Monday Goals

Monday, October 13, 2008
Feeling hard to be motivated at the moment, my kitchen sink has sprung a leak and DH is fixing it. Want to take odds on whether we call a plumber or not?? Hehe--it may get me out of making supper though! But my goals---

1. Finish quilting chunky churn dash
2. Get the "not so top secret" blocks into a top
3. Work on my string blocks
4. Keep whipping my stash into neat piles
5. Quilt the two isolette covers I made yesterday

Oh yes, I did get to sew yesterday!! I made two isolette covers (to me they're quilts) that cover an isolette--a blue and a pink one. I used an "Amish Bars" pattern. And the not so top secret blocks are sew into rows, down to fitting them together and adding the borders. I have a set of 6" string blocks I'm working on (80 of them) I saw as a picture on Jackie's blog--set together with sashing on the diagonal. I really liked it and will try to duplicate it. If anyone recognizes the maker--please let me know! Apples are on hold until the sink is fixed.


Tins and Treasures said...

Hmmm...trying to figure out where you live...I live in Aberdeen and when I saw your blog on another, Dakota City caught my eye...

Mary Johnson said...

Hopefully the sink got fixed.

Today was my day for binding - I've just got one of the 4 I need bind in Oct left.

MightyMom said...

pictures ranch lady pictures!!

happy quilting!!

Pat said...

Hope the sink is fixed!
Did you have to make dinner? many bobbins are in the Churn dash quilt?! Can hardly wait to see your pictures of it!
(and be sure to take a picture of the back for me, please!)

Alycia said...

So did you get out of making dinner?