Monday Goals

Monday, September 13, 2010
No sewing goals this week.  Last night Ken and I defrosted the big freezer and cleaned the spare fridge.  In a week I am scheduled to pick up a half of beef to split with Nick and Laura Beth.   That is their Christmas present this year, I better take a bow to stick on one of the boxes.  

A while back I won a wonderful stack of charm squares from Sue at Featherstone Quiltworks.  Thank you Sue!  Have you ideas for what I should make with them?  Since my grandson lives in Minnesota, perhaps a cozy blue blanket for him??

charm pack from Sue

Sue is very handy with her camera, and I read her blog faithfully and then practice with my camera.  Yes, I finally figured out (mostly) the macro setting.  

Maybe this post will be on things I am thankful for.   A while back I was rummaging in a box from Jay, and found some wonderful hand pieced blocks.  15 of them.  They are made with vintage feedsacks (I think) and although they are spotted with age, I will finish them into a quilt this winter.  I think these blocks are 7 sisters pattern, it is my MOST FAVORITE block ever. 

blocks from Jay

And, this is Heather.  Heather probably won't be working any more summers where I volunteer.   I will miss Heather.  She is in law school, studying hard.  Good luck Heather!

My flowers have been neglected this summer.  But my "viney crap" as Ken calls it, has grown up on my pergola.

There are morning glories and purple and scarlet runner beans.  The blue on the morning glories is very intense.

The flowers are a bit bigger than the palm of my hand when they are open.

And I'm thankful for my camera, no more pictureless posts.



Tamera said...

What beautiful flowers. Makes me want to make a quilt utilizing those colors!

JuJu said...

Do I need to send a care package of frozen peas??? LOLOLOLOL

Stephanie D said...

I love morning glories! Such perfection!

Lori said...

I think you got a plan for your grandbaby's quilt. I need to get working on my grandsons quilt, no longer a small one, needs to a twin now. I think we are going to have a very cold winter this year. Great xmas present for Laura Beth and hubby.

MightyMom said...

I keep thinking that one day I will plant morning glories. 4 o'clocks and moon flowers all together and then have different colors all throughout the day!!

Love those blocks!!! Are they hand stitched? They look perfect!

Pokey said...

Lol, "viney crap" is probably what my
Larry would call it