It's Rarely Work at the Visitor Center

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
John works for the National Park Service and often does Interperative Programs at the Visitor Center.  This is one I particularly enjoy--he dresses in costume and plays the part of a Purser on an 1880's steamboat telling stories.  

John particularly enjoys puns, he waited all summer to say "well, that's all water over the dam now".   The generation gap showed, as a young college student didn't "get" the pun, even when we tried the one "water under the bridge".   Which made us laugh harder!  We thought of several alternative roles for John's costume.  Undertaker.  Minister.  Saloon keeper.  John's personal favorite--"Manager at a Residence of Paid Affections".

Monday Thoughts

Monday, August 29, 2011
Are you a people watcher?  I am!  What do you look at??  Me, my favorites are shoes and t-shirts.  I asked a visitor if I could take a picture of her t-shirt --

Often Henrietta and I have the same idea at the same time, so maybe we have great minds.  Nah!!  And then I had this in my fortune cookie --

Guess someone knew I was about to poke some buttons!  And it rained the other night.  I noticed this in the afternoon --

Its hard to see, but the seat is full of water!  Glad I looked before I sat down.

My windows and doors are open, there's a nice breeze.  Its a beautiful day, I'm going to work on my Jacob's ladder blocks.


Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Today is Ken's birthday!  He's at home and I'm at the camper (sniffle sniffle) so I called him and sang Happy Birthday over the phone.  He was slightly underwhelmed by my performance--but its the thought that counts!  Later this week we're visiting Laura Beth, Nick, and Mason and we'll celebrate.

Relaxing Friday

Friday, August 26, 2011
Last week a storm front came in from the west.

 And then another storm front moved in from the east.

A warm front and a cold front. 

It was not directly over the Visitor Center--but it did pass over the North and East side of Yankton.  Whew!  It was NASTY!  Winds and some large hail---half the skylights were broke on the roof of WalMart.  Only some wind gusts and a short downpour at the Visitor Center.   

There are lots of "summer people" that work or volunteer here.  Its hard to get together since we all have different schedules.  But Sunday evening was beautiful weather and we met at my campsite.  


Remember I said I had 64 Jacob's Ladder blocks?  

I was sewing the blocks into pairs and I only had 63.  Luckily I had enough pieces left over I was able to make one more.   Today I'll work on them some more.  Slowly they're turning from a UFO to a finished quilt.  

Last week I made a cake for a potluck.  Well, I was a week early.   It didn't last long!


Jacob's Ladder Blocks

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Today I didn't volunteer so I sewed.  Remember--sewing machine and fabric type activity??  I finished enough blue/white Jacob's ladder blocks for a top--64.  

I tried laying them out on the grass but a slight breeze had them flipping around. 

Tomorrow there is a potluck at noon and I'll be volunteering at the Visitor Center.   I used the oven in Admin building tonight--I wanted to make a Peanut Butter cake in a sheet cake pan, and my camper oven is too small.   This recipe is a tried and true favorite.  Its sitting on the counter in the lunch room--I hope Ryan doesn't eat it before the potluck!

This weekend is Riverboat Days and I'm sure it will be busy.   The weather has been cooler and a few nights its supposed to be in the 50's.   Good sleeping weather!


Blue White Swap Blocks

Friday, August 12, 2011
I sometimes participate in block swaps.  I needed to finish a set while Henrietta was here.  They were to be blue/white and a "star".  Remember I said I was tired and making many mistakes?   First I tried a sample block.  

Next--I tried to repeat it----

Okay--try it with different fabrics.  Hmmmmm---

This effort definitely had problems!!!

Okay--thery were all supposed to look like this----

They're not hard to make--but you do have to follow directions exactly.   They are from a Book called "Stars by Magic".   No set-in seams, and all the blocks come in multiple sizes.   I'm planning to use the same book for the next round but different fabrics/different star.  Wish me luck!!

A Visitor to the VC

Thursday, August 11, 2011
I enjoy watching the visitors at the Visitor Center.   Here is a set of grandparents trying on the 1800's period clothes with a grandson---

Dress up is fun at any age!

But some of our visitors do not come in through the door.   We have several of these during the summer---

He's not very good at hiding--a brown bat on a white wall really shows up!   He's small--maybe 3-4 inches long.

There is "bat catching gear" at the VC.  A net on a very long pole, and leather gloves.   Bats are protected species--we catch them and release them outside.  Did you know that bats cannot fly when they are on the ground?  They need to "drop" from a height to fly.  This one was only about knee height on the wall, I just used the gloves to pick him off the wall and hung him on an oak tree outside.   These bats eat insects--so I hope he's busy eating mosquitos at night.   

I'm Back!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011
I been having "blogging blues" but I HAVE been sewing!   My long arm is running smoothly--thanks Kevin--and she and I are friends again.  All I can say is DO NOT sew over a industrial strength T-pin!  Pure operator error.  I've quilted two tops and its so much fun. 

Scrappy Bargello (Bonnie Hunter pattern)

American Pie (Miss Rosie pattern)
I pieced the Scrappy Bargello and Henrietta the American Pie.  They're ready for binding.

Last year Henrietta and I started a 4 patch Posey quilt.  If you've ever made one--you know your fabric choice is critical.  (the border is the fabric we used)  Variation in colors.  Large and small patterns.  A consistent background color.  Whew!  I picked the fabric and it was so NOT ME!!  Large pink flowers. Rather tropical looking.  (I can hear Henrietta laughing--she always tells me she is a "delicate tropical blossom")  She worked hard on hers and it is now a top.  A very beautiful top!

Henrietta 4 Patch Posey
I've been working on a set of blue Jacob's ladder blocks.  (no pictures--I forgot my camera at the camper).  I received a bunch in a block lotto (I think--it was a LONG time ago!)  I didn't have enough to make a quilt--so I've been piecing more.   I need 64 to set it 8x8, I have 50+ done.   And I've been working on my Swoon blocks.   Bad mental block when I started these.  I think mostly I was very tired (Henrietta and I keep VERY BUSY while she's here) and I made many mistakes.  #1 mistake--read the pattern and lay your FQ the same way as the picture--it works much better that way!   Maybe my problems were compounded by this--

I spent at least 1/2 hour (this time!) looking for my glasses only to find them hanging on my shirt.  I have several pairs simply because I lose them so much!  And I can't see close up without them.   Its best if I prop them on top my head!  
Henrietta and I spent some time doing this----

Mimosa's on the deck!   Ahhh!  And we drank them from Goodwill treasure glasses.   Henrietta--its not the same drinking them without you!!  (But I'll keep trying!)

I hope you're having nice weather wherever you are.  Later this week I volunteer so I'm heading back to the camper.  

Motivation Friday

Friday, August 5, 2011
Motivation Friday--can you send me some motivation??  

Henrietta and I took a quick trip to Wichita a few weeks ago--and we stopped to see a quilting internet friend--Katie.   That visit was much too short.  



Baby Q
Katie and her husband were so busy.  Their house is for sale, everything is kept neat for showings.  That's WORK with three small children.  And the next day they were leaving for an out of town visit.   I'm sorry we stopped when it was so hectic--but I wouldn't have missed meeting them!   I laughed at Baby Q--he is so like my grandson--playing pretend with a cell phone!   And I wanted to spend more time playing with the girls.  Next time!!  And look what Katie gave me---

Hand crocheted pot holders in GREEN and an angel pin made with pine cone seeds.  All in the cute bag.  Katie remembered I love green and collect angels.  The pot holders are on my table (I've used them already) and the pin is on my wall with my other angels.  Thank you Katie--they are now part of my treasures!

I've been dabbling in my sewing--but everything goes wrong.  I can't count or keep my pieces in the right places!  I will blame it on the heat and humidity--for a few weeks the weather was unbearable.  But I did take a few shots of my sewing area in the camper---

My featherweight on the table in front of the TV.

My cutting mat/ironing mat on the counter with my iron.

There's plenty of room to sew.  A queen size bed to use as a design wall.   Now if I can just find my brain......