Thursday Road Trip

Thursday, October 9, 2008
Today Ken and I "road tripped". A few days ago he had gone to an auction and bought a baler. It was 57 miles from our house to the auction. So today we went back with the pickup and pulled the baler home. Top speed--30mph. But here is Ken's purchase--it makes bales about 1200 lbs each.

But I saw someplace I wanted to stop on the way home. I never take this road, but had seen signs advertising the place. Here it is---

Whimsies!! So many fun things, Ken and Ruby the Quilting dog waited patiently in the truck.

This is Teresa!! I just happened to stop when she was having her Fall Festival. This is inside the store--

Teresa greeted me and asked if we were "farming"?? (Common greeting to couples in pickups with dogs pulling farm equipment!!) I bought several presents, and then when I left she did what she does to all the husbands who stop with their wives---

She goes out and thanks the husbands for waiting!! It made a long day a lot of fun, I am so pleased with the things I bought. I would show you, but someone reading may be someone I bought a present for!! If you're ever close to Irene SD--stop at Whimsies!!


Stephanie D said...

Wow! So much to see! And Halloween right down there with Christmas, too! lol

Looks like a great shop--wish it were closer to me. *s*

MightyMom said...

well now how cool is THAT!!

beats the patience song paws down! :-)

cool baler you got there. makes BIG circles!

Hey, I got a question for you I've not had anyone answer.

How many rectangles does it take to make a cylinder?

for those it cheaper to buy a big cylinder at $65 (used for moo-food) or several easier to transport rectangles at $10-15 each (used for whinny-food) when one is wanting simply decorative mulch? prices are as of a year or two ago...when there was drought across the state...hay went through the stratosphere. moo-food is usually about $20 per bale.

Hunter said...

Now that's a customer focused business owner. And what a friendly attitude. Obviously that's another great thing about where you live.