Motivation Friday

Friday, May 4, 2012
Time to check on my goals. 

  1. Sew on a UFO--No
  2. Make some fun blocks--No
  3. Work on TOTW (Trip Around the World)--Yes
I've been pretty focused on the TOTW top.  I've sewn 17 rounds on it--I still have 3-4 more.  

 Yes, its still wonky on the wall.  Here is a closeup on the fabrics so far---

I've tried to include TOT or plain fabrics to rest the eye.  The only fabric that bothers me is the orange in row 3.  I may change that one.  

I don't like this method of construction--BUT--this quilt is about thinking outside the box.   To sooth my frazzled brain I sew the rows in strips every 4-5 rounds.     Having the sewing and pressing done will make the final sewing quick and easy. To be fair--Henrietta struggled with strip piecing Urban Cabin and she persevered.  She commented a few days ago that we are probably "over thinking" our fabric choices.  Mine is less about the over thinking and more about including my favorite fabrics!

I'm volunteering but will be home soon and then its more gardening/flowers/sewing.  Ken might ask me to drive tractor and help him.  I hope everyone is having wonderful weather--Spring is the best time of year!   

Are you still sewing, or has quilting taken a back seat to outdoor activities??



Nancy said...

You are making wonderful progress on your "trip" quilt.

Sewing has been stalled here since I am having the interior of my house painted. I am moving piles from one room to the next. :o(

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I enjoy seeing the progress on your Trip Around the Would quilt. I'm still sewing, but also working in some walking now that the weather's more reliable.

Henrietta said...

I think you are right about the orange, something more shaded would fit better

Stephanie D said...

No sewing at the present. I'm spending most of my days off outside, trying to get the yard in order before it gets too hot.

Trip Around the Word is one on my to-do list, too.

Lori said...

Looking good. Need to sew again, took a week off. I did get longarm time in on the 26th of April, got 3 quilts quilted. :-)

pdudgeon said...

i'll agree with Henrietta--do you have either a pastel lime green or else a light red in your stash?

Sara said...

It is amazing how such varied fabrics can come together so perfectly. Looking good.

Dianne B. said...

Very pretty! Looks very difficult, though. You have a lot of patience. :)

Dianne B. said...

Very pretty! Looks very difficult, though. You have a lot of patience. :)