I Love Orange!

Sunday, September 30, 2012
The Rainbow Scrap Challenge color this month is ORANGE.  I LOVE orange!!  A bit of orange goes into every scrap quilt I make.  These are my blocks for this month---

Orange Rainbow Scrap Challenge Blocks
Do you have a favorite color?  What color do you find hard to use?  

Stop over at soscrappy to see more orange scraps!

Design Wall and Weekly Goals

Monday, September 24, 2012
I've laid out the Merry Go Round blocks and I think they need tweaking.  

I think I need a few more dark edged blocks.  What do you think??  Go to Judy's blog to see what everyone else has on their design wall.

A new project has been started--I loved "Anita's Arrowhead" blocks and decided to try her method of square in a square blocks.   The book is "Cutting Revolution" by Anita Solomon Gross.   

Weekly Goals--

  1. Complete two yoyo blocks
  2. Sew 10 square in a square blocks
  3. 40 more yoyos

Have you thought about Christmas yet?  As in sewing gifts?  Have you started any?  Or maybe you have them finished and waiting?    


Sunday Stash Report and a Small Finish

Sunday, September 23, 2012
Stash Report time--I haven't done a stash report since July!

In This Week--6.5 yards
In Year to Date--152.5 yards
Used This Week--2.5 yards
Used Year to Date--109.25 yards
Stash is ahead 43.25 yards 
Henrietta and I went to a quilt show and I bought two FQ packs--5 yards.  A quick trip to the local quilt store brought in another 1.5 yards.  Looks bleak you say??  HAH!!  Remember all those little yo-yos??  They use a LOT of yardage!  The 1200 I have already made used 21 yards of fabric!  There are several quilt tops waiting to be quilted.  I only count fabric "out" when the project is completely done.  A quilting spree later this year will reverse those numbers.  I know I've used lots of stash--my fabric storage cubes aren't stuffed anymore.

My finish this week was a small one for 2.5 yards.

I hand quilted it using heavy black thread and big stitches to give it a primitive look.  The soft pink binding was a leftover, and the green backing came from the scrap box.  

Please check everyone's stash reports at Judy's Patchwork Times!

Friday Update

Friday, September 21, 2012
I've been lazy lately.  I'm going to be "queen of the UFO's" if I don't finish something quickly.  I dug out a wall hanging?  table cover?  perhaps a doll blanket?  Not sure what it will be used for, but I have been doing a primitive black big stitch by HAND. 

Its been a long time since I've quilted anything by hand!

I'm still making yo yos and setting them into blocks.  Henrietta just groans when she sees me making them.  And--I've infected someone else with the yo yo pox--Toni!! 

Toni finds making yo yos addicting too.  She has even timed herself--9 minutes per yo yo.  Hmmm--my time measure was different--18 yo yos made while doing two loads of laundry!   I hope to have a completed yo yo quilt by next summer.   How about a challenge Toni--we both have "something" completed with our yo yos by next summer?  Loser buys ice cream at the Dairy Dock!

Ken is combining--or maybe I should say he's driving up and down the field mowing over cornstalks.  Very little corn.  Perhaps 5 bu/acres.  Yeah--pretty dismal--but everyone's fields are that way.  

I hope to finish the primitive project--I just need to put the binding on.  I'm #12 on the queen's list--and I don't want to be queen!  


Its a Beautiful Morning

Thursday, September 13, 2012
Beautiful weather today--reminds me of the song from the 1953 movie  "Oklahoma".  A dab of rain yesterday and last night--just enough to wet the grass and freshen the air.  Today is bright sunshine and nary a breeze.

No goals posted this week, I've been very lazy.  I did sew a backing for a top while I was home.   Cut fabric for Rainbow Scrap Challenge--this month's color is orange--and I love orange!  I have sewn enough blocks for my Merry-Go-Round quilt, next step is laying them out.  More circles cut for yo-yos--remember--I said I was OUT of fabric (at the camper?)  Enough for 200+  yo-yos from my scrap box and odd bits of yardage.  

I've made hundreds of yo-yos while sitting in the recliner listening to the TV.  Over 100 in the last week.  I watch mostly History, Science, PBS, Documentary programming.  Once in a while I find a Quilt Program--or my favorite--BRIT COMS!   

Karla saw this butterfly outside and brought it inside to take pictures--at first we thought it was  a moth--but its really a Question Mark Butterfly---

resting on Karla's hand
With its wings folded up it looks like a dried leaf!  During the summer both sides of the wings are brown.  But in the fall--the other side of the wings look like this--

image from internet
Butterflies undergo a metamorphosis when they change from caterpillar to winged butterfly.  Karla does that too--from this--

to this--

I'm Back

Saturday, September 8, 2012
No, I didn't fall off the twig--just busy and not much sewing.  Last weekend when Ken and I were driving I told him I was "out of fabric".   THAT caused him to raise his eyebrows!  I have plenty of fabric at home--but I'm out of fabric for yo-yos at the camper.   I have about 1,100 yo-yos--I think.  

No pattern decided yet--but I've started sewing the yo-yos into "blocks" of 36 yo-yos.  

Labor Day was spent in Minnesota with Laura Beth, Nick, Mason and Asher.  Mason turned 4yo.  

The candles were re-lit several times--blowing out the candles is lots of fun.  But have you ever thought about how much spit goes on the cake?  ROFL!!!

Presents were opened--Mason got an "excavator" from Grandma and Grandpa.  

Asher is working on creeping.  No forward progress yet--he rolls and rolls until he gets where he wants.

Mason has been showing Asher what makes the best toy--a camera.

Its a toy camera but Asher dug it out of the toy box and was holding it up imitating a pose Mason has done hundreds of times.  

I'm planning a few days at home so I can stock up on fabric.