Monday Moments

Sunday, September 5, 2010
A few photos from the last few weeks.  

All the gates are open on the spillway.

 Hector is always smiling!

Ryan working.  Ryan loves anything to dealing with computers/technology!

Ryan and I were allowed to take pictures from a restricted access area.  Yes, we were right beside the water coming through the gates.  We got WET!

Check out the goggles on the dog!   He was so nice and said the Molly loves to ride on the motorcycle.

Hi Grandma!!  Now that little box she looks in is blue!

See the little fingerprints??  Mason now is tall enough to reach up on the counter!

Granpa, can we eat it now??

Okay, we blew out the candles together.

Mom, we blew them out, what happened??

I'm glad mom saved us, put those trick candles out!

And what did we buy Mason for his birthday?? 

Yes, a tent!  And a sleeping bag!

The tent was a hit.  Mason, Nick, and Laura Beth played in there for half an hour, Mason laughing and shrieking!  

Laura Beth made sure her father had ice cream with his cake!  Notice the SIZE!

The weather is perfect for camping.  I'm enjoying the last bit of summer.  I will be sewing when it's cold out.  I'm also invited to sew with the Orchard Ladies on the 14th, I SO want to be there!


InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Looks like the cake and the tent were a hit. How much longer at the center? I think your stash is calling for you. ;0)

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I'll try this again....blogger wouldn't let me comment.

Mason's looking so grown up. Hard to believe he's two already. Love the fingerprints in the cake. And it's easy to see that Grandma & Grandpa both dote on that little boy!!

Hard to believe it's Sept. already....where did the summer go? Hope you CAN make it the 14th.

Suzanne said...

Mason is so cute...loe the cake fingerprints! I sew alot more during my Utah Winters.

MightyMom said...

Hey! You're missing some sprinkles there!!

Cristy H. said...

Lori - next time we make it to S.D. we are making a visit to your dam a priority! I love dams and yours looks particularly cool. :) Loved all the pics.

(Cristy from MO)

Alycia said...

love the fingerprints on the cake!!! I can relate LOL. The water pictures are amazing. Wow!