Weekend in Review--Monday Goals--Stash Report

Monday, November 22, 2010
Busy weekend.  Laura Beth, Nick and Mason arrived Friday night and left today.  We had a family meal on Sunday.  Yes, turkey and all the things that go with it.  We had a lot of fun.

Mason kept us busy.  He and Grandpa sat on the couch and practiced whistling.  Mason had time to smile for the camera.

It was chilly this weekend.  But Mason still likes to go outside.  Luckily the family next door doesn't mind if Mason tries out their toys.

Lots of "new" toys next door.  Thanks Heidi!  

Mason is a busy boy.  Nick slowed him up turning him into a "Mason burrito".

In between I relaxed by sewing.  This block I finished last week.  Just wanted to see what it looked like.  Another block for "Jay's" pile.  

Mason checked my sewing box.  Wore my green thimble.  Unrolled several spools of thread.  Was fascinated by my orange scissors he couldn't play with!  

One of my purchases was a book last week.  Yes, I used a coupon!  

 I found a simple quilt in this book I really liked.  A 1936 Kansas City Star pattern called "Flower of Spring".  Its alternate name was "Two Lips".  

Yes Jay, the gold fabric is the last scrap I found from your box.  All the flower blocks have the same orange fabric in the middle of the flowers.  I didn't have any orange for that--so I bought 11.5 yards.  I think this will be a wonderful long term scrap project for me.  The pattern has 54 of these 9" blocks.  

My stash accumulations--I think that brings this year's total to 43.5 yards.  All good though.  I'm enjoying my quilting.  

I'm not a "Black Friday" shopper.   Nope, you're going to find me inside reading and sewing!  Have a great week everyone!~



Jay in Nebraska said...

Oh do I have a double file box of scraps for you! Just waiting for you to pick up, and I will think of you while I am off on vacation out west to LA, the furthest place I could go, take a machine with me and piece a quilt in peace and quite, in spring like weather!

MightyMom said...

oh holy crow! I...WANT...THAT...BOOK!!!!!!


loving your applique babe! particularly those pink flowers!

cute kid....I THINK he might be relate to you.... ;-)

Tamera said...

Looks like you're in the groove!

That book looks wonderful. I love books with just a bunch of blocks...you can let out your creative beast!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Mason is getting so big...and he has such a sweet smile. Can tell he & Grandpa are best buds.

We had our Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday too, so I'll be doing something peaceful at home on Thanksgiving too....maybe washing down kitchen walls or something equally exciting. Or, maybe I'll leave that for Black Friday. I'm not a shopper that day either....or much of one on any other day for that matter.

Mary-Kay said...

Your grandson has the cutest smile. He certainly looks like he's enjoying himself with his Grandpa.

Penny said...

I have that book and love it. The Mason burrito looks good enough to hug. And like you I stay very far away from stores on Black Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I will be home sewing and enjoying the leftovers. Happy Thanksgiving!

Stephanie D said...

Oh, Lori, that Mason is growing up so fast! What a cutie-pie he is! And aren't you glad you can turn him back over to mommy and daddy when you need a breather? lol

Suzanne said...

I've never seen the two lips block before...very pretty!