Happy Easter---Week in Review

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I hope everyone had a great Easter.   It was quiet here and we napped. 

Week in Review---

3 inches of rain this week.  Cold and windy.  Here's the view from my camper last Tuesday.

Yes, that's snow on the ground.   It was a good time to stay inside and work on my blue/white swap blocks. 

The first set of blue/white blocks are done, I'm calling them "once in a blue moon".  Now I can plan the second round.  I did work on my Cherry Tree blocks, but didn't finish any.

This week is going to be busy.  Probably no sewing time.  The forecast is more rain and cold.  60F during the day.   40F at night.   I volunteer Wed-Thur-Fri this week.

My Practice Block

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Earlier this week I was paper piecing a star blockWhen I was ready to put the 'parts' together, I realized I had my colors in the wrong places.  And, I did a stash reduction.  I was frustrated.  I threw the pieces away!  Next I found a different block to practice.  Simple but not used very often.  Its called Star and Moon.  My practice block is in pink/white.  

This block is very simple, but I like it for a sampler star quilt.  My star swap blocks will be blue/white and I have a fussy cut fabric for the center.   What do you think?  The blocks finish at 12".   Making a practice block is fun.  What if I had made a set of swap blocks like my paper pieced one! Aaarrrggghhh!  The center circle (moon) is hand appliqued.   That pink block will go in the pile of blocks I have stashed for a sampler quilt.  Henrietta said she is going to set them into a top when she visits me. 

Weather forecast this week is for more rain/possibly snow.  Spring--where are you??


New Header

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
I LOVE yellow flowers.  Especially yellow daffodils.  Henrietta does all the tweaking and fixing on my blog.  When she put the white snowdrops up as a header, she knew I had my heart set on daffodils.   She worked and worked and WORKED to get just the right flowers.  Thank you Henrietta!  They have so brightened my week.  

Monday Goals and more Mason

Monday, April 18, 2011
Mason, Laura Beth, and Nick left this afternoon.  Last night we colored eggs and today had an Easter egg hunt.

Dipping an egg

Mom holding the cup--Mason dips vigorously!

Grandma and Grandpa's eggs from Mason

Empty Eggs and Wrappers

Grandma--you scared me!!
Mason took me in a dark bedroom while he played with the flashlight.  I tried out the "night" setting on my camera.   Yes, it worked fine but I startled poor Mason!

Weekly Goals---

  1. Work on Beyond the Cherry Tree blocks
  2. Make a Practice Star Block

This week I will be volunteering.   Stayed overnight last week in the camper--practice run.   Now I have to gathered the rest of my "stuff".   I hope you have warm spring weather and sunny skies!

Stash Report Week 16

Sunday, April 17, 2011
I bought 4 yards this week.  I joined a star block swap using blues, and my blue stash is pretty boring.

I found a polka dot, a stripe, and a TOT to use.   I think these fabrics will play well with what is in my stash.
10.75 yards In YTD
10.25 yards Out YTD
Stash Increased by .5 yards  

This Is Why I Didn't Make My Goals.....

Friday, April 15, 2011
Singing into the Microphone

Cleaning the Window with an Electric Toothbrush

Scooping snow 4-15-11

Bye Everyone!!
Yes, lots of snow for Mason to play in.  5-6"  He's keeping Grandma and Grandpa busy.  We're supposed to have an Easter egg hunt this weekend.  Hmmmmm



Sunday Stash Report--Week 15

Sunday, April 10, 2011
A small change in my numbers, I have a finish!  While searching for border fabric I saw the corner of this wall hanging peeking out high on top my stacking wire cubes.  All it needed was binding.  I even had some green fabric that worked for binding laying on the cutting table.  She's very old--at least 10 years old--but now she's done and is destined for life on my kitchen table in the camper!  

I will estimate 2 yards used.  So that makes--

6.75 yards In YTD
2 yards out this week
10.25 yards Out YTD
Stash Decreased by 3.5 yards  

Check on everyone's stash reports here.



I Can't Believe It

Today it rained.  Poured.  Hailed.  Poured.  Hailed.  Poured.  And hailed again!  It's suppose to be spring and getting warmer and I GET ICE CUBES OUT OF THE SKY!  

Monday Goals, Catching Up

Monday, April 4, 2011
Busy doing family things here.  And a geek issue, my laptop didn't *see* my memory card so I could download pictures.   But its working now.  Maybe there is cookie crumb or something where it doesn't belong.

First--stash report.  No changes.  That was easy!

In between I did some sewing.  I finished Block 10 of Beyond the Cherry Tree.

It was an easy block and I enjoyed it.  I have two more blocks ready to work on.

I wanted to try making a Scrappy Trip Around the World with one controlled color.  I had a bit of blue and used that.  (Isn't blue a neutral or something??!)  I took the pieces along to the hospital with me one evening while visiting my dad, I was to the 'picking the seams apart stage' and he was watching.  And eagle eyes caught me.  He noticed immediately when I picked the strips apart at the wrong place and asked "do you do that often?" 

Random color placement except for the blue.  I still have plenty of noodles!  


  1. Borders on one Scrappy Trip Around the World
  2. Work on Beyond the Cherry Tree blocks

My week with be busy with things other than quilting.   Last night I was catching up on blogs.  I'm still waiting for spring.  Yesterday was overcast, windy, cold and drizzled a while.  I am SO READY for spring.  Reading everyone's blogs, seeing their flowers, watching them plant in their gardens is hard!  

In between Ken and I took the camper to where I volunteer.  Its not totally set up, but its there.  Glad we took it when we did.  Just like last year, I missed the start of windy weather by ONE day.