Home Again!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Home from wandering Minnesota.  And yes, we wandered--we were lost!  When we were ready to leave Minneapolis, I thought it would be fun to check out a few close quilt shops.  I used "Google maps" to write down the directions.  I THOUGHT the directions sounded strange when I wrote them down, but they were even WORSE to try and follow.  After going around in a five block circle for the 4TH time, I called the shop.  We were only a few blocks from them, but not anywhere near the directions.  And we stopped at one of "those" quilt shops.  The kind that made us wonder if we had applied deodorant and showered lately.  Nope, no purchases!  On to the next set of directions.  Same bad directions.  Finally I made an executive decision (I was driving at the time) and said--
"well, to get back to South Dakota we will have to go south, so we'll head south!"  After a VERY scenic drive, we came across a sign pointing us to the right place.  And I'm so glad we did because we went to Eagle Creek Quilt Shop in Shakopee MN.   Check out the link--it was so much more than the pictures shown online.  And they were VERY friendly.  Uh, I will have some additions to my stash report!  But it's all good, I was very happy with what I bought.

Sorry there aren't any pictures, it was rainy and drizzly yesterday.  Today we rested and spent most of the time in our PJs.


Moneik said...

Sounds like you had a fun trip. Eagle Creek was one of my favorite shops when we were in the cities last summer. I can almost picture the other shop you described. We were in one that was so rude we said we'd never be back!

Brenda said...

sometimes taking the 'scenic' route is the only way to go!!
I am glad your home, and found a friendly quilt shop on your way back!! Isn't it funny what a little kindness can do!! I am so glad you got treated right at that store! And yeah, Google sometimes need to put on glasses before telling you how to get somewhere!!

Looking forward to reading about your purchases and seeing how much damage to your stash busting you did!!
Sleep in and enjoy being home!!

MightyMom said...

hmmm, better ask hubby for GPS for your birthday!

so don't guess I've ever been in one of THOSE stores.....what's it like?

the website you liked was very cool

Sue H said...

So glad you found Eagle Creek -- it's one of the best. I have left quite of bit of my checking account there, over time! p.s. It's a good quilt shop to stop at if your guy is along, since it's a former RR station and there's so much history.

Vicki H. said...

My daughter just found herself in the middle of a cow pasture using her GSP instead of the airport. She nearly missed her flight. All is well that ends well.

Mary Johnson said...

Seriously you should consider getting GPS although that wouldn't have helped you in the skyway.