Sunday Stash Report-Week in Review

Sunday, November 28, 2010
No fabric bought this week.   Stash is still ahead 43.5 yards.  I did buy a book, several spools of thread, and some needles.  I completed four "two lips" blocks.  My next set of red/white blocks is ready to swap.  No pictures, they are stuck to my wall at home.   Ken and I are in Minnesota.  I did bring my applique with me--

We're spending the weekend with Nick, Laura Beth and Mason.  We drove through Culver's on Friday, Ken got a malt and I a sundae.  

Mason used both hands.   Last night we were at the mall.  There weren't a lot of people--do you think everyone has their shopping done??

Ken is tired of turkey, today Laura Beth is making his favorite--burgers!

Did you shop this weekend?  What did you buy?  Presents?  


Happy Room Diana said...

Love your photos, you ask "what did you buy this week".. I bought a new sewing machine to take to workshops, and it is really nice I am very pleased with it.

Charlene S said...

I bought fabric to finish a border. This will be a tight season since I have been helping family members meet their obligation when they fell short and now I am short. Oh, well, God has provided me with what I really need = Pape, family, yorkies, and fabric.I hope He has been as good to you.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Bet you're having a great time with your favorite little guy.

Did I shop this weekend? You mean in a real, genuine store? NO!!! But I did do practically all of my Christmas shopping online the day before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving night. Just a couple of people left to buy for, one of them being my son-in-law, and I have no ideas whatsoever of what to get for him.

Katie Z. said...

No shopping... too much driving.

Yummy... now I want some ice cream too!

Kathie said...

sounds like you are doing pretty good with using your stash.

Tamera said...

My hubby bought me a new laptop for Christmas! old one is on its last leg.

Now begins the switch know, that transition time while you load all your old software and files, etc.

Henrietta said...

I am done with my shopping, except for my husband who is impossible. All online, much easier. We stayed home this weekend, I love to shop (NOT)!!

Jay in Nebraska said...

I just cannot believe that you have left Henrietta and I for applique! I always thought we were in agreement that we love applique, but only when someone else did it!

Seriously though, those blocks look great, and I love that quilt, with the nine patch corner stones and sashing in green and white with the all the Two Lips!

Henrietta said...

Yup Jay, she has gone to the dark side.