Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, October 19, 2015
The RWB Monkey Wrench/9 Patch blocks are on the wall for Mojo to work on-

25 blocks and I'm working for a finished size of about 75x90"?? I'm leaning towards extra borders at the top and bottom.  I've thought about making more blocks--but I want a border so that when the quilt is used (at least I HOPE it will be used) is a darker fabric, not a cream that will get grubby from being pulled on.  If you have any ideas I'd appreciate them!  These will be 12" blocks with a narrow neutral sashing between them.  I can use less blocks too, maybe only 4x5 setting.  Oh decisions decisions!   Please see everyone's Design Wall Posts at Patchwork Times.

This week also saw a new start--Lozenges!  

While reading through some Quiltville items I came across Lozenges and realized they use 3.5x6.5" bricks.  Hey--I have a whole box of precut bricks!  Yippee!!  Next were the dark and light flippy corners, fellow Stashbusters had given me lots of scraps and FQs this summer and I quickly found lots that worked.  I'm working toward a 60x80" quilt, and 260 Lozenges will get close.  They are addicting to someone who loves mindless sewing and lots of fabrics.  I know--they have diagonal seams which I secretly HATE but you sometimes need them in quilting.  

 Weekly Goals--

Quilt Milky Way
Make more Lozenges

That's enough, its a busy week.  We are harvesting and it keeps me busy.  My camper isn't home, but I did bring the fabric home I had in it.  Looks like my stash barfed all over the floor!  Lots of piles and sorting and folding.  This week I'll work at getting the various piles put away.  I try to organize my projects in their own clear box--

These are just cheap Dollar Store plastic shoeboxes.  I love my label maker!  I keep any notes about the project--how many blocks done, how many needed etc etc--in the box too.  A copy of the pattern is good also. 

Recently on Stashbusters there was discussion of how old some of your stash is.  I know some of mine is much older--but I did find this selvage--

25 years old!  How old is some of your stash?  



Tired Teacher said...

The album blocks are fantastic. I'd go with a border at the top and bottom.

I've never thought about the age of my stash. I have some yardage of my mother's, so the oldest fabric n my stash is probably from the late 40s r early 50s. I can't bring myself to cut it.

Nann said...

Are you going to let the album blocks float next to one another or will you sash them? Yes to a darker border. I always think of fingermarks.

Last week I washed and ironed many yards of truly vintage fabric (a storage unit cleanout). Wonderful prints!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I know some of my stash dates back to the mid-70's at least. We moved to this house in mid-1975 and I had a couple boxes of fabric then. Every once in a while I still come across some of that old, old fabric. It's like finding an old friend.

Gayle Bong said...

No suggestions but I will be anxious to see how you finish this. And I agree to finish with something darker. I find it interesting that I started a similar pattern - one less round of squares. You will see next week.