Design Wall and Monday Goals

Monday, May 7, 2012
The TATW quilt is progressing.  One more round plus setting triangles of the border fabric.  I think.  I may change my mind!

Still crooked on the wall but I rotated it for fun!  Orange at the center has been replaced with a minty green marble.  These are not "me" colors but I think they do play together well.  The wide borders will be a very soft mint green solid.  

This top was not strip pieced.  Each square cut and auditioned first.  If I were to make another one--I would auditioned several pieces--then do mostly strip piecing in sections.  When I had 3-4 rows decided in this top--I pieced the strips and pressed them.  So instead of a gadzillion squares on my wall (with a gadzillion pins)--this top is diagonal strips already.   Each strip has the seams pressed one way--it doesn't matter which way you press them--the strips can be flipped--mirror image of each side.  

This is an EASY quilt to piece.  I used the June Tailor Shape Cut Ruler
to cut the squares from my strips.  I use this ruler A LOT!!  The strips are 2.5" noodles.  Leftover pieces will go in my 2.5" box for use in a different project. 


  1. More TATW sewing

I think that will be my only goal.  Today I want to plan some geraniums, some zinnia and marigold seed and few other things.  Then I should be done for this year.  Right now volunteering is keeping me busy.  

Have you noticed the new header?  Henrietta saw that poppies are in bloom now and changed it.  Thank you Henrietta!  Poppies are so bright and cheerful.  Next will be the peonies--mine have lots of buds this year.  I "fed" them some of that special compost around their toes and lots of water.  Now I need to put the wire supports around them so when the flowers open they are not dragging on the ground. 

How do you plan to spend your week?


Teresa F. said...

WOW!!! That is an awesome quilt. I'd love to try that ruler,it must be great.

straythreads said...

Looks great. I think tats are increda ly boring to sew but finished quilt is always fabulous.

Nancy said...

I like the green marble much better than the orange!

Great job.

One Minnesota Quilter said...

I use that ruler a lot also - love it for strip cutting.

Also, I noticed your heading right away - just LOVE poppies. They brightened my day! We don't get a lot around here so it is always fun to see them anywhere!

Your quilt looks great to BTW!


MightyMom said...

I like it a LOT!! beautiful quilt!

maybe Henrietta would be willing to come up with a header for my new blog?? ..... mmmm....

I like strip piecing. My first jewel box quilt Sonshine's baby quilt was each piece traced and cut by hand squares and triangles. not again!.

MightyMom said...

oh, the old blog is still at

but the new blog is at

stop by sometime!