Monday, May 28, 2012
A grave marker at Arlington National Cemetery. A mourner has placed flowers on the grave to honor the fallen servicemember.  This image or file is a work of a U.S. Air Force Airman or employee, taken or made during the course of the person's official duties.

Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

I've made two 36 patch yellow blocks.  The other piece is a curtain for my camper.  The sun peeks through the blind above my head.  Now, if I'm getting UP its no problem.  If I'm sleeping IN, it is!  I will pin it to the padded valance with upholstery pins.  

Sunday I broke my favorite ruler.  It's been cracked for a long time--but today it fell off the shelf and its now in two pieces.

I seldom need a long ruler in the camper--and I told Henrietta I will use it anyway.  She gave me an "ear beating"  (I love that term!) and pointed out there are five more rulers this size at home--and two that are exactly the same as the broken one.  I consider myself lucky she is not here as I know she would have driven to the dumpster to throw it away!

Weekly Goals--
  1. Make binding for Brown Urban Cabin
  2. Sew more TATW together
 Summer is here and I hope everyone is enjoying it!

Relaxing on Sunday

Sunday, May 27, 2012
Today is for relaxing and recovering.   I've volunteered the last 3 days, and it tired me out.   Thunderstorms and intermittent showers (downpours that last a few minutes) and tonight there may be heavier rain.   Watching birds at the feeder is relaxing--

Yellow Finch
Purple Finch

Gray Catbird
The finches love the feeders.  Often there are 4 finches on the sock, a couple at the feeder, and one waiting at the top of the sock.  My sock has a knot in the bottom--last year I hung it too low and the raccoons tore the end.  I am waiting for the deer to find the feeders--I'm sure they will think they're a snack served at eye level just for them.  The catbird was shy--I took these pictures while sitting at my table inside--and he just wouldn't move any closer!   In the evenings when I turn on the sprinkler birds gather to bathe and run under the water drops like kids on a hot day.  That's what attracted the catbird.  

My goals last week--
  1. Load the Brown Urban Cabin--QUILTED!
  2. Finish sewing rows on the TATW quilt--sewed some of the rows
  3. Rainbow Scrap Challenge yellow blocks--Yes, and more to play with today
Wednesday afternoon I started quilting the Brown Urban Cabin, and it was going so well I didn't stop until it was done.  I didn't do a stash report this week,  there were no finishes and no purchases. 

A little sewing, a little sitting in the recliner reading, its going to be a great afternoon!

Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, May 21, 2012
The Brown Urban Cabin is ready to quilt.    I think Henrietta will help me load it later.  We are having a few pains (her back and my toe) so taking Tylenol first is a must!   

Henrietta and I made 3 of these quilts.   We were only going to make two--each using a different choice in colors--but I  missed the step on making 10 blocks reversed.  I had already made all my blocks (this is where Henrietta and I differ in construction--I make all my blocks first and she pieces each block individually) and instead of ripping and resewing--I just made MORE blocks and had two tops.  Maybe reading the pattern several times might have caught this mistake--I think the pattern needs a huge RED STAR at that step.  The pattern is easy to make and I think they will make great Quilts of Valor.  Henrietta and I have been taking turns picking a pattern and then we each make one to compare color choices and construction methods.   Its a good learning experience for me.   

Check out Judy's blog to see whatever else is doing!

Weekly goals--

  1. Load the Brown Urban Cabin
  2. Finish sewing rows on the TATW quilt
  3. Rainbow Scrap Challenge yellow block

That's enough--I volunteer a lot this weekend and next week.  The weather has been beautiful here--the kind of weather where you want to recline in a lawn chair and read.  

Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, May 20, 2012
No finishes and I added to the stash this week.  22.5 yards.  I was looking for pink solid--and found two large remnants.  One yard pieces of some prints.  I am very low on tans to creams, and I found a few nice shirtings.  

In This Week--22.5 yards
In Year to Date--112 yards
Used This Week--0
Used Year to Date--79.75 yards
Stash is ahead--32.25 yards

See how everyone else is doing at Judy's blog.

Hazardous Job

Saturday, May 19, 2012
I didn't know being a domestic goddess was so hazardous.  Last night I was putting away frozen veggies in the big upright freezer downstairs.  A roast fell from the top shelf onto my toe.  If I'd had my cell phone I would have called Ken!  Not that he could have DONE anything--but at least I would have had company.  Today it looks like this---

I'm sure the nail will fall off, and I'm wondering how I will wear shoes.  I'm soaking it and will look for open toe sandals.  I am going to sew on the TATW quilt today--maybe it was fate that I bought "Evelyn" last week---she has a knee control!

Motivation Friday

Friday, May 18, 2012
I've done a little sewing on the TATW quilt, maybe by Monday I will have the center of the top sewn together.  

Volunteering is keeping me busy.  Last week Wednesday all water flow was stopped from 6am until almost 4:30pm.  The Corps was using ground penetrating sonar to look below the concrete apron in front of the spillway gates.  No water flow exposed a large section of riverbed about 1/4 mile below the day.  I thought the river bottom would have lots of mud---but its all rock in this area.  Katie and I walked out as far as we could----

You can see the spillway gates of the dam in the background.  Where Katie is standing usually is the middle of the river.  In 1997 an island in the river channel was washed away--Katie is standing where it used to be.  

There are unusual things seen when the water went down.  Wagon wheels. old machinery.  The Missouri river channel changed as much as 10 miles either way before the dams were built.   High floods would make an entirely different channel.  Not far from shore there was a buffalo skull--along with other bones from the carcass.  I wonder when/why this animal died?  When the dam was built---there weren't buffalo here--so this find is from the early 1800's or earlier.  There were many buffalo skulls/bones exposed--but you aren't allowed to remove them.  Natural artifacts etc on federal lands.    But we could take pictures--

And there were many large mussels exposed.  Katie felt safe holding this one--some were as big as her head.

The river is a stop for many migrating birds.  Right now lots of white pelicans.  The adults of breeding/nesting age develop bumps on their beak.  These bumps fall off after nesting is over.  But I have never seen one with multiple bumps. 

I'm not sure what TWO bumps means.   There were lots of suggestions.  Maybe a bird expert out there will tell me. 

I've done my laundry and will head home for a few days.  I have some "other" sewing to do.  The cottonwood trees here are dropping their seeds--like small puffs of cotton--and I need to make a cover for my roof air from fine tulle.  Like a shower hat for it--keeps the cotton out but will let the air in.  Easy to take off and shake the fluff off.  I thought about measuring it--but its hot and I need to make sure someone is around when I climb up there--just in case I fall off! 

Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, May 14, 2012
I hung these blocks on the design wall last night, I made them using "Evelyn".   They are my Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2012 blocks.  Last month's color was neutral--and I thought the tan and brown combination fit.  

The color this month is yellow--I love yellow and probably will make lots of blocks.   I had admired the 36 patch quilts I had seen on several blogs last year and wanted one of my own.   I've been saving my 4 patches for a strippy quilt.  The spinning blocks are fun!  If I cut 3 WOF 2.5" strips of both a light and a dark--that's enough to make one 36 patch block, two spinning blocks, and two 4 patches.   A good practice for me using Evelyn. 

Weekly goals---
  1. Sew last two rounds on the TATW quilt
  2. Play
Another full week planned.  I volunteer Tu-We-Thu this week.  I've been waiting to buy a few more flowers--the early spring surprised everyone and my beds/pots are ready but the plants haven't arrived yet!  The wild Sweet Williams are blooming and they made me remember how my grandfather would always cut my grandmother a bouquet. 

Picture from Internet
The peonies have big buds on them and I'm already looking for a vase.  Wouldn't a mixture of the purple Sweet Willams and red Peonies be pretty?  

Motivation Friday and Auction Treasures

Saturday, May 12, 2012
I was busy all week and no sewing done yet.  My flowers are almost all planted (a few pots left) and I volunteered all week.  

But last night Ken, Henrietta and I went to an auction.  Evelyn and Tom were best friends to Ken's parents.  Tom passed years ago and Evelyn this winter.  Ken was looking for a memento and Henrietta and I always enjoy an auction.  It was cold, rainy, and windy.  We dressed warm and I took my umbrella.

First Ken and I picked out which "memento" he would bid on.  Here's what he bought---

3 enamelware pans.  I love the yellow ones--they are harder to find.  I think they cost $15.00.  But, I had my eye on another item and I was NOT going to be outbid.   Meet "Evelyn"--

A Singer 301!!  Evelyn sewed on this 301 many years.  Taught her daughter how to sew on it.  When I found her in the garage (out of the rain) I had my heart set on her.  I kept a close eye on her--a set screw was loose and I didn't want anyone to accidentally damage her or the cabinet.  She has all her attachments, all the buttonhole keys etc.  She's in one of those offset cabinets--no left front leg so she's very comfortable to sit at.  A knee control--I like a knee control.   Best of all was the price.  Five Dollars!

I have lots of sewing machines but didn't have a 301.  She sounds great and sews a fine stitch.   I've oiled her and wiped her down, given her a new needle.  Ahhhh!  I've moved Becca the 201 out for a rest and plan to sew this weekend with Evelyn.

The weather is as beautiful today as it was miserable last evening.   The windows are open and I'm watering my flowers.  Tomorrow is Mother's Day--Ken asked me where I was taking him to eat--after all--doesn't Mother's Day mean I'm suppose to treat him?  I voted not to go out tomorrow, we can grill.   I picked more rhubarb today and will make rhubarb dessert.  

I wish everyone a wonderful Mother's Day!  

Design Wall and Monday Goals

Monday, May 7, 2012
The TATW quilt is progressing.  One more round plus setting triangles of the border fabric.  I think.  I may change my mind!

Still crooked on the wall but I rotated it for fun!  Orange at the center has been replaced with a minty green marble.  These are not "me" colors but I think they do play together well.  The wide borders will be a very soft mint green solid.  

This top was not strip pieced.  Each square cut and auditioned first.  If I were to make another one--I would auditioned several pieces--then do mostly strip piecing in sections.  When I had 3-4 rows decided in this top--I pieced the strips and pressed them.  So instead of a gadzillion squares on my wall (with a gadzillion pins)--this top is diagonal strips already.   Each strip has the seams pressed one way--it doesn't matter which way you press them--the strips can be flipped--mirror image of each side.  

This is an EASY quilt to piece.  I used the June Tailor Shape Cut Ruler
to cut the squares from my strips.  I use this ruler A LOT!!  The strips are 2.5" noodles.  Leftover pieces will go in my 2.5" box for use in a different project. 


  1. More TATW sewing

I think that will be my only goal.  Today I want to plan some geraniums, some zinnia and marigold seed and few other things.  Then I should be done for this year.  Right now volunteering is keeping me busy.  

Have you noticed the new header?  Henrietta saw that poppies are in bloom now and changed it.  Thank you Henrietta!  Poppies are so bright and cheerful.  Next will be the peonies--mine have lots of buds this year.  I "fed" them some of that special compost around their toes and lots of water.  Now I need to put the wire supports around them so when the flowers open they are not dragging on the ground. 

How do you plan to spend your week?

Motivation Friday

Friday, May 4, 2012
Time to check on my goals. 

  1. Sew on a UFO--No
  2. Make some fun blocks--No
  3. Work on TOTW (Trip Around the World)--Yes
I've been pretty focused on the TOTW top.  I've sewn 17 rounds on it--I still have 3-4 more.  

 Yes, its still wonky on the wall.  Here is a closeup on the fabrics so far---

I've tried to include TOT or plain fabrics to rest the eye.  The only fabric that bothers me is the orange in row 3.  I may change that one.  

I don't like this method of construction--BUT--this quilt is about thinking outside the box.   To sooth my frazzled brain I sew the rows in strips every 4-5 rounds.     Having the sewing and pressing done will make the final sewing quick and easy. To be fair--Henrietta struggled with strip piecing Urban Cabin and she persevered.  She commented a few days ago that we are probably "over thinking" our fabric choices.  Mine is less about the over thinking and more about including my favorite fabrics!

I'm volunteering but will be home soon and then its more gardening/flowers/sewing.  Ken might ask me to drive tractor and help him.  I hope everyone is having wonderful weather--Spring is the best time of year!   

Are you still sewing, or has quilting taken a back seat to outdoor activities??