Sunday Stash Report-Week in Review

Sunday, November 28, 2010
No fabric bought this week.   Stash is still ahead 43.5 yards.  I did buy a book, several spools of thread, and some needles.  I completed four "two lips" blocks.  My next set of red/white blocks is ready to swap.  No pictures, they are stuck to my wall at home.   Ken and I are in Minnesota.  I did bring my applique with me--

We're spending the weekend with Nick, Laura Beth and Mason.  We drove through Culver's on Friday, Ken got a malt and I a sundae.  

Mason used both hands.   Last night we were at the mall.  There weren't a lot of people--do you think everyone has their shopping done??

Ken is tired of turkey, today Laura Beth is making his favorite--burgers!

Did you shop this weekend?  What did you buy?  Presents?  

Weekend in Review--Monday Goals--Stash Report

Monday, November 22, 2010
Busy weekend.  Laura Beth, Nick and Mason arrived Friday night and left today.  We had a family meal on Sunday.  Yes, turkey and all the things that go with it.  We had a lot of fun.

Mason kept us busy.  He and Grandpa sat on the couch and practiced whistling.  Mason had time to smile for the camera.

It was chilly this weekend.  But Mason still likes to go outside.  Luckily the family next door doesn't mind if Mason tries out their toys.

Lots of "new" toys next door.  Thanks Heidi!  

Mason is a busy boy.  Nick slowed him up turning him into a "Mason burrito".

In between I relaxed by sewing.  This block I finished last week.  Just wanted to see what it looked like.  Another block for "Jay's" pile.  

Mason checked my sewing box.  Wore my green thimble.  Unrolled several spools of thread.  Was fascinated by my orange scissors he couldn't play with!  

One of my purchases was a book last week.  Yes, I used a coupon!  

 I found a simple quilt in this book I really liked.  A 1936 Kansas City Star pattern called "Flower of Spring".  Its alternate name was "Two Lips".  

Yes Jay, the gold fabric is the last scrap I found from your box.  All the flower blocks have the same orange fabric in the middle of the flowers.  I didn't have any orange for that--so I bought 11.5 yards.  I think this will be a wonderful long term scrap project for me.  The pattern has 54 of these 9" blocks.  

My stash accumulations--I think that brings this year's total to 43.5 yards.  All good though.  I'm enjoying my quilting.  

I'm not a "Black Friday" shopper.   Nope, you're going to find me inside reading and sewing!  Have a great week everyone!~



Thursday, November 18, 2010
Diplomacy---skill in managing negotiations, handling people, etc., so that there is little or no ill will; tact:

Ken and I have been married 32 years.  Not long ago I had tried a new recipe.  A new recipe is not always a success!  As Ken was valiantly eating I asked if he liked the new dish?  His answer --"well, if you don't like it you don't have to make it again for me!"   Now that's diplomacy!

Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Would you like to eat supper with us tonight?  There will be plenty of what's cooking on my stove.  See---

Oh, that's not the pot of chili we're having!  That's some muslin I'm dyeing in coffee.  I haven't tried coffee before, it's suppose to be a warm brown.  Black tea gives it a golden yellow glow.  
Late last night I was going through the mail that had arrived while I was gone.  Most of it I expected until I got to this box--

It was very heavy.   When I opened it this is what I saw---
SCRAPS!!  I almost kissed that box!

Here they are unpacked on my washer--

See all those wonderful pieces??!!  I can sew a whole QUILT using them.  And yes, I have a PLAN for them.  

And the wonderful person who sent me their scraps---Mary Kay!  Thank you Mary-Kay--you've made me so happy!  All I want to do is sew!

Sunday Stash Report--Stash Enhancement!

Sunday, November 14, 2010
I took my coupons along on my Minnesota trek.  On the way I stopped and used a coupon (60% off one cut) and before I left Rochester I stopped and used another one.  I'm not sure how much I bought, its in the car and I'm not going out in the snow.  A guess?  Hmmm---there was a big piece of background, and most of a bolt of pastel pink.  A red stripe for a border.  Two more small pieces that are to be Christmas projects.  I will guess 32 yards.   

I don't know when I'm heading home, not before the roads are clear.  Maybe April or so.........


Saturday, November 13, 2010
Yesterday my sister went home from the hospital.   I drove to Mankato from Rochester.  I'm glad she was able to leave, last night it snowed.  Really snowed!   Nick worked a bit this morning, and when he said he pushed snow as high as the headlights on his van, he wasn't kidding.  
Nick's Work Van Parked on Street
His van is parked in front of their house, there's a street behind it.  I just checked, and no snowplows have gone yet.  Some parts of Mankato are without electricity because of downed lines.  

When Nick had shoveled a little path, Laura Beth pulled Mason in his sled. 

Laura Beth stayed outside to help Nick shovel while Mason and I watched from the window.  Ken said no snow at our house. 

I have a new book for Mason.  I think later will be a good time to read it.  Maybe with some hot chocolate.

No sewing, Mason will keep me busy!  

Thursday--Out of Town

Thursday, November 11, 2010
I'm in Rochester MN.  My sister had a shoulder replaced and I'm staying here while she's in the hospital.  I am good at fluffing pillows, straightening white surgical socks, and ordering her food.  

My Holiday cactus is blooming it's heart out.  

The plant is covered with blooms, I especially like the gold ones.  Almost like a new gold coin.  And when I was turning the plant, I found another new color--white!

There are some great historic buildings to see here in Rochester.  Next  I am driving to Mankato to see Mason, Laura Beth and Nick.  I was reading a menu from an Indian Restaurant, I would love to try it.   A few quilt stores too.  I really don't NEED to stop.  Really.  I don't.   


Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, November 7, 2010
It's going to be a busy week, lots of family things.  I'm sewing on my red/white swap blocks---not much to see.  But its confession time.  Yes, I bought fabric!!  5 1/2 yards.  And a spool of thread.  Some reds and whites for my swap.  A background print.  And a black/white stripe--I am making a block that NEEDS a b/w stripe, and I didn't have any.  

Without lots of figuring (I've never been good at math) I think I'm about----yup, probably 5 1/2 yards in the hole!  

But I'm happy with my stash.  Lots of finished tops to be quilted.  I've bought fabric this year, but my fabric cubes (I store my fabric by colors/theme  in wire cubes) have lots of room in them!  18 months ago they were full.  My scrap box is pathetically empty.  I have oodles of noodles in my noodle basket.  I can happily sew up at least 3 queen size bricks and stepping stones quilts.  

Last night I was folding fabric and cleaning off my cutting table.  Thinking about quilting.   I'm enjoying it more.  The process, I mean.  Even the blood pressure raising dreaded applique.   

How do you feel about your quilting? 

Motivation Friday

Friday, November 5, 2010
Beautiful fall day.  Clear and sunny.  Harvest is finished.  There is a lot to be done before winter.   In between I worked on applique.   I must be very slow, it took me three days to make this block--

A Honey Bee block.  It's going on my "Jay's Sample Blocks" pile.  

Right before the first hard frost, we brought my holiday cactus in. It spent the summer on the patio table on the deck.  The shortening days must have triggered it to bloom.  Now the buds are opening and it's a mound of blossoms.  There are three separate colors in the pot, a fuchsia/white, a yellow, and a deep red/white.    I was going to divide it, but it seems to be doing quite well as is!  

Its setting on top of a treadle sewing machine, so you can see how big it is.  I've been reading blogs in between bouts of other activity.  I'm not sure what to do with all my leftover Halloween candy.  I've been good and only had one tiny Snickers.  Ken must be working on them, I'm finding empty wrappers.