Relaxing on Sunday

Sunday, May 27, 2012
Today is for relaxing and recovering.   I've volunteered the last 3 days, and it tired me out.   Thunderstorms and intermittent showers (downpours that last a few minutes) and tonight there may be heavier rain.   Watching birds at the feeder is relaxing--

Yellow Finch
Purple Finch

Gray Catbird
The finches love the feeders.  Often there are 4 finches on the sock, a couple at the feeder, and one waiting at the top of the sock.  My sock has a knot in the bottom--last year I hung it too low and the raccoons tore the end.  I am waiting for the deer to find the feeders--I'm sure they will think they're a snack served at eye level just for them.  The catbird was shy--I took these pictures while sitting at my table inside--and he just wouldn't move any closer!   In the evenings when I turn on the sprinkler birds gather to bathe and run under the water drops like kids on a hot day.  That's what attracted the catbird.  

My goals last week--
  1. Load the Brown Urban Cabin--QUILTED!
  2. Finish sewing rows on the TATW quilt--sewed some of the rows
  3. Rainbow Scrap Challenge yellow blocks--Yes, and more to play with today
Wednesday afternoon I started quilting the Brown Urban Cabin, and it was going so well I didn't stop until it was done.  I didn't do a stash report this week,  there were no finishes and no purchases. 

A little sewing, a little sitting in the recliner reading, its going to be a great afternoon!