Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, October 5, 2008
My stash report is pretty quiet, nothing in, nothing out! I did buy some backing for a donation quilt, but since it's not something I'm going to keep, I won't count it. Nick, Laura Beth and Mason are going home today, so it will get very quiet at our house! It has become overcast and slightly drizzly out, but still quite warm for October.

I don't have a green thumb for indoors plants, but do have this Holiday Cactus. It is on permanent holiday (it hardly ever blooms) but grows like crazy. It has spent most the summer on my deck, it likes it out there!

And here is a new pair of green flip flops I talked my sister Kathy out of!! I whined, she gave them to me!! You know how I love green!


Stephanie D said...

We should see a lot of quilting, too, huh?

Did you get the house painted?

Katie Z. said...

Nice flip flops! I was wondering too, how's the house? (and your sore muscles?)

pdudgeon said...

oh i love Christmas Cacti! i used to put ours outside on the North side of the house all Summer long,and then brought it inside just before frost was expected.
I put it in an East window in the kitchen where it bloomed happily.

love the jelly flip flops!

MightyMom said...

don't give it much water see if it blooms this winter.

sew away!

Hunter said...

We live in "slippers" here. Although none of mine are that fancy.

It's funny. I grew up in California calling them zories. My husband grew up calling them flip flops. And here they call them slippers.

You'd fit right in. :)