Saturday, November 13, 2010
Yesterday my sister went home from the hospital.   I drove to Mankato from Rochester.  I'm glad she was able to leave, last night it snowed.  Really snowed!   Nick worked a bit this morning, and when he said he pushed snow as high as the headlights on his van, he wasn't kidding.  
Nick's Work Van Parked on Street
His van is parked in front of their house, there's a street behind it.  I just checked, and no snowplows have gone yet.  Some parts of Mankato are without electricity because of downed lines.  

When Nick had shoveled a little path, Laura Beth pulled Mason in his sled. 

Laura Beth stayed outside to help Nick shovel while Mason and I watched from the window.  Ken said no snow at our house. 

I have a new book for Mason.  I think later will be a good time to read it.  Maybe with some hot chocolate.

No sewing, Mason will keep me busy!  


Lori said...

All I can say is BRRRRRRR

My cats would die of the chill, oh wait, Oregon is getting cold and rain in the low 40's

Tamera said...

Goodness! Looks like they really got it! I'm sure it'll be here before long!

Nancy said...

That's what I call a snow storm. Most likely, it will be on the ground now until Spring.

Henrietta said...

What a cute book! Will you read it to me if I am a good girl?

pdudgeon said...

its been a long time since i've been in snow that deep. so glad you got a pic of Mason in all of it. when he grows up he'll be able to say that he's been in snow that was really deep!

Suzanne said...

Oh My! Definitely time for reading and snuggling in a warm house with the Grandson!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Whoa!! I'm glad that missed us. There was snow on the grill cover when I went to bed that night. That's enough for me.

That looks like such a cute book. I think I'll order it for the library.

JuJu said...

Lori, you keep all that snow in MN!! We do not want a repeat of last winter!! Have fun with Mason!

Stephanie D said...

Hm, that looks rather like me when I try to dance. Except he's a bit more graceful than I.

MightyMom said...


we read it often....but watch's kind of a tear jerker!!

well, for ME know.