Monday Goals

Monday, February 14, 2011
Time to check last week's goals.  I've made 11 3/4 Sister's blocks--one strip had an accident.

There is progress on more Cherry Tree blocks, its just not very picturesque--

I'm working on three blocks, and two of them have lots of "cherries" on them.  

Goals for next week---

  1. Lay out the Sister's Choice blocks and decide if I need more blocks
  2. Work on Cherry Tree Blocks
  3. Make another block "for fun"

I've been trying to "keep it simple" here.  I made beans in my pressure cooker.  It was simple and they tasted great.  But, my pressure cooker needs a new gasket.  Oh, this one works and I need to remember to oil it before using.  It "sticks" if I don't.  And then I can't open the lid and need to use this cooking utensil---

No, I'm not trying to pry the lid off, I'm trying to turn the handle sideways!  My pressure cooker is very old.  If I were to guess, I'd say 40+ years old.  There's nothing wrong with it.  I know the rubber gasket has been replaced over the years, and another one is due.  

And speaking of things being "due"---a recent quilt book suggested a new needle and oiling of your sewing machine before starting a project.  Good idea!  I never notice that I need a new needle (my old Singer isn't picky) or remember to oil.  A new needle every 20 hours or every new quilt was a suggestion--but I can't REMEMBER when I put a new needle in!  My machine is ready for another 20 hours.  Or more.  

Have you checked your needle lately?



Pat said...

thanks for the needle reminder~I started winding 12 bobbins and when I work through those~then I change my needle.

Good Luck with your goals! so far this year~I set goals then ignore them~go figure...

Tamera said...

It's always a good reminder to change needles.

Katie Z. said...

I cleaned under the needleplate, but am too cheap to change needles until they REALLY need to be changed. I know it would be better... I just can't bring myself t throw the needle away!

Jay in Nebraska said...

Haha, my old Singer, isn't picky on needles either. But when it starts clacking more than normal, its time for oil in the machine and on the treadle base. Man, I had to sew on an electric the other day with a friends machine, it balked at 6 layers of denim, I was not impressed. LOL

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm, think I have a "cooking utensil" just like that around here somewhere. If I remember correctly I used it about three yrs. ago to pry up tack strip when I ripped carpet out of the bedrooms. It's all in the eye of the beholder.

Henrietta said...

My old girl (1933 Singer) isn't picky either but when sewing triangles it goes better with a new needle. You get less squidging in the first few stitches with a sharp needle. I change my needle when I start to hear the needle 'pop' as it enters the fabric, oil every few days, just a drop or two, and I clean under and around the teeth when I change the needle.

Kathie said...

Love the sister blocks.

MightyMom said...

hmmm new needle?? well, not since I broke the last one!

oiling I do periodically....whenever it starts to clack while sewing


Stephanie D said...

Since I might swap back and forth between say, a denim needle and a sharp, I keep a sticky note on the side of the machine with what needle is in the machine and the date I put it in there. I may go for weeks without sewing anything, so trying to keep up with hours would probably be a better idea than just putting the date down.

Oiling? Um, where does the oil go?

Susan said...

Yes! I just changed it after I finished the Valentines for Vets, because that was sewing on wool. I usually change it when I clean out the lint - when I run out of bobbins. I laughed when you said, ". . . one strip had an accident." That brought so many visuals to mind! I look forward to seeing your next cherry installment. That's my next project to start for applique - when there's an opening in the schedule!