Sunday Stash Report--Or Confession is Good for My Soul!

Sunday, September 26, 2010
Yes, I bought fabric.  Six yards.  Haven't stopped to figure, but I suspect I'm about even in buying and using.  Remember when I won a packet of Minnesota charm squares from Sue?  While in Minnesota I stopped at the Thimble Box in New Ulm.  They had the coordinating fabric, so I bought enough to make a top.  2 yards of the light snowflake, 2 yards of the solid blue, and 2 yards of the focus fabric.  I haven't picked a pattern yet, but I leaning towards Bonnie Hunter's I Spy A Four Patch.  

I have been finding my mojo.  Yes, it is tied to my scraps.  I have told myself that the box of noodles is "scraps" and I pulled strips from it to start two projects.  One is a "ZigZag" top, similar to a scrappy bargello.  The other one is from the book Jelly Roll Quilts and is called "Spiral Strips".  

I haven't a lot of time to sew, but with these two projects ready to go, I will take them along to the camper with me.  I will be spending as much time at the camper as possible, fall weather is perfect for camping.  Soon it will be winter and I will be turning into a "troglodyte" as my friend Henrietta says.  I do hope I do not "look" like a troglodyte, but that she is comparing me to the history of troglodytes hiding underground.  

I'm not hiding underground, but hate to leave my house in the winter!


Sue H said...

Oh, how fun! I can't wait to see what you make.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I dread the thought of winter...cold, snow, ice....& don't like to leave my house either. Hate to even think of it.

Been playing in the fabric and working on a quilt too. Bonnie Hunter's Orange Crush. Love her quilts but they sure do have a lot of little pieces.

Enjoy the Fall & the camper. Sometimes I wish I had one to retreat too.

MightyMom said...

I saw the zillion pumpkins at our local FnVstand and thought.....shouldn't Lori be canning a bunch of stuff by now?????

Finding my mojo too. Post forthcoming.

Jay in Nebraska said...

TROG! TROG! TROG! I could hear Joan Crawford saying that when I read trogldyte!

Lori said...

Lucky you that you found some fabric to match your win. We are still having crazy weather, rain, heat, rain yuck.

Howdy said...

You will love the Jelly Roll Quilts book... I've made 2 quilts from it already - especially loved the Starlight Express.

I do love fall also - but hate that it does lead to winter... where I make like a bear and try to hibernate. Once it gets dark and cold I could not go out of the house for days at a time.

Tamera said...

Fall IS the best time to camp, I think! I REALLY hate to sweat, lol.

Stephanie D said...

Well, holing up for the winter requires sufficient fabric to make it through, so you're just into self-preservation here.

Val said...

Hi Lori, I hope you have a great camper time, we used to have a VW camper and loved being in that. You know, I have that Jelly Roll book and haven't noticed the quilt top you mention ..... I will go and take another closer look!
Enjoy your Autumn weather.
Val xx Oxfordshire UK