocks, made a few more, and set them together.  

I know, not the best picture, but you get the idea!  This one will go to Jay's nursing home project when it's done.  It will finish about 60x80.  I enjoy the bricks and stepping stones pattern, I never tire of making it.  It seems to makes the best use of odd sized scraps.  

If you can't come to Fremont, have a great day quilting!

A Few Green Things for Today

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shamus-the bird

A Green Quilt

A Mint Cake with chocolate fudge topping, cream cheese and whipped topping frosting and Andes Mints

I hope you're having a great day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!  I am making a Mint and Chocolate cake to celebrate the day.  Maybe I'll go in the sewing room and pet some green fabric.  And, I have a shamrock button to wear---made by my friend Carol Ann.  She does the most intricate painting by hand.  

My Get Up and Go--Left!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Today is one of those "energyless" days.  I think Ruby the quilting dog has the right idea.

She's snoozing away with her nose buried in the fringe of the rug.  Looks good, think I'll head to bed with a book and maybe I will get more done tomorrow!

Monday Goals

Monday, March 15, 2010
Not really sure if I have goals this week.  Enjoying my company.  And she's USEFUL!  See, she holds up quilts!

Here is the pink quilt I finished binding over the weekend.  And I saw this tutorial on the internet, and realized I have a heaping box of 5" charms.

This is a disappearing 4 patch, closely related to the "disappearing 9 patch"!  I found the tutorial on SewWonderful's blog.  I think another quilt using this technique is looming.  

And Theresa is busy cutting fabric for HER project, a postage stamp quilt.  She can cut and piece the tiniest pieces.  I think she could make her whole quilt just picking pieces up off my floor!  

Tomorrow we need to run errands, so I doubt much sewing will be done.  But that's ok, we have a lot of things we NEED to do!

Sunday Stash Report--Celebration Sunday

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time to check in.  I haven't done a lot of sewing this week.  Saturday night I did put the binding on a small pink quilt, it used 4 yards.  Not much, but it is a finish!  It's in the washer, I will take a picture in a day or so. 
Bought this week--5.25 yds
Finished this week--4.00 yds
Bought Year to Date -39.60
Finished YTD 45.60
YTD  +6.00 yards

I'm still in the black, but not by much.  Theresa and I better get some sewing done.  We are planning to attend the Heartstrings sew in at Fremont NE this next weekend. 

The snow is about half gone, and many parts of South Dakota are reporting flooding.  Ken tried several country roads today and had to turn around, there was water washing over them in places.  I suppose after the water goes down there will be pasture fences to repair.  Theresa was outside tonight and heard ducks flying north, I hope this means spring is coming--SOON!!

Friday--catching up

Friday, March 12, 2010
I've spent the last couple days catching up on laundry, cooking, etc.  I have laundry twirling in the dryer, a soup in the crockpot, and have the ingredients out for fresh bread.  It's all Vicki and Judy's fault, the soup has black eyed peas, ham, cabbage, other assorted veggies and some "Slap Ya Mama" seasoning.  MMmmmmm!  Smells wonderful.  

But I did take a few pictures today, my purchases from Eagle Creek Quilt Shop.

The pink on the left is a beautiful batik.  The others are repro civil war fabrics.  I need the pink for a quilt for my sister, and the others are to go in a kaleidescope quilt.  

Home Again!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Home from wandering Minnesota.  And yes, we wandered--we were lost!  When we were ready to leave Minneapolis, I thought it would be fun to check out a few close quilt shops.  I used "Google maps" to write down the directions.  I THOUGHT the directions sounded strange when I wrote them down, but they were even WORSE to try and follow.  After going around in a five block circle for the 4TH time, I called the shop.  We were only a few blocks from them, but not anywhere near the directions.  And we stopped at one of "those" quilt shops.  The kind that made us wonder if we had applied deodorant and showered lately.  Nope, no purchases!  On to the next set of directions.  Same bad directions.  Finally I made an executive decision (I was driving at the time) and said--
"well, to get back to South Dakota we will have to go south, so we'll head south!"  After a VERY scenic drive, we came across a sign pointing us to the right place.  And I'm so glad we did because we went to Eagle Creek Quilt Shop in Shakopee MN.   Check out the link--it was so much more than the pictures shown online.  And they were VERY friendly.  Uh, I will have some additions to my stash report!  But it's all good, I was very happy with what I bought.

Sorry there aren't any pictures, it was rainy and drizzly yesterday.  Today we rested and spent most of the time in our PJs.

Exhausting Monday

Monday, March 8, 2010

Today Henrietta and I were up early.  Did more trade show research.  Whew!  Got that done for the day.  I had talked to Mary, and we agreed to meet downtown and ride the Light Rail to the Mall of America.  Henrietta rolled her eyes and laughed but agreed, and Mary thought I was slightly ditzy to drive all the way downtown, when I could have DRIVEN to the Mall just as easily.  Okay--the truth.   I have NEVER ridden any type of commuter train or subway!  I love it!  It was FUN!!  We had lunch at the Mall, and then checked out a few stores.  


Truthfully, we were lost a few times.  We walked MILES.  But it was great fun!!  

Tomorrow we pack and head home.  We are planning to stop at a few quilt stores "just because".   

Saturday--working and fun

Saturday, March 6, 2010
Today Henrietta and I worked hard.  Then Laura Beth, Mason and Nick came to Minneapolis and we went to the mall.  Only a few errands, but Mason did get to ride on a kiddie ride.   Then we had a hard time getting him off!!


After supper we came back to the motel and took Mason swimming.  All is quiet now, and I think we're going to get some rest.  No sewing.  I didn't even bring my machine, or bring along a coupon.  But I think we might check out a few stores if we have time, just BECAUSE!!

All is Well in the World

Friday, March 5, 2010
I made it to Minneapolis, got checked into the motel.  Met Sally for shopping and supper--she gave me great directions on how to pick up Henrietta at the airport.  Yes, I drove to the airport in the dark and picked Henrietta up.  She's is now sleeping, little ladylike snores from that bed!  We are going to be busy and love it all this weekend.  All sorts of plans being made.  If I was MEAN I would take a picture of Henrietta sleeping and post it.   Ah heck--I'll post it anyway!!


Yes, she's under there.  She's TIRED!!  But we made it all in one piece!