I'm Back!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011
I been having "blogging blues" but I HAVE been sewing!   My long arm is running smoothly--thanks Kevin--and she and I are friends again.  All I can say is DO NOT sew over a industrial strength T-pin!  Pure operator error.  I've quilted two tops and its so much fun. 

Scrappy Bargello (Bonnie Hunter pattern)

American Pie (Miss Rosie pattern)
I pieced the Scrappy Bargello and Henrietta the American Pie.  They're ready for binding.

Last year Henrietta and I started a 4 patch Posey quilt.  If you've ever made one--you know your fabric choice is critical.  (the border is the fabric we used)  Variation in colors.  Large and small patterns.  A consistent background color.  Whew!  I picked the fabric and it was so NOT ME!!  Large pink flowers. Rather tropical looking.  (I can hear Henrietta laughing--she always tells me she is a "delicate tropical blossom")  She worked hard on hers and it is now a top.  A very beautiful top!

Henrietta 4 Patch Posey
I've been working on a set of blue Jacob's ladder blocks.  (no pictures--I forgot my camera at the camper).  I received a bunch in a block lotto (I think--it was a LONG time ago!)  I didn't have enough to make a quilt--so I've been piecing more.   I need 64 to set it 8x8, I have 50+ done.   And I've been working on my Swoon blocks.   Bad mental block when I started these.  I think mostly I was very tired (Henrietta and I keep VERY BUSY while she's here) and I made many mistakes.  #1 mistake--read the pattern and lay your FQ the same way as the picture--it works much better that way!   Maybe my problems were compounded by this--

I spent at least 1/2 hour (this time!) looking for my glasses only to find them hanging on my shirt.  I have several pairs simply because I lose them so much!  And I can't see close up without them.   Its best if I prop them on top my head!  
Henrietta and I spent some time doing this----

Mimosa's on the deck!   Ahhh!  And we drank them from Goodwill treasure glasses.   Henrietta--its not the same drinking them without you!!  (But I'll keep trying!)

I hope you're having nice weather wherever you are.  Later this week I volunteer so I'm heading back to the camper.  


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Love seeing the quilts. American Pie looks like a good project for my collection 30's fabrics....with BONUS triangles the way I'd make it.

Loving today's weather...AC & fan shut off, nice cool breeze coming in the window, birds & cicadas singing...what could be better?

Katie Z. said...

Glad the long arm is humming again!

I would never have picked a large tropical print either, but it looks like lots of fun!

Henrietta said...

I am so thrilled to see American Pie quilted. It is actually not exactly made to the pattern, the blocks are a different size. It has been so long since I made it I can't remember why I changed the size.

I am a bonus triangle addict too but at this size they are pretty small bonuses.

Glad the machine is working well again! Need to get going on the crate to ship mine to Kansas, it has not worked since being rocked off the table during our 2006 earthquake. Other than the huge divot she made in my laminate floor she was the only major casualty. Time to get her fixed up.

Elaine Adair said...

My goodness - what timing - I just posted a scrappy bargello block and am all enthusiastic to make one entire quilt. The first blog I checked today was yours, and voila! another person has the same idea. They do work up nicely don't they!

Nancy said...

Your quilts are beautiful.

Pokey said...

Oh, your quilting has me inspired! I'd love to pull one of those scrappy bargellos together, but all of them are quite beautiful ~

Susan said...

I'm so glad you are back quilting. I wish I had a machine again. It's in the future, but not the near future. I think I like the Miss Rosie pattern best, but the posey one is really amazing.