Friday Update

Friday, September 21, 2012
I've been lazy lately.  I'm going to be "queen of the UFO's" if I don't finish something quickly.  I dug out a wall hanging?  table cover?  perhaps a doll blanket?  Not sure what it will be used for, but I have been doing a primitive black big stitch by HAND. 

Its been a long time since I've quilted anything by hand!

I'm still making yo yos and setting them into blocks.  Henrietta just groans when she sees me making them.  And--I've infected someone else with the yo yo pox--Toni!! 

Toni finds making yo yos addicting too.  She has even timed herself--9 minutes per yo yo.  Hmmm--my time measure was different--18 yo yos made while doing two loads of laundry!   I hope to have a completed yo yo quilt by next summer.   How about a challenge Toni--we both have "something" completed with our yo yos by next summer?  Loser buys ice cream at the Dairy Dock!

Ken is combining--or maybe I should say he's driving up and down the field mowing over cornstalks.  Very little corn.  Perhaps 5 bu/acres.  Yeah--pretty dismal--but everyone's fields are that way.  

I hope to finish the primitive project--I just need to put the binding on.  I'm #12 on the queen's list--and I don't want to be queen!  



Katie Z. said...

Hooray for yo-yos!

Can you explain the queen of UFOs?

Corn wasn't even harvested here, just mowed for hay, in some fields.

Nancy said...

I'm not a real fan of yo-yos but look forward to seeing what you are going to make with them.

Not much happening here; however, my list of projects in progress is growing. I NEED to finish something!

Suzanne said...

Yo-Yo's are definitely addicting. I am not doing so well in the UFO completetion game either. You be Queen and I'll be first attendant!

Anonymous said...

My grandmother had a yo-yo summer coverlet. Very pretty. Not inspired to make one myself, but they are lovely. Great use of scraps, too! I knew the drought had hurt things, but that's really bad. I know how big an acre is, from having lived on one several times, and to think of only pulling 5 bushels of corn from that much land is astounding! Hopefully, more rain next year. Does insurance cover years like this?

Helen L said...

since you love yo-yo's, you should look up Kim Diehl's books: They all start with "Simple" (Simple comforts, Simple Season, etc.). she uses lots of yo-yo's and they are beautiful quilts!! Have fun!! (I get my Simple books from Connecting Threads: they are always cheaper than regular retail.) Have a great week, Helen in Healdsburg

Candace said...

Your picture reminds me of my mother. Years ago before I quilted, I learned to make a yoyo for some reason and when my mother and father came down for the winter in their Airstream I taught her. She probably made hundreds of them, but neither of us knew what to do with them. I don't know what happened to them, but she loved making them. She has since passed away and reading your blog brought back good memories. Your blocks look great, too bad we didn't think of that.