Thursday--Out of Town

Thursday, November 11, 2010
I'm in Rochester MN.  My sister had a shoulder replaced and I'm staying here while she's in the hospital.  I am good at fluffing pillows, straightening white surgical socks, and ordering her food.  

My Holiday cactus is blooming it's heart out.  

The plant is covered with blooms, I especially like the gold ones.  Almost like a new gold coin.  And when I was turning the plant, I found another new color--white!

There are some great historic buildings to see here in Rochester.  Next  I am driving to Mankato to see Mason, Laura Beth and Nick.  I was reading a menu from an Indian Restaurant, I would love to try it.   A few quilt stores too.  I really don't NEED to stop.  Really.  I don't.   



Nancy said...

That plant is beautiful and so unique. I didn't realize the could have several colors of blooms.

I am sure you will have some wonderful adventures while you are visiting your sister as she recovers.

Tamera said...

I'm REALLY envious of your Christmas cactus! It's stunning!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

And what does need have to do with it?? It's just fun to see different places. Besides it breaks up the trip & you don't get as stiff from sitting in the car so long. See? It's GOOD for you to stop at these places.

I'm just totally jealous of your beautiful HOLIDAY cactus. I kill green things. Good grief, I killed my petunias with love this summer.

My best to your sister.

Henrietta said...

@ Nancy

Lori has several different plants of the same variety in the one pot, when she bought it in a 4" pot you could see quite clearly.

Lori kills green things (indoors) too but Schlumbergera are hard to kill. I was given one that had been packed by movers and in storage for four months, it came back.

Unknown said...

Your cactus is beautiful. I have never seen one that has that many different colors of blooms. Enjoy your visit with your sister.

Julianne said...

Your cactus is beautiful I did not know they could have different colored flowers. Lovely.

JuJu said...

Lori, as always ... beautiful plant. I hope your sister is doing well after surgery. Shopping, in a new place, sure, go for it! Enjoy your visit with that speical boy ... Mason

Bonnie said...

The cactus is really beautiful. Do you use any type of fertilizer? I have one that is over 100 years old(was my great grandma's, grandma's, mom's and now mine). The main stem is about the size of a 50 cent piece and wood/bark like a tree. I'm afraid to move it because it may break.

MightyMom said...

did you just throw a bunch of different cacti together? I wanna buy some little ones and do that!

oh great pillow fluffer you!!

and sure you need to stop! a girl's gotta pee SOMEWHERE!!!