Motivation Friday

Friday, August 5, 2011
Motivation Friday--can you send me some motivation??  

Henrietta and I took a quick trip to Wichita a few weeks ago--and we stopped to see a quilting internet friend--Katie.   That visit was much too short.  



Baby Q
Katie and her husband were so busy.  Their house is for sale, everything is kept neat for showings.  That's WORK with three small children.  And the next day they were leaving for an out of town visit.   I'm sorry we stopped when it was so hectic--but I wouldn't have missed meeting them!   I laughed at Baby Q--he is so like my grandson--playing pretend with a cell phone!   And I wanted to spend more time playing with the girls.  Next time!!  And look what Katie gave me---

Hand crocheted pot holders in GREEN and an angel pin made with pine cone seeds.  All in the cute bag.  Katie remembered I love green and collect angels.  The pot holders are on my table (I've used them already) and the pin is on my wall with my other angels.  Thank you Katie--they are now part of my treasures!

I've been dabbling in my sewing--but everything goes wrong.  I can't count or keep my pieces in the right places!  I will blame it on the heat and humidity--for a few weeks the weather was unbearable.  But I did take a few shots of my sewing area in the camper---

My featherweight on the table in front of the TV.

My cutting mat/ironing mat on the counter with my iron.

There's plenty of room to sew.  A queen size bed to use as a design wall.   Now if I can just find my brain......


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

It's good to see you post again. I thought maybe you went home with girls were having so much fun.

I think my brain fried in all the hot weather and hasn't recovered yet. Been working on Roll Roll Cotton Boll and every once in a while I find something I sewed wrong and have rip & redo. I remember the days I could put together a whole quilt and never rip...afraid those days are gone.

Looks like you have a good sewing setup in the camper...looks like a pretty nice camper too. I'm sure you appreciate the extra room over the old one.

Katie Z. said...

Ah, James and I agree that the heat makes people around here CRAZY! It just does something to your brain...

We enjoyed seeing you too! Maybe another time we will get to see each other for longer.

Henrietta said...

Wish I were there, we do have a good time don't we.

I finished most of my Four Patch Posie from last year at that table while Lori was doing her volunteer work.

Susan said...

Makes me homesick for the traveling life again. But I should close on my house here by the end of the week - I hope.