Tired Thursday

Thursday, October 2, 2008
My sister Sharon is here to help with Mason today so Ken and I can paint this afternoon. We hope to finish today, will be a long day because there is a whole long side and a short side to paint. About 6 hours I figure. That doesn't sound too bad, but Ken works 10 hour nights--so he gets off at 8:30am, sleeps until a little after noon and then gets up to paint. He tries to take another nap before he goes to work. And Mason is here, today I needed another set of hands so I plopped Mason in bed with granpa (granpa HAD been asleep) while I found him more clothes.

I was reading Alycia's blog and she has posted some great directions on how to make a "not so top secret" quilt. And it will use my noodles for part of it! Thanks Alycia, I have copied your directions and found another way to use my noodles.

My sister has Mason well in hand (he's mostly a very good baby) and I have a casserole and a cake baking in the oven, so we will be fed for another day. Burgers for supper with some of the last tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden. Life is good, another glorious day outside.

PS--got lots of grammy time from 11pm until 2am!!


JuJu said...

Never a dull moment at your hourse Lori!!!

Katie Z. said...

All babies must think the middle of the night is a good time to get "one-on-one" time with their favorite people. My girls sure do!

MightyMom said...

you're letting that baby sleep on your chest in that recliner aren't you??!!???


I've always said it's the grandparent's job to spoil the kids...it's my job to try and undo the spoiling!!

I work nights too...12-14hour shifts so I can commisserate with Grampa. (I'm a nurse)

SueR said...

You've been working very hard lately on lots of things, and it sounds like you're getting a good amount done. Good for you! Hope you get your painting done today.