Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, February 27, 2011
I didn't buy any fabric, and I didn't finish anything this week.  Stash is ahead by 1/4 yard.

It's been a great week sewing.  Cleared the end of my cutting table so I can cut some borders.  Check to see how everyone else is doing here---

Motivation Friday

Friday, February 25, 2011
A lot of machine piecing this week. 16 full bobbins were used. The chunky churn dashes are in rows on the design wall.

As soon as these blocks are sewn into a top, I will put my Sister's Choice blocks up. I have decided that 72 blocks will be the right size. Got all those little brown points done this week.

Another Magic Star block is cut out but not made. My UFO work this week was Jay's 7 Sister's blocks. They had some bad age spots, so I soaked them in OxyClean. Jay--I think those blocks lived through the Dust Bowl, the water was BROWN!! I'll look at them closer when they are dry.

My attention was distracted by Helen and Mereth. I kept moving my basket of noodles and they were CRYING and BEGGING to be sewn into a quilt. Those noodles were peeking over my shoulder while blog reading!

Scrappy Trip Around the World from Quiltville. I just need two more blocks. A few more pieces sewn to the Beyond the Cherry Trees blocks, but none finished.

Its been snowing off and on, but not a lot. Its cold. 0F. I guess I'll just keep sewing where it's warm.

Monday Goals--Congratulations Henrietta!!

Monday, February 21, 2011
Did anyone follow the Scrap Basket Sensations by Kim Brackett blog tour giveaway?  I did!   And  Henrietta won one!  (I am SO jealous!!)  She is already trying to decide between about five different quilt patterns.  Seriously, check out this book, there are so many awesome quilts it would be hard to pick just one.    

The Magic Stars book is still being played with.  Yesterday I was cutting out two more blocks, I wanted to try some blocks with my favorite stripe.   There were several interruptions.  I'm not sure if I made a mistake during cutting or trimming but--

The block on the right is the correct block, the left block--well, I made an error somewhere.  But hey--check out the stripes and the intersections--they still came out pretty perfect!  

The Chunky Churn Dash blocks are now sewn in rows.  Set them on point, and I'm trying to decide color/size of the setting triangles.  They will hang there while I think.  There are 56 Sister's Choice blocks done, and I've decided to make a few more.  Worked on the Cherry Tree blocks, but none finished this week.   

For the next week---

  1. 16 more Sister's Choice blocks--that will set them 8x9
  2. Work on Cherry Tree blocks
  3. One more Magic Star block
  4. Pull a UFO to work on

The weather?  Well, so far we haven't had near the snow we could have.  But its still snowing and blowing tonight.  Here is the deck this morning--the first snow was very hard--more like hard little snowballs--and it stuck tight to the sleet/ice that was underneath it.  

I don't remember snow falling through the deck boards quite like this before.     It felt strange when you walked on it, like walking on tiny crunchy marbles.   Most of the interstate in South Dakota is closed.  Many schools are closed.  I'm staying home.  

Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, February 20, 2011
This week I supported my local quilt shop.  I bought 5 yards.  So my totals are---

5 yards IN this week
0 yards OUT this week
6.75 yards IN YTD
6.50 yards OUT YTD

Stash is ahead by .25 yards!  Peanuts!!  

Check everyone's week at Judy's blog.

Winter Storm

4:55 AM  Its raining half frozen sleet balls the size of BB's.  Sounds like gravel hitting our house.   Rolling thunder.  I'm tired of winter, heading to bed and pulling the covers over my head.   We may get 12" or more of snow after the ice.   Stocked all the essentials.  Milk.  Bread.  Coffee.  TOILET PAPER!

Sleet on our deck--4:55AM

Sunshine Saturday

Saturday, February 19, 2011
Bright sunshine at the moment.  We've had nice weather most of the week--one day in the 60's.  You'd think all the snow and ice would be gone but its not.   It's not going to last, this weekend we are to get snow, ice, or maybe both. 

Lots of sewing this week.  I have 53 Sister's Choice blocks done, I need to make 3 more and see if that's enough.  I've worked on three Cherry Tree blocks.  Found some chunky churn dash blocks hiding on my cutting table.  These were leftovers from winning a block lotto a couple of years ago.  

There weren't enough for a quilt, so I made some more.  Jay, look closely, do you recognize any of fabrics?   Scraps from the bottom of one of Jay's boxes. 

And I've made a few blocks "for fun".  

The brown fabrics were scraps from Jay.  Jay, do you know anything about those polka dots?  

Another Magic Star block.  I tried a harder variation.  Still very easy.   The points match well, and the size came out perfect.  

Each week I've tried to work on a UFO, and not start a new project.  My random blocks all finish the same size (12") and will eventually go into a scrap quilt.  Its been so much fun~! 


New to Me Book

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
I like to make blocks.  Not a whole quilt--just a block or two.  When Henrietta described her *new* book to me, well, I had to order one too!  

Henrietta's review of the book is here.  My first block, (pink bottom) was to learn the method.  The 2nd block (blue roosters) in another color/bigger print.  The 3rd block in two colors to test how the points came out.  These were the basic block pattern in the book. 

Notice the *lines* in the bottom block.  You don't *see* those lines at first, but stripes would be interesting with this method.  Yes, there is some waste, but this method is PAINLESS.  Please enlarge my pictures, check the points.  I have not trimmed these blocks.  I was not particularly careful (other than following the diagrams) when I made them.  Followed the directions as far as cutting, marking, and pressing.  This book has GREAT tips and directions.  Tables for blocks in different sizes.   30 different 8 pointed star blocks.  These blocks came out to a perfect 12" finished.

Stars by Magic was bought used through Amazon.  I paid $6.45 plus 3.99 shipping.  Total--$10.45.  The book arrived quickly, less than a week.  The book is in like-new condition.  It was well worth it!

Most my quilt books are bought used.   Do you buy used books??


Monday Goals

Monday, February 14, 2011
Time to check last week's goals.  I've made 11 3/4 Sister's blocks--one strip had an accident.

There is progress on more Cherry Tree blocks, its just not very picturesque--

I'm working on three blocks, and two of them have lots of "cherries" on them.  

Goals for next week---

  1. Lay out the Sister's Choice blocks and decide if I need more blocks
  2. Work on Cherry Tree Blocks
  3. Make another block "for fun"

I've been trying to "keep it simple" here.  I made beans in my pressure cooker.  It was simple and they tasted great.  But, my pressure cooker needs a new gasket.  Oh, this one works and I need to remember to oil it before using.  It "sticks" if I don't.  And then I can't open the lid and need to use this cooking utensil---

No, I'm not trying to pry the lid off, I'm trying to turn the handle sideways!  My pressure cooker is very old.  If I were to guess, I'd say 40+ years old.  There's nothing wrong with it.  I know the rubber gasket has been replaced over the years, and another one is due.  

And speaking of things being "due"---a recent quilt book suggested a new needle and oiling of your sewing machine before starting a project.  Good idea!  I never notice that I need a new needle (my old Singer isn't picky) or remember to oil.  A new needle every 20 hours or every new quilt was a suggestion--but I can't REMEMBER when I put a new needle in!  My machine is ready for another 20 hours.  Or more.  

Have you checked your needle lately?


Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, February 13, 2011
My numbers have changed.  I bought 1.75 yards.   Mailed a friend 1/2 yard as a present.  Stuffed a priority mail envelope full of fabric to another person.   There was at least 6 yards in that envelope.  That would make my numbers---

1.75 yards IN
6.5 yards OUT
That means I have 4.75 yards OUT

Check how everyone is doing here---- 

Monday Goals, Design Wall, BCT #5, Judy's Rolls

Monday, February 7, 2011
Weekly goals.  I like short term goals.  Henrietta feels better with monthly goals.  She says weekly goals stress her.  Do you set goals?  Oh, I better make mine!

  1. Start #6 of Beyond the Cherry Trees
  2. Finish 12 more Sister's Choice blocks
  3. Make a block "just because"

Last week I wanted to set my log cabin blocks together.  I laid them out several different ways and didn't like ANY of them.  So set them aside to think.  Jay had some good suggestions--thanks Jay!

There are 30 Sister's Choice blocks on the wall.  Bonnie used 72, but think that might get quite big.  They are 10" finished.   A couch quilt?  A queen bed cover?  I'm not sure yet. 

I am math challenged.  Last night I realized I had cut twice as many neutral pieces as I needed.  Can you believe I used a calculator and wrote my calculations down?

Here is Beyond the Cherry Trees #5.  On to #6!

A couple of posts back Judy had these luscious looking cinnamon rolls.  And the recipe!  Last night I made them.

They raised beautifully.  Smelled heavenly.  How did they taste?  I told Henrietta they were positively orgasmic!

I was going to take some to my sisters and my dad tomorrow, but I'm sure they won't want any--after all, they will be "day old rolls".  Just to be safe, I'm locking my door.   And hiding them.  

My stash report--still all zeros.  Going shopping in the frigid weather is not for me.   No internet purchases either.    


Motivation Update

Saturday, February 5, 2011
Some sewing done this week.  I have 14 Sister's Choice blocks put together from my 9 patches.   I think the brown works well, what do you think??

There may not be enough of this brown, but I can always use another brown.  

Laid the log cabin blocks out but didn't like ANY of the ways I laid them.  Set them aside for now.

Still working on the Cherry Tree #5.  I'll work on it more this weekend.

The weather warmed up for a few days, but it's going to get cold again.  The best thing, I know we are getting closer to spring.  Remember--warm breezes.  Green grass.  Lawn chairs.   I am so ready for spring!





Thursday, February 3, 2011
Les the handyman finished today at our house.  Our main bathroom has a new toilet and sink.  This project began because the sink needed a new faucet.  

A pedestal sink--I've always wanted one.  Painting isn't done, I'm still thinking about colors.  And I hate to paint.

Next Les moved the old sink and toilet to the basement.   Added a "shower in a box".  

Nothing fancy.   Needs a mirror and a place to hang your towels.   Worried about privacy?  There's a locking door to that room you don't see.  If you want to peep in that window--you have to lay in a flower bed and crink your neck down in the window well.  Requires a dedicated peeper!

(Psst--the REAL reason Ken wanted a bathroom in the basement was for DD and her husband.  They travel with lots of HAIR PRODUCTS and now they won't have to carry them up and down the stairs.)

This is the last of my 9 patches (I hope) and I'm using Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Sister's Choice for setting them.   I think brown star points unify them and tame some of the wilder 9 patches. 

What have you been working on??


What's in YOUR cupboard??

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Ken was whining that my pantry and cupboard was "disorganized".  I knew what was in there!  So he was drafted to help organize it.  


Sorted the soup cans into one spot.  Turned all the cans right side up with the labels facing the front.  (mostly) 

Were there any surprises?  Not really.  I see Ken bought several cans of chicken noodle soup.  And I have 8 cans of chocolate frosting!  I knew I had a shelf of cake mixes and brownies.  And green beans.  Lots of green beans.  

Maybe Ken is a bit spoiled.  I have always cooked/baked a lot.  My resolution of "more simple cooking" is NOT what he likes.  Hungry?  Open a can of green beans!