Rainbow Scrappy Saturday

Saturday, October 31, 2015
Did I say I liked brown?  Yes--another brown block--

I fussy cut the flower center from a scrap.  Please see everyone's Rainbow Scrappy Posts at SoScrappy.

Thursday I washed two quilts for the first time.  I used Shout color catchers just in case.  I didn't see any bleeding on the quilt but look at the color catchers--

The three on the left were from a brown quilt, and the two on the right were from a quilt with a purple border.  I never noticed the water containing any dye while washing.  

This week we finished harvest.  It was cold enough I needed the heat on.  But the knob to adjust the temp turns hard.  Too hard for me.  I used a more primitive form of temperature control--

When it was hot I propped the door open a little with my thermos, when it was cold I shut the door!

Liz asked me if I thought 10 years ago I would be able to sit in the combine and read my tablet while waiting. Nope!  I love technology--

My tablet(red cover) plugged in to charge.  Yes, I had TWO coffee cups.  I NEEDED two coffee cups!  Please overlook the dust, no dusting fairy was available.  

I will be at the guild quilt show this weekend.  Lorri2Rs and I are attending the luncheon and I have a class in the afternoon.  Friday I helped hang quilts.  The show is very well organized and it went quickly.  Hats off to the organizers!  


Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, October 26, 2015
Lozenge blocks are on my wall--

There are enough lozenges made to set 23x13--or 69x78" without borders.  They've been quite fun to make, especially since I already had the bricks cut.  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Weekly Goals--

Quilt Milk Way (its waiting for inspiration--its loaded on the Princess)
Album blocks

Its going to be a busy week.  Quilt show Friday-Saturday-Sunday.  I'm taking a class and have all my tiny pieces cut and packed.  Still two quilts to get ready for the quilt show.  And there is the last of the corn to harvest.  On Sunday I played with album blocks--sorting and counting.

65 Album Blocks
65 blocks.  Think I need a few more purple and red and maybe a black block.  Yes, that will round the colors out quite nicely.  I'm still plotting what to add to next year's RSC.  A couple of new blocks may make the cut.  RSC fits in so well with my favorite quilts--SCRAPPY or MULTI FABRIC.  I'm looking forward to setting the blocks I have into tops.  IF I get all my RSC blocks into tops that makes five tops and brings my total of tops to quilt to ten.  I'm shooting for 12 by spring.  Will I make it?  I need to finish two more tops.  There are plenty of UFO block sets to finish.  

Scrappy is my favorite type of quilt to make--what's yours?  Do you have a favorite pattern or color?  Favorite size? 



Rainbow Scrappy Saturday and Goal Check

Saturday, October 24, 2015
Two brown album blocks--

I love brown and couldn't resist making them.  For a time I debated where I was going with Rainbow Scrappy Challenge but I'm not tired of making album blocks so I'll continue them in 2016.  They are like 9 patches--addictive!  I'm considering other options too.  Life has been hectic here, just normal life and I'm looking forward to things slowing down and being able to pull out all my blocks and sort them into prospective tops.  Thank you Angela for hosting Rainbow Scrappy Challenge!  Please see everyone's RSC posts at SoScrappy.

Weekly Goals--

More Lozenges--yes
Quilt Milky Way--no

Not looking like I'll get to Milky Way this week.  Its rained yesterday and today, Ken is hoping it will dry off enough we can continue harvesting corn on Monday.  Today I did errands--we were out of things like light bulbs, laundry soap, hand soap. etc etc!  Tonight I worked on my entries for the quilt show next weekend.  While reading the guild newsletter I read that each quilt needed a label.  WHAT??  Whew--not a permanent label--but one that is sewn on with the name of the quilt and the quilter.  I quickly wrote on small rectangles of white fabric with my sharpie gel pen and whipped stitched them on with raw edges.  Its to identify your quilt when dropping off and picking up--there is a  triplicate form for each quilt and they're required to release your quilts after the show.  Its been a good year for finishing quilts here.  Before I thought too closely I entered 13 quilts.  EGADS!!!  Where was my brain??!  One afternoon was spent checking for loose threads etc.  11 quilts are ready to go in white garbage bags, folded so the label is on top.  Now I just have to find a packhorse to help me get them to the quilt show.  

The weather is definitely like fall.  Windy, wet, and damp.  The leaves are falling like crazy and soon all the trees will be naked.  Winter is when I finish quilts, do you have any winter goals??  


Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, October 19, 2015
The RWB Monkey Wrench/9 Patch blocks are on the wall for Mojo to work on-

25 blocks and I'm working for a finished size of about 75x90"?? I'm leaning towards extra borders at the top and bottom.  I've thought about making more blocks--but I want a border so that when the quilt is used (at least I HOPE it will be used) is a darker fabric, not a cream that will get grubby from being pulled on.  If you have any ideas I'd appreciate them!  These will be 12" blocks with a narrow neutral sashing between them.  I can use less blocks too, maybe only 4x5 setting.  Oh decisions decisions!   Please see everyone's Design Wall Posts at Patchwork Times.

This week also saw a new start--Lozenges!  

While reading through some Quiltville items I came across Lozenges and realized they use 3.5x6.5" bricks.  Hey--I have a whole box of precut bricks!  Yippee!!  Next were the dark and light flippy corners, fellow Stashbusters had given me lots of scraps and FQs this summer and I quickly found lots that worked.  I'm working toward a 60x80" quilt, and 260 Lozenges will get close.  They are addicting to someone who loves mindless sewing and lots of fabrics.  I know--they have diagonal seams which I secretly HATE but you sometimes need them in quilting.  

 Weekly Goals--

Quilt Milky Way
Make more Lozenges

That's enough, its a busy week.  We are harvesting and it keeps me busy.  My camper isn't home, but I did bring the fabric home I had in it.  Looks like my stash barfed all over the floor!  Lots of piles and sorting and folding.  This week I'll work at getting the various piles put away.  I try to organize my projects in their own clear box--

These are just cheap Dollar Store plastic shoeboxes.  I love my label maker!  I keep any notes about the project--how many blocks done, how many needed etc etc--in the box too.  A copy of the pattern is good also. 

Recently on Stashbusters there was discussion of how old some of your stash is.  I know some of mine is much older--but I did find this selvage--

25 years old!  How old is some of your stash?  


Rainbow Scrappy Saturday

Saturday, October 17, 2015
Its been a busy week but I found time to finish the R/W/B album blocks--

Bad lighting/night picture but I forgot to try again and they're off the wall and into the project tote!  Not brown but its what I made this week.  I think I need to make one more to have enough for a quilt.  Please see everyone's posts at SoScrappy.

Earlier this week I baked cookies.  Lots of cookies!

Cherry nut slice, icebox, soft gingersnaps and a double recipe of chocolate chip.  Its harvest here and its stressful and I bake when I am stressed!  All but a few went in the freezer. 

Of course now that's it going to get cold and freeze my flowers look their best.

Grandpa Ott Morning Glory

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory
Zebra Striped Malva
The Morning Glorys were planted from seed in June.  The Malva are perennials which do better if Ken remembers they are NOT weeds and doesn't mow them off!  All are tolerant of much neglect.  



Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, October 12, 2015
I laid out six R/W/B album blocks--

Picking fabrics takes longer than sewing the blocks!  I layer them and then chain sew, I've gotten pretty efficient making them.  Still love them and not tired of making them.  They have grown on me, like 9 patches.  If my count is right, and I've haven't mislaid any blocks--I will have 23.  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Weekly Goals--

Finish sewing the album blocks

That's all, a busy week planned.  Harvest is started and I might be in the field.  The camper needs to be packed up and moved and I might volunteer a few more days.  Plans change from day to day!


Rainbow Scrappy Saturday

Saturday, October 10, 2015
Although the color this month is brown, I've made enough brown blocks already.  So instead I worked on my R/W/B Monkey Wrench/9 Patch blocks.

There are 20 of these blocks now, enough for a quilt.  Please see everyone's Rainbow Scrappy Challenge posts at SoScrappy.

This week I pulled 2.5" squares from my box.  I'm tired of those fabrics and will replenish them with new fabrics.  30 16 patch blocks have been made from them this week.

Halfway to enough for my next project, I need 60.  

Its time to start packing up the camper.  Maybe by next weekend I'll be home.  


Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, October 5, 2015
Two R/W/B Monkey Wrench/9 patch blocks are done--

I used more than two fabrics for the Monkey Wrench sections just to change things up a bit!  There are 16 blocks done, I need four more.  That should be easy.  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.  

Weekly Goals--

Sew up 16 patch blocks
3 R/W/B album Blocks
2 R/W/B Monkey Wrench/9 Patch blocks

The perfect t-shirt came home with me--

Isn't it great??!!


Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, October 4, 2015
New numbers this week--

Stash in this week--8.75 yards
Stash in YTD--247.00 yards
Stash out this week--0.0 yards
Stash out YTD--166.0 yards


Stash is ahead 81 yards!

Please see everyone's numbers at Patchwork Times.  

I like my numbers.  The purpose of my stash report is to track $$$ spent/fabric bought and used.  Depleting my stash is not the goal, but instead use older fabrics and replace with newer ones.  Stash turnover!  I have at least three tops ready to quilt and enough blocks for five more just from the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge.  Much more than 81 yards! (I don't count fabric out until its a completed quilt, ready to be used.)  I'm also working at using some theme fabrics I've had forever.  At least five quilts from 30's fabrics are done.  Three in progress.  There is still some 30's fabric to use.  Next has been civil war fabrics--I LOVE civil war reproductions.  That leaves a box of batiks.  They are the least loved of my collections.  Not sure what I will make with them.  Its a fairly big box but lots of small pieces.
Do you set goals for quilting??


Rainbow Scrappy Saturday

Saturday, October 3, 2015
Although its been a busy week I did finish some Monkey Wrench/9 Patch blocks--

That brings my totals for Rainbow Scrappy Monkey Wrench/9 Patch blocks to 20--perfect!  I LOVE brown so it was an easy color.  Please see everyone's projects at SoScrappy.