Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, May 14, 2012
I hung these blocks on the design wall last night, I made them using "Evelyn".   They are my Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2012 blocks.  Last month's color was neutral--and I thought the tan and brown combination fit.  

The color this month is yellow--I love yellow and probably will make lots of blocks.   I had admired the 36 patch quilts I had seen on several blogs last year and wanted one of my own.   I've been saving my 4 patches for a strippy quilt.  The spinning blocks are fun!  If I cut 3 WOF 2.5" strips of both a light and a dark--that's enough to make one 36 patch block, two spinning blocks, and two 4 patches.   A good practice for me using Evelyn. 

Weekly goals---
  1. Sew last two rounds on the TATW quilt
  2. Play
Another full week planned.  I volunteer Tu-We-Thu this week.  I've been waiting to buy a few more flowers--the early spring surprised everyone and my beds/pots are ready but the plants haven't arrived yet!  The wild Sweet Williams are blooming and they made me remember how my grandfather would always cut my grandmother a bouquet. 

Picture from Internet
The peonies have big buds on them and I'm already looking for a vase.  Wouldn't a mixture of the purple Sweet Willams and red Peonies be pretty?  


Vicki H. said...

I really love this fabric and your blocks are great. I like the 36 patch block too. I think I need to try it myself.

MightyMom said...

fun blocks!

pdudgeon said...

what a great idea for using up spare strips of fabric!i never thought of making 4 nine patches and combining them for a quilt block. I've got two spare jelly rolls of Bella Snow and a whole lot of scrap strips, so one of those quilts just might be in my future.
Thanks for a great idea, Lori!