Wednesday, September 29, 2010
While driving in Minnesota, I saw this barn.  I drove past it.   I had to stop and go back for a picture.  

Yes, the barn is that color.  Not purple, more of a violet red.  It was worth stopping!


Monday Goals

Monday, September 27, 2010
Time for some goals.  

  1. Start Spiral Strips project
  2. Start the ZigZag project
  3. Make binding for the pink/yellow quilt

I will be volunteering 4 days this week.  Hopefully I will have a bit of energy in the evenings to sew.  The weather is GLORIOUS today, and I hope it lasts a long time!  Last week at the camper we had over 4.5" of rain.  

Sometimes at the Visitor Center we have school groups on a field trip.  Depending on their age, we have movies and a "scavenger hunt" for them to do.  Last week was a preschool group.  Josh works for the National Park Service and is very good with the kids.  

Preschool groups scavenger hunt is just finding pictures and symbols around the VC.  I laughed as I watched the kids.  Josh was like a "Pied Piper"--the kids would see him and start following him, asking questions.  

These are such GOOD days!! 

Sunday Stash Report--Or Confession is Good for My Soul!

Sunday, September 26, 2010
Yes, I bought fabric.  Six yards.  Haven't stopped to figure, but I suspect I'm about even in buying and using.  Remember when I won a packet of Minnesota charm squares from Sue?  While in Minnesota I stopped at the Thimble Box in New Ulm.  They had the coordinating fabric, so I bought enough to make a top.  2 yards of the light snowflake, 2 yards of the solid blue, and 2 yards of the focus fabric.  I haven't picked a pattern yet, but I leaning towards Bonnie Hunter's I Spy A Four Patch.  

I have been finding my mojo.  Yes, it is tied to my scraps.  I have told myself that the box of noodles is "scraps" and I pulled strips from it to start two projects.  One is a "ZigZag" top, similar to a scrappy bargello.  The other one is from the book Jelly Roll Quilts and is called "Spiral Strips".  

I haven't a lot of time to sew, but with these two projects ready to go, I will take them along to the camper with me.  I will be spending as much time at the camper as possible, fall weather is perfect for camping.  Soon it will be winter and I will be turning into a "troglodyte" as my friend Henrietta says.  I do hope I do not "look" like a troglodyte, but that she is comparing me to the history of troglodytes hiding underground.  

I'm not hiding underground, but hate to leave my house in the winter!

Tuesday--what does 1/2 a beef look like??

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
We usually buy our meat 1/4 or 1/2 at a time.   Many years ago we raised/fattened our own beef and hogs.  In the Midwest where we live, it's common to "go together" with someone and split a beef or hog.   It's not that much meat when it's split between two families.  But what does it LOOK like??

The meat fit into six big boxes, with about 6 packages in small box.  When you have someone else process the meat, you specify what size packages.   We have two 3/4" thick steaks per package.  1.5# burger package.  4# roasts.  These are the sizes that fit our meals the best. 

And since half of it was a Christmas present--

Mason, Nick, and the meat!  We put a bow on the box, and said "Merry Christmas!"  I'm still figuring out the buttons on my camera. 

Nick worked very hard and made all the meat fit into their freezers overnight.    Thank you Nick!!  Today I will take out our half and head home with it.  We divided it as we unpacked it last night doing the "one for you, one for me" method!!  Nick has it layered in the freezer separated by towels.  Works for me Nick!

Monday Goals??

Monday, September 20, 2010
Hmm, I guess I could think of quilty goals.

  1. Stop at the Thimble Box in New Ulm today
  2. Sew more noodles together

I haven't been to the Thimble Box in years, but I have to drive through New Ulm today so will see if they are open.  I am heading to Danube MN to pick up half a beef.  Remember my friend Sally?  She and I split a beef.  It is all packaged up and froze, ready to go in our freezers.  

I have had much "Mason time", but can't remember to take the camera out.  I did catch him while he was eating.

Eating his favorite food, macaroni and cheese.  And while I was home I got out a pan for Shamus to take a bath. 

He doesn't look very big--but that pan is a 10 inch cake pan.  He is about the size of a pigeon, but very long wings and tail.  All the papers at the bottom of his cage are wet, he was splashing away. 

And for everyone who wrote me offering their scraps--thank you!  Yes, I love picking through scraps!  My friend Henrietta would like me to make a postage stamp quilt.  Uhh--No way!

Sunday Stash Report, or Where Are My Scraps??

Sunday, September 19, 2010
No stash bought, nothing finished.  Not very interesting, but good for my pocketbook!

My favorite type of quilt to sew is a scrap one.  Remember when I pieced a whole Heartstrings top ONLY from scraps found on the floor of my sewing room?   I am almost OUT OF SCRAPS!!  Yes, this is what I have left--

That pile is about 1/2 a small round laundry basket--not much.  All my odd bits have been cut into 2.5" noodles or bricks (3.5x6.5").    My shelves are much neater.  All the small bits are gone.  But, I MISS my scraps.  Maybe that is where my mojo went.  I think my next projects will use some of those noodles.  I have a large bin of them.  I think Henrietta drew me up a pattern (she is very good at that--patterns and math!)

Fall is in the Air

Saturday, September 18, 2010
I told someone this morning the weather is perfect, pleasant days and cool nights.   About 11 AM I was preparing to take a shower, and it was COLD!  I shut the window, thankfully the warm water thawed my feet.   Spending a few days in Mankato with Mason and family.   I didn't pack my flannel pajamas, but I do have my wool socks.  Just a few weeks ago it was HOT!

Monday Goals

Monday, September 13, 2010
No sewing goals this week.  Last night Ken and I defrosted the big freezer and cleaned the spare fridge.  In a week I am scheduled to pick up a half of beef to split with Nick and Laura Beth.   That is their Christmas present this year, I better take a bow to stick on one of the boxes.  

A while back I won a wonderful stack of charm squares from Sue at Featherstone Quiltworks.  Thank you Sue!  Have you ideas for what I should make with them?  Since my grandson lives in Minnesota, perhaps a cozy blue blanket for him??

charm pack from Sue

Sue is very handy with her camera, and I read her blog faithfully and then practice with my camera.  Yes, I finally figured out (mostly) the macro setting.  

Maybe this post will be on things I am thankful for.   A while back I was rummaging in a box from Jay, and found some wonderful hand pieced blocks.  15 of them.  They are made with vintage feedsacks (I think) and although they are spotted with age, I will finish them into a quilt this winter.  I think these blocks are 7 sisters pattern, it is my MOST FAVORITE block ever. 

blocks from Jay

And, this is Heather.  Heather probably won't be working any more summers where I volunteer.   I will miss Heather.  She is in law school, studying hard.  Good luck Heather!

My flowers have been neglected this summer.  But my "viney crap" as Ken calls it, has grown up on my pergola.

There are morning glories and purple and scarlet runner beans.  The blue on the morning glories is very intense.

The flowers are a bit bigger than the palm of my hand when they are open.

And I'm thankful for my camera, no more pictureless posts.


Stash Report and Some Pictures

Sunday, September 12, 2010
No fabric purchased this week, and no finishes.  I was sewing last night when I whapped Ken.  I finished the next round of red and white swap blocks.

And I made a practice block from Jay's scraps.

The block is called "Louisiana".  

I love applique.  The process raises my blood pressure.   But last night I pulled out a bit more of Jay's scraps, and made this block.

Yes, a Dresden plate.   It is machine pieced, but I did hand applique it to the muslin.  I still need to trim out the back and cut the extra dark blue away.  I spent FOUR HOURS making this.  Yes, I hand sewed the yellow center on too.  I wanted to make these for my next round of red/white blocks--but I may blow a gasket if I do!  (Oh Jay, do you have any more scraps, I'm to the bottom of your box!)

Summer is winding down at my volunteer job.  It has been absolutely gorgeous camping weather.  Spring and summer are the best time of year to camp here.  There were some visitors from Germany a couple of weeks ago.  Since I don't speak German, communication was limited.  But I know they started their trip in the state of Washington.  

I did understand that their camper was homemade.  It had license plates from Germany, so I assume it was shipped to a port in Washington.  I asked where they were headed and they said "East".  I asked where, and they said they weren't sure yet!  And they had a travel companion--

Yes, a "German" shepherd from Germany!


The Romance is gone........

I was in my sewing room pressing some fabric.  Listening to music. Washer and Dryer are on.  I sit down while I press.  Relaxing.   Yup, busy thinking about other stuff.  Ken is a quiet man, but he didn't intend to sneak up on me.  He leaned over to give me a kiss, I jumped up screaming and whapped him above his eye with my wrist.  Frozen peas make a good icepack. 


Monday Moments

Sunday, September 5, 2010
A few photos from the last few weeks.  

All the gates are open on the spillway.

 Hector is always smiling!

Ryan working.  Ryan loves anything to dealing with computers/technology!

Ryan and I were allowed to take pictures from a restricted access area.  Yes, we were right beside the water coming through the gates.  We got WET!

Check out the goggles on the dog!   He was so nice and said the Molly loves to ride on the motorcycle.

Hi Grandma!!  Now that little box she looks in is blue!

See the little fingerprints??  Mason now is tall enough to reach up on the counter!

Granpa, can we eat it now??

Okay, we blew out the candles together.

Mom, we blew them out, what happened??

I'm glad mom saved us, put those trick candles out!

And what did we buy Mason for his birthday?? 

Yes, a tent!  And a sleeping bag!

The tent was a hit.  Mason, Nick, and Laura Beth played in there for half an hour, Mason laughing and shrieking!  

Laura Beth made sure her father had ice cream with his cake!  Notice the SIZE!

The weather is perfect for camping.  I'm enjoying the last bit of summer.  I will be sewing when it's cold out.  I'm also invited to sew with the Orchard Ladies on the 14th, I SO want to be there!

Sunday Stash Report

No fabric bought this week, and nothing finished.  But I am working on all the pictures I've taken the last couple of weeks.