Motivation Friday

Friday, October 3, 2008

Well, Motivation Friday is here whether I'm ready or not. My goals were disrupted when I brought Mason and Laura Beth home for a visit. But my sister stepped up and did the house chores, made meals, and baby sat Mason while Ken and I painted the house. That wasn't a goal, but we did get the outside of our house painted. Whew! But on to goals!!

1--Still need to load the chunky churn dash top
2--Still have some fabric to sort and fold
3--I did get 51 Heartstrings blocks done, but would like to make some more
4--Make a quilt top using my Nooodles and Alycia's "not so top secret" quilt pattern

I will be having more people here this weekend, Nick will be coming to get Laura Beth (I think ) and today is homecoming and Laura Beth would like watch. The weather is beautiful again today.

My quilting goals haven't moved much this week, but I am getting lots of "grammy moments!"

PS--Danetta at "Oh No It's The Fro" is having a giveaway--check it out!!


Stephanie D said...

Thanks for the link to the giveaway!

Houses come and houses go, but babies are only tiny for so long. Enjoy the Grandma time!

MightyMom said...

even the dog adores him!

or is jealous.....

Mary Johnson said...

You'll have plenty of quilting time once your daughter and grandson go home especially now that the painting is done.

Henrietta said...

Wookit Ruby checking out the next generation! Too cute