Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, April 30, 2012
I have a new project on the wall.  A Trip Around the World quilt.   Henrietta said I needed to make a statement with my center square.  I put my most favorite fabric in the center--I fussy cut it.

My Japanese Royalty fabric!  I am making this quilt following Henrietta's method--and I hate it.   There is no strip piecing.  Each of those little squares are cut and hung by themselves.  But, I have the first 12 rounds done and I've stitched the rows diagonally.  

 Yes, I have it hung wonky.  There are 19 rounds--or maybe more.  I haven't decided.

Goals for the week--

  1. Work on TOTW (Trip Around the World)
  2. Sew on a UFO
  3. Make some fun blocks 

I start volunteering later this week, so that will cut into my sewing time.  The rain has moved out and it will be warm and sunny.  I love Spring the best.  Do you have a favorite season??


Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, April 29, 2012
I had some finishes this week.  

In This Week--0
In Year to Date--89.5 yards
Used This Week--29 yards
Used Year to Date--79.75 yards
Stash is ahead--9.75 yards  
Check out everyone's stash report at Judy's blog.

Motivation Friday

Friday, April 27, 2012
Time to check on the goals. 

  1. Sew picket fence units together--yes
  2. Borders on Green Urban Cabin--no
  3. Work on a UFO--
  4. Play a little!--YES
Most the garden is planted.  Worked in the flower beds.  Henrietta and I had a few days of Zombiedom.   I baked two batches of kuchen.  Today we had haircuts and browsed at a thrift store.   A large storm front was moving in from the Nebraska panhandle and we drove into heavy rains.   The storm had a very distinctive "line"--but its quite cool and there wasn't anything like tornadoes--just wind and rain.

The rains are supposed to last a few days and it will be good sewing weather.  The air conditioning is off and the heat is on again!

Monday, April 23, 2012
Time for goals.  Hmmmm.   

  1. Sew picket fence units together
  2. Borders on Green Urban Cabin
  3. Work on a UFO
  4. Play a little!

Plaid 4 Patch is waiting for fabric for inner border and binding.  I haven't found enough of one fabric (2.5 yds)  I agree with the book that they should be the same or at least read the same---the quilt is very scrappy and needs that continuity to hold it together.  

I finished two UFO's and one of Henrietta's projects.  She lets me do the binding since I enjoy it!  

The Blue 25 in 25 is done.  6 yards of fabric was used.  

Blue 25 in 25

Lots of sun today to take pictures in.  It has a snuggly flannel back.  

I named this quilt "Mason and Me" since Mason helped me sew the blocks.  Every time I see it I have a "grandma moment" and want to drive to Minnesota.  

Mason and Me

This quilt was a challenge to photograph -- it is hung on a temporary line with Ken stretching to hold the middle up.   105" square.  I plan to put on the bed in the camper for the summer.   The pattern is called Anita's Arrowheads. Anita's tips on working with the bias edges etc were a great help.   What looks like a very time intensive block is a simple sew-cut-sew method.   She has a great book called "Rotary Cutting Revolution"  Mason and Me used 21 yards of stash.   And I used 2 yards of stash in Henrietta's Blue Swoon.  29 yards of stash used this week--WOOHOO!!!

We had some lovely rain last week--and today's weather was perfect.   Weed-N-Feed was spread on the lawn today.  Flower beds fertilized.  I'm hoping to plant in the garden and flower beds tomorrow.  

Motivation Friday

Friday, April 20, 2012
I just realized I FORGOT TO POST ANY GOALS!  

What have I been doing?  Hand sewing bindings.  Yup--hopefully finishes this week.  Tomorrow Henrietta and I are going to an auction.  When my Father-in-law goes to an auction and you ask what he bought--he usually replies "lunch!"   I'll keep you posted if we have any great finds!

Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, April 16, 2012
I really don't have anything up on the wall.  I've been sewing on bindings.  
Making "picket fences" for the Plaid 4 Patch's border.  And picking fabrics for Henrietta's and my project.  

I need almost 100 picket fence units for the border.  And I've been picking fabrics and numbering them for the Trip Around the World quilt.  I'm not happy with how my choices look.  I need to remember the first "rounds" will have very few pieces of fabric.  Henrietta and I have been working to get out of our "ruts".  We've learned that maybe its not that we're "comfortable" in our rut--but that it is a true expression of ourselves--we don't LIKE making quilts that have colors/values that aren't "us".  Henrietta is working on a very soft pastels/florals quilt with lots of triangles.  Very much a "Henrietta" project.  She cuts a few blocks at a time.  Auditions each one.   She's also making little houses--which I call BARNS because they have all been a shade of red so far.  

But I'm heading back to the sewing room later today--again to look at my fabric choices.  Maybe I need some "Lori" fabrics in there.  And just maybe--I need to quit trying to be that "other" quilter and be myself!

Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, April 15, 2012
Time to report the numbers!  This week I bought 12.5 yards.  Lots of small cuts for the project Henrietta and I have planned. 

In This Week--12.5 yards
In Year to Date--89.5 yards
Used This Week--ZERO
Used Year to Date--50.75 yards
Stash is ahead--38.75 yards
This is fine.  Really!  Last night I sewed the binding on three projects.  One is a large queen size so that will make a dent in the stash!   Just the hand sewing left--I love that part.

Henrietta and I have been doing a lot of sewing.  I have the middle section of the Plaid 4 Patch together.  I'm down to making the border units.  Its been raining and a picture will have to wait until I can use the clothesline outside.   A little while ago it was hailing---small pea size hail--and I had to move my baby plant pots.  We've been dry and the rain is very appreciated.  It's been chilly and the weather forecast was for possible "thundersnows".  It doesn't happen very often---and I laugh at the way it sounds.  There has been lots of rumbly thunder with this rain. 

I wish you all a great week, this time of year is the best.  Trees leafing out, plants pushing their way out of the ground, the smell of rain and fresh dirt.  Lilacs and fruit trees blooming.  My neighbor has one cheerful daffodil beside her back door.  

I'm heading over to Judy's blog to see everyone else's stash report!


Motivation Friday

Friday, April 13, 2012
Time to check those goals---

  1. Sew binding on Blue 25 in 25--not yet
  2. Sew binding on Blue Baby Swoon--not yet
  3. Make Binding for Arrowhead quilt--nope
  4. Load another top on the Princess--kinda
  5. Sew on Plaid 4 Patch--yes

I did trim/square 100 Birds in Air blocks.  I ripped some quilting (don't quilt while taking cold tablets!) and I have that top pinned and I hope to fix the spot after supper.   The camper is out of storage and next week I will clean/pack it.  Service work at the dealer and then hopefully we can take it down on Friday and that job will be done.  Also a Dr appt and blood work scheduled, and Henrietta and I have an auction we'd like to attend.  Next week is filling up.

Yesterday we drove to Sioux Falls (85 miles) and had a great time "dinking".  I am not allowed to take her to Target anymore--her shopping cart was full!  Yes--we did a bit of stash enhancing--but went with clear ideas of what we needed that WASN'T in my huge stash.  Last night when I couldn't sleep I got up and pulled fabrics.  I started with three big piles--we have narrowed it down to this---

Its all "subject to change" as they say.  We're going to reproduce the vintage Trip Around the World Henrietta bought.  Well, the pattern, not the exact colors.   We are TRYING to use as much stash as possible.   Its needs 17 fabrics--starting at the bottom with one tiny square---until you get to the top of the stash--where I have a nice soft mint green solid for the wide borders.  The original quilt has wonderful bright pink borders--but hey--I LOVE green and I already had some. 

Maybe tomorrow we can play with this project--Henrietta is busy making "barns" at the moment. 

How has your week been?  I have been blog reading--but not much commenting.  Some of the verification thingies are just obnoxious.   I have deleted mine and not had any spam.  If I have problems--I may consider moving my blog--but I am COMFORTABLE where I am.   Any thoughts on this?

Weekly Goals

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Time for new goals!

  1. Sew binding on Blue 25 in 25
  2. Sew binding on Blue Baby Swoon
  3. Make Binding for Arrowhead quilt
  4. Load another top on the Princess
  5. Sew on Plaid 4 Patch

Okay--in there I need some "play" time.  I enjoy sewing much more if I play a little.  

Henrietta and I are going to reproduce a quilt from the auction we attended.  As soon as Henrietta writes out the directions I will pull fabrics from the stash.  

A few Easter pictures---

Mason and 3D glasses

checking for eggs

Asher and Laura Beth

Asher being solemn

Did you notice my new header?  Henrietta is the photo expert--she took the picture while on a walk.   Does anything shout spring more than trees blooming?   Thank you Henrietta!


Motivation Saturday

Saturday, April 7, 2012
Time to check on the goals---
  1. Make binding for Blue Baby Swoon--done
  2. Borders on Green Urban Cabin--nope
  3. Make binding for Brown Urban Cabin--nope
  4. Sew binding on Blue 25 in 25--nope
Looks like I was a slacker this week.   Lots of sewing but no finishes. 

Right now we're busy doing this---

Grandchildren time!  Ken and I are in Mankato.   Later we're going to dye eggs and run some errands. 

Have a Happy Easter! 


Monday Goals

Monday, April 2, 2012
Time to set some weekly goals.  Hmmmm---

  1. Make binding for Blue Baby Swoon
  2. Borders on Green Urban Cabin
  3. Make binding for Brown Urban Cabin
  4. Sew binding on Blue 25 in 25

That's probably more than I'll get done with Easter this week.  Henrietta and I have been busy cutting and measuring and ironing and the sewing machines have been working overtime.   I was able to finish quilting the Blue 25 in 25 and then loaded the Blue Baby Swoon. 

Blue Baby Swoon
Its a small baby quilt--its done and off the machine.  Next Henrietta and I loaded up the Arrowhead top--it's big--102" x 102".  The batting is a bit wrinkled--so we laid it all out to relax overnight.  

Yesterday Henrietta and I hauled in some fresh dirt for my garden.   Using a big tractor it was easy--just took time as I hauled it about 6 miles.  Four dumps on my garden should last a couple of years.  I call it "compost" and chuckle--its just horse and cow manure I had piled on a slab of concrete eons ago.  Now I'm ready for the tiller man to make it nice and soft and even.  

Fresh Garden Dirt
Last night I watered my Jiffy peat pots and started some seeds.  Fairytale and Cinderella pumpkins.  Some fragrant Sweet Peas.  Several different Morning Glorys, and some Moonflowers.  I love the climbing vines on my deck and pergola--and Moonflowers smell so heavenly at night when they are blooming.  Yesterday the temp was in the 90's--but today is much cooler.  Strange weather for here--but I'm glad there is no snow!