Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday, October 7, 2008
It's very quiet here today, I think I may get some sewing done! It rained and RAINED yesterday, so it's too wet to do the things I want to do outside. We did go get the camper yesterday. Yes, in the rain. We got soaked. I need a plan for supper, we didn't have much for leftovers after everyone left. LOL Ken ate his favorite meal last night, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomatoe soup. (I ate the last of the leftovers!) It is a bright clear blue day out, I have all my windows open. Not cool enough during the day to have to heat the house. Wish this could last all winter!!

I live in the part of SD that is very flat. On a clear day, I can see the Missouri River Hills 60 miles south of me! Roads are laid out in big squares of a mile each except where they have to go around a river. So here is a normal picture from where I live---

See, very flat, a few trees, and crops on both sides of the road, you can't really see them because the ditch for the road is there. We were close to where we keep horses in a pasture, this road leads to where my husband grew up.

Have I told you my house doesn't face the street?? A little unusual, but I like it. The end where I sew is on the street. my living room and kitchen face other people back yards. Our bedroom in on the backyard side of the house.

My flowers got mashed during the painting, but it's the end of the season for them. Soon they will freeze and I will clean everything off. Can you see I edged my sidewalk?? Ugh--was that a chore! And my new white paint?? This is the side you see when you walk in from the street, there is a sidewalk on the other side of the house that leads to the back door. This side where my deck is is the the FRONT of the house--LOL!! I like it this way, I am not a neighbor watcher, or care what passes in the street. No wait--I DO like to watch the marching band when they practice, and they always practice their marching on my street!

Well, I had better go dig in the freezer and figure out something for lunch. I would much rather just start sewing, I can hear the baskets of scraps saying "organize me" and Alycia's not so top secret top saying "sew on me next!"


Stephanie D said...

Sounds like a good day to play with fabric! We've had the windows and doors open here the last few days, too, and that's unusual for us. J-Man's left side gets all spasm-y when he's cold, so we are constantly at odds with the temperature. I open the sliding glass door, he closes it, I turn the overhead fans on, he turns it off, etc.

The last few days, he actually asked me to open the door. It's a shame it won't last.

Sweet P said...

Boy, do I miss those straight line roads and clear line of vision. I always know I'm getting close to home when I see those roads and farms from the plane window.

JuJu said...

Your house looks lovely!!! Good job painting and the new deck!! Wow. Yup, that road looks like HOME to me. Wide open, crops and a few trees! Can ya tell I grew up and still live in NEBRASKA!! I marched in a few of those home town practice sessions myself, oh so many years ago ...

MightyMom said...

I get teased about how "flat" Texas is....I keep telling people..Texas isn't flat...it's just that Dallas was built in a dry riverbed! Now...your bit o land my friend, is FLAT!

I love those wide views!

Katie Z. said...

Your house and edging looks great! I had to mow today (I have an old-fashioned mower, so the assistant ran around on her trike meantimes), but I don't ever edge because I haven't figured out the edger. I might take out my toes!

~Niki~ said...

Your home is beautiful, and love the pic of the country road. I really need to move out of AZ, I'd love to live in that part of the country. any jobs out there?

Quilter said...

love ur house, looks a lot like mine!...mine is sideways on the lot, I like it that way, its different compared to the rest around here and makes living room face the back. No lovely country road here tho =(
I edged the driveway this year too, managed to edge the front as well but not the sidewalk bit...got way too tired lol there is always next year, right? =)

SueR said...

It was surprisingly warm here yesterday too, 73 degrees, so I went for an hour-long walk and took more pictures of the fall color. This is my favorite time of year. You know, alot of the houses in Maine are just like yours, where the front of the house actually faces the neighbor's. I think that's what they call the "dooryard" up here. Very strange.

Hunter said...

What a peaceful area. And your house looks so shiny clean.

Our townhouse is in a building with five other units. Our building is turned sideways on the street, too.

I also love it. I'm not a neighbor watcher either. We have a big palm tree by our lanai (patio) and we feel like we have a cozy little nook.

But there are times I wish we were in a place exactly like your place. It looks so quiet and peaceful.

Thank you for sharing.