Motivation Friday and change in plans

Thursday, October 30, 2008
Time to check on my goals. I didn't get another project loaded. But I did finish quilting the chunky churn dash. I love the quilt, but it gave me a headache. The batting is not easy to work with. It took a LOT of thread (it's a king size). Remember the decision to use variegated thread on the back, and a plain teal on the front? It was a good idea as I had this much teal thread left----

Not much! And of course I ran out of bobbin thread with this much to finish---

Yes, less than a foot to go!! Now I can set it aside until I have time for the binding.

Today has brought a few changes in my plans. Earlier this week I was rummaging in my freezer (trying to make room) and thawed out two turkeys. Who's coming to dinner you ask?? No one, I am going to can the meat! (For those of you who were at the Heartstrings Sew In in Rochester last weekend, I made those chicken enchiladas using canned turkey.) Last night I took the thawed birds and cooked them whole in my pressure canner. Yes, it's big. Big enough to hold a 23lb bird. Did that twice, one bird went into a blue canner in the downstairs fridge. (Once the pressure is up, it only takes 1/2 hr to cook a whole turkey.) The other one I sat outside (it's not quite freezing at night) on the step in the canner. This morning I took all the meat off the bones, packed it in jars, and I have some of the jars in the pressure canner. From two birds I got 23 packed pints. Now you may think this is a lot of work (it is) but it's so HANDY!!! Think of all the things you can make from meat that is already cooked and doesn't need to thaw. Casseroles. Chicken and Dumplings. Chicken salad sandwiches. I even boil down the broth (season it with onions, celery, and carrots with the whole birds) and can that too. These turkeys were bought with this project in mind, I bought them on sale anywhere from $.29 to $.48 a lb. I usually can about 4-5 birds a year. And the change in my day? The man who is going to combine our corn called late last night, they will be here late this afternoon. EEEkkk! So I am scrambling to get my turkey canned then will go help. So no sewing today.

Wednesday Ramblings

Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Today I will work on the chunky churn dash. Corned beef is in the crock pot for supper. Need to run to the store to pick up some cabbage to go with it. Did I tell you while I was gone my husband cleaned? Yes, bless his heart, he did. Okay, he's not a professional maid service--but the floors are clean and scrubbed, lots of stuff picked up, and he even managed to dust most my "stuff". And remember my Holiday cactus from my January 15th post? It now looks like this---

It measures 33" across and is covered in blooms. All summer it sat in the corner of the deck on the west side and was ignored except for a glass of water tossed its way. It grew so much out there the pot it was in became too small and the wind would tip it over. Right before it froze one night I repotted it and brought it in. And it is covered in blossoms. Yes, there are different colored blossoms in there because it is three different cacti. A yellow, a fuchsia, and a dark purple.

But I need to get moving here, the weather looks gorgeous out, bright and blue and no wind. And today is DD's birthday--HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!

Monday Goals

Tuesday, October 28, 2008
I would hang my head in shame at not touching my goals this week if I hadn't had so much fun! But now I have things to catch up on, not quilty, but still to be done before winter.

1. Finish the CHUNKY CHURN DASH!!
2. load another project--they are starting to pile up!

There are four QOV that need quilting and binding (one is Ann's--she gave it to me to quilt at the Sew In), and one that needs just binding. Two sets of string blocks waiting for me to set together. And other tops waiting. Oodles of outside work to be done before winter REALLY gets here. Sigh I need to be cloned. And Ken has made a dent in the Halloween candy, I may have to buy some more!

Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, October 26, 2008
I didn't buy anything this week, but I did reduce the stash! I took fabric with me to the Heartstrings Sew In and donated it for backing and pillowcases. I also took a big box of strings, a set of foundations, and enough green fabric to cut centers for 48 blocks. So I probably reduced my stash by at least 10 yards--maybe more as I donated 96 blocks I had done! I didn't finish anything, but I did put together two tops while at the sew in, it was a very good day. Great people, great fun! Thanks to everyone who organized it.

Rochester Sew in

Saturday, October 25, 2008
It was a great day in Rochester. Fun meeting everyone, lots of sewing was done.

Wish you all could have been there, we had a wonderful time!

Motivation Friday

Friday, October 24, 2008
Okay, my goals weren't touched this week! But I am in Mankato, arrived last night and am cooking, baking, and watching Mason while Laura Beth catches up on some work emails. Watching Mason is a tough job, but someone has to do it!!

Yes, he's swinging and sleeping for the moment!!

I've got my stuff packed in the car for the Sew In tomorrow, the map has been googled, next I will lay out my clothes and see how wrinkled they are. If I forgot something, well, I think someone there will have whatever I might need!

In between I have been cruising the blogs I read. I may not comment, but I AM reading them! I find ideas, laugh, and think how much everyone's lives are the same.

And to my sister--Happy Birthday!!!

Wednesday Ramblings

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
My goals are headed out the window this week! Working outside with Ken over the weekend and on Monday made me rather sore. :( And a few family things came up. But I am packing for Minnesota, working on laundry and making a list. Today I made an apple cake with caramel on top---it was wonderful--thank you Judy for the recipe. I plan to leave tomorrow, want to get to Mankato before dark. ROFL--I am SURE my car will not be as full as the last time I went! :D


Monday Goals

Monday, October 20, 2008
Monday goals---what will they be this week??

1) Finish quilting the chunky churn dash
2) quilt an isolette cover

That's all I'm going to put on my list this week, Thursday or Friday I am heading to Minnesota, visiting Laura Beth, Nick, and MASON. Then I will attend the Heartstrings Sew-In in Rochester on Saturday.

I was reading Extraorinary Mom's Network and the question was--what did your mother teach you that made you a better parent? Two things--she taught me to always thank whoever gave me a gift, accept it graciously!! And, she taught me to always take time to hug your child. She said they grew up too fast and she thought she had been too busy when her kids were little, she thought she wasn't a "good mother". She was the best!

Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, October 19, 2008
No stash in, no stash out. Still working on projects here. Yesterday my sisters and I drove to Huron for a baby shower for Mason. It was great, I got to hold Mason almost the entire time. Great Grandma Schnabel asked to hold Mason---

This is what memories are made of! Great grandma Schnabel is 90 years young, and really enjoys babies and sewing, you should have seen the huge box of clothes, blankets, burp clothes etc she had made for Mason.

Today Ken and I are going to work outside, looks like a beautiful day.

Motivation Friday

Thursday, October 16, 2008
How did I do with my goals this week? Well, the chunky churn dash has less than 1/3rd to go. My "not so top secret" blocks are a top. I worked on my 80 string blocks and they are done and trimmed! I am especially fond of these because they were made out of a "PIGS" I found in the back shelf of my cutting table. And I still have more noodles left. But look at the mess I made trimming them!

My stash isn't much neater, but I did fold another small pile of fabric. And no, I haven't quilted the isolette covers yet.  I'm still making progress even though there hasn't been a finish.

But I think I've done fairly well. Have done some necessary jobs outside. Today my sister and I made a dozen Kuchen and then made a pan of chicken enchiladas. Called my other sister to come over and eat with us. And I tried Judy L's method of seasoning and cooking a pork loin, I did mine in the crock pot and it smelled wonderful all day. Now we can eat sandwiches for a few days--which is good because I will be busy! Tomorrow I am getting my hair done, Saturday my sisters and I are traveling to Huron (1 1/2 hrs) to a baby shower for Mason. And Sunday and Monday will be days of outside work.

Wednesday Ramblings

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Today is the day for errands. Groceries, etc. My goals are coming along nicely, I have 2/3rds of the chunky churn dash quilted. The not so top secret quilt is a top,

and I made two isolette covers--one blue and one pink.

Last night I put another string on 80 string blocks!

Now I just need time to get these projects quilted. And if you were wondering--the plumber was here this morning!!

Monday Goals

Monday, October 13, 2008
Feeling hard to be motivated at the moment, my kitchen sink has sprung a leak and DH is fixing it. Want to take odds on whether we call a plumber or not?? Hehe--it may get me out of making supper though! But my goals---

1. Finish quilting chunky churn dash
2. Get the "not so top secret" blocks into a top
3. Work on my string blocks
4. Keep whipping my stash into neat piles
5. Quilt the two isolette covers I made yesterday

Oh yes, I did get to sew yesterday!! I made two isolette covers (to me they're quilts) that cover an isolette--a blue and a pink one. I used an "Amish Bars" pattern. And the not so top secret blocks are sew into rows, down to fitting them together and adding the borders. I have a set of 6" string blocks I'm working on (80 of them) I saw as a picture on Jackie's blog--set together with sashing on the diagonal. I really liked it and will try to duplicate it. If anyone recognizes the maker--please let me know! Apples are on hold until the sink is fixed.

Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, October 12, 2008
No stash in, no stash out. I've been working in the sewing room but haven't had a finish. They'll come, I'm making PROGRESS!!

I still have three buckets of apples. Yesterday I made 11 qts apple pie filling, 15 pints apple butter, and 9 half pints pear-ginger butter. And a batch of Siobhan's Apple Pecan Bourbon bread. Oh yum!! Thank you for sending me the recipe, it's really good!

Today I am going to take it easy, sew, have a lazy day. Its a bit rainy here, so no working outside. And the rest of the apples can wait until tomorrow!

Apple Saturday

Saturday, October 11, 2008
Yesterday was another "outside" day. Hauled two mares to the pasture, helped Ken change a tire on a hayrack. Hauled gravity boxes home. Picked up some port-a-panels from the pasture. Fixed a small section of fence where the water had washed it down. Then, we picked apples from our apple tree. I know the neighbors had all been picking too. We came home with five buckets of apples, how many apples do two people need??!! My mother made the BEST apple butter. I'm not sure if she even had a recipe, so I play it by ear and make it.

And here is a picture of what I saw a lot of!!

Partially harvestered fields, bright blue skies and clouds! Another beautiful day.

I worked last night whipping the scraps. Sigh--found a "PIGS" and opened it. Not sure what it USED to be, but there were strips sewn together. I took the strips apart and they are now in various piles of strings and noodles.

I entered Finn's New Year's challenge. I chose to finish three UFO's. If I get the chunky churn dashes done, that will be one! I have 11 quarts of apple pie filling done, and there is a large roaster of apples baking in the oven in preparation for apple butter. I had a small sack of pears, I am making them into pear butter. I'm hoping to get most the mess cleaned up and have some quality sewing time later! Ken is hoping for apple pie, but I don't think that will happen today. The apples will keep so I have a few days.

Motivation Friday

Friday, October 10, 2008
How are my goals coming? I have the Chunky Churn Dashes loaded and have started quilting. What an experience! When I measured the quilt realized it would take a king size batt. Dig dig dig in the closet. Hmmm--only King size batt was one of a quality I'm not impressed with. It's "mushy" to work with. Okay, it's MY quilt, I wanted an 80/20 batt, so I will cope. Next, on to thread selection. Big quilt, going to take lots of thread. I finally chose a solid teal blue to match the borders and hourglass blocks on the front. And the bobbin thread--a variegated that blends into the backing. Yes, I know you usually put the variegated thread on the FRONT--but hey--it's MY quilt! Now to pick a quick panto for it. Hmm--Waterworld is on the table, I like it, I'll use that! After four trips across the quilt I'm barely to the first row of blocks. Now I knew the batting needed to be quilted closely, and I can safely say "it's quilted closely!!"

And the "not so top secret" quilt is slowly taking shape. All the blocks are made and ready to be sewn into a top. I'm enjoying it.

I haven't "whipped" my stash much the last few days, but that's ok because I AM making progress.

Lots of things were done this week that weren't quilty, so I feel good about what I've gotten done.

And here is another picture I took on the road trip, I live in what's called the James River Valley area--and this is the James River as we crossed it yesterday.

She is a very old slow river, but in the spring she often overflows her banks and covers the valley from edge to edge, covering highways and bridges.

Thursday Road Trip

Thursday, October 9, 2008
Today Ken and I "road tripped". A few days ago he had gone to an auction and bought a baler. It was 57 miles from our house to the auction. So today we went back with the pickup and pulled the baler home. Top speed--30mph. But here is Ken's purchase--it makes bales about 1200 lbs each.

But I saw someplace I wanted to stop on the way home. I never take this road, but had seen signs advertising the place. Here it is---

Whimsies!! So many fun things, Ken and Ruby the Quilting dog waited patiently in the truck.

This is Teresa!! I just happened to stop when she was having her Fall Festival. This is inside the store--

Teresa greeted me and asked if we were "farming"?? (Common greeting to couples in pickups with dogs pulling farm equipment!!) I bought several presents, and then when I left she did what she does to all the husbands who stop with their wives---

She goes out and thanks the husbands for waiting!! It made a long day a lot of fun, I am so pleased with the things I bought. I would show you, but someone reading may be someone I bought a present for!! If you're ever close to Irene SD--stop at Whimsies!!

Wednesday Ramblings

Wednesday, October 8, 2008
I've worked on a few of my goals. I loaded the Chunky Churn Dashes (a whole 'nother story) and then worked on my "not so top secret" quilt. I sewed all the small 4-patches and pressed them. Doesn't sound like much, but there was quite a pile. See??

And then I received a link to this song "Have Patience". Oh--you have to go to "mightymom's" blog and watch it on youtube! The holiday season is coming and it may be very useful. Maybe I could sing it to Mason........

Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday, October 7, 2008
It's very quiet here today, I think I may get some sewing done! It rained and RAINED yesterday, so it's too wet to do the things I want to do outside. We did go get the camper yesterday. Yes, in the rain. We got soaked. I need a plan for supper, we didn't have much for leftovers after everyone left. LOL Ken ate his favorite meal last night, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomatoe soup. (I ate the last of the leftovers!) It is a bright clear blue day out, I have all my windows open. Not cool enough during the day to have to heat the house. Wish this could last all winter!!

I live in the part of SD that is very flat. On a clear day, I can see the Missouri River Hills 60 miles south of me! Roads are laid out in big squares of a mile each except where they have to go around a river. So here is a normal picture from where I live---

See, very flat, a few trees, and crops on both sides of the road, you can't really see them because the ditch for the road is there. We were close to where we keep horses in a pasture, this road leads to where my husband grew up.

Have I told you my house doesn't face the street?? A little unusual, but I like it. The end where I sew is on the street. my living room and kitchen face other people back yards. Our bedroom in on the backyard side of the house.

My flowers got mashed during the painting, but it's the end of the season for them. Soon they will freeze and I will clean everything off. Can you see I edged my sidewalk?? Ugh--was that a chore! And my new white paint?? This is the side you see when you walk in from the street, there is a sidewalk on the other side of the house that leads to the back door. This side where my deck is is the the FRONT of the house--LOL!! I like it this way, I am not a neighbor watcher, or care what passes in the street. No wait--I DO like to watch the marching band when they practice, and they always practice their marching on my street!

Well, I had better go dig in the freezer and figure out something for lunch. I would much rather just start sewing, I can hear the baskets of scraps saying "organize me" and Alycia's not so top secret top saying "sew on me next!"

Monday Goals

Sunday, October 5, 2008
I'm not sure how much sewing I will get in this week. I have a lot of catching up to do. Saturday night while Nick worked on my desktop, I cut the strips for Alycia's "not so top secret" quilt. I had a dark blue with little stars on it, and used several different tans and beiges for the other color. But goals---

1. Get the Chunky Churn Dashes loaded on the long arm!
2. Keep straightening the stash, cutting up the odd bits and pieces, I want to get the floor clean!
3. Work on the Not So Top Secret top

That's enough for this week, I have a lot of outside things to get done before the weather gets cold and miserable. It's still a bit drippy out today, so I will get a little wet.

Sunday Stash Report

My stash report is pretty quiet, nothing in, nothing out! I did buy some backing for a donation quilt, but since it's not something I'm going to keep, I won't count it. Nick, Laura Beth and Mason are going home today, so it will get very quiet at our house! It has become overcast and slightly drizzly out, but still quite warm for October.

I don't have a green thumb for indoors plants, but do have this Holiday Cactus. It is on permanent holiday (it hardly ever blooms) but grows like crazy. It has spent most the summer on my deck, it likes it out there!

And here is a new pair of green flip flops I talked my sister Kathy out of!! I whined, she gave them to me!! You know how I love green!

Motivation Friday

Friday, October 3, 2008

Well, Motivation Friday is here whether I'm ready or not. My goals were disrupted when I brought Mason and Laura Beth home for a visit. But my sister stepped up and did the house chores, made meals, and baby sat Mason while Ken and I painted the house. That wasn't a goal, but we did get the outside of our house painted. Whew! But on to goals!!

1--Still need to load the chunky churn dash top
2--Still have some fabric to sort and fold
3--I did get 51 Heartstrings blocks done, but would like to make some more
4--Make a quilt top using my Nooodles and Alycia's "not so top secret" quilt pattern

I will be having more people here this weekend, Nick will be coming to get Laura Beth (I think ) and today is homecoming and Laura Beth would like watch. The weather is beautiful again today.

My quilting goals haven't moved much this week, but I am getting lots of "grammy moments!"

PS--Danetta at "Oh No It's The Fro" is having a giveaway--check it out!!

Tired Thursday

Thursday, October 2, 2008
My sister Sharon is here to help with Mason today so Ken and I can paint this afternoon. We hope to finish today, will be a long day because there is a whole long side and a short side to paint. About 6 hours I figure. That doesn't sound too bad, but Ken works 10 hour nights--so he gets off at 8:30am, sleeps until a little after noon and then gets up to paint. He tries to take another nap before he goes to work. And Mason is here, today I needed another set of hands so I plopped Mason in bed with granpa (granpa HAD been asleep) while I found him more clothes.

I was reading Alycia's blog and she has posted some great directions on how to make a "not so top secret" quilt. And it will use my noodles for part of it! Thanks Alycia, I have copied your directions and found another way to use my noodles.

My sister has Mason well in hand (he's mostly a very good baby) and I have a casserole and a cake baking in the oven, so we will be fed for another day. Burgers for supper with some of the last tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden. Life is good, another glorious day outside.

PS--got lots of grammy time from 11pm until 2am!!

Wednesday Ramblings

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Well, you know what they say about making plans. Something always interrupts them. Monday Laura Beth called to say she was sick. Too sick to stay home alone and take care of Mason. I talked her into coming home for a few days. So yesterday I made a flying trip to Mankato and picked up her and Mason. Ahh--what grandma really wanted anyway!! Today my sister came over to help babysit (oh, we had to twist her arm!!) and Ken and I painted. I think if all goes well tomorrow we will finish. Laura Beth is feeling better, the antibiotics are kicking in. And Mason, oh, he doesn't really care where he is, right now he is trying out "Granpa's" recliner.

Not sure how much sewing I will get getting done, I am going to be doing "grammy" time!!