Motivation Friday

Friday, April 13, 2012
Time to check those goals---

  1. Sew binding on Blue 25 in 25--not yet
  2. Sew binding on Blue Baby Swoon--not yet
  3. Make Binding for Arrowhead quilt--nope
  4. Load another top on the Princess--kinda
  5. Sew on Plaid 4 Patch--yes

I did trim/square 100 Birds in Air blocks.  I ripped some quilting (don't quilt while taking cold tablets!) and I have that top pinned and I hope to fix the spot after supper.   The camper is out of storage and next week I will clean/pack it.  Service work at the dealer and then hopefully we can take it down on Friday and that job will be done.  Also a Dr appt and blood work scheduled, and Henrietta and I have an auction we'd like to attend.  Next week is filling up.

Yesterday we drove to Sioux Falls (85 miles) and had a great time "dinking".  I am not allowed to take her to Target anymore--her shopping cart was full!  Yes--we did a bit of stash enhancing--but went with clear ideas of what we needed that WASN'T in my huge stash.  Last night when I couldn't sleep I got up and pulled fabrics.  I started with three big piles--we have narrowed it down to this---

Its all "subject to change" as they say.  We're going to reproduce the vintage Trip Around the World Henrietta bought.  Well, the pattern, not the exact colors.   We are TRYING to use as much stash as possible.   Its needs 17 fabrics--starting at the bottom with one tiny square---until you get to the top of the stash--where I have a nice soft mint green solid for the wide borders.  The original quilt has wonderful bright pink borders--but hey--I LOVE green and I already had some. 

Maybe tomorrow we can play with this project--Henrietta is busy making "barns" at the moment. 

How has your week been?  I have been blog reading--but not much commenting.  Some of the verification thingies are just obnoxious.   I have deleted mine and not had any spam.  If I have problems--I may consider moving my blog--but I am COMFORTABLE where I am.   Any thoughts on this?


Katie Z. said...

I get occasional spam, but not floods. Those word verification deals are the pits... I have bad eyesight without letters being garbled!

Brenda said...

I do not like those verification things either!!! And I love your blog - I hope you don't move!
Already time to hit the road??? Wow! It feels like you just got home!! I am glad that everything is good to go and I think the fabrics you have chosen for the quilt will be nice when put together - and the changes will be fun too!!

Have a great weekend. Get some sewing in, and make it fun!! We are in for a rainy weekend, so I think I will sew too!! (I have lots of binding that needs to be done, but I sure seem to not be doing that!! I had better get on it though.... I will do it Monday!! ) ;-)

Sara said...

I don't like the verification things either and have been debating taking it off. Might have to keep thinking about it.

Elaine Adair said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elaine Adair said...

(It would help if I could spell correctly the first time.!!)

Whatever you decide, it will be gorgeous! What quilt is NOT gorgeous - we love them ALL!

bunbear said...

those word verification things make me nuts. i wonder if anyone ever gets them right on the first (second, third...) try. love your fabric choices. also would like to see henrietta's barns. i'm curious!

Nancy said...

I don't use the verification on my blog and have not had a problem for over two years. I do have comment approval on any post over 5 days old, as I've noticed that the spammers seem to prefer older posts.

Your projects sound great. Have fun!

Vicky said...

I try to comment and sometimes after three or four tries to get the verification right, I just give up. Your fabrics are so pretty!

Suzanne said...

I haven't gotten any spam...yet! I've noticed many blogs with with verification codes on them.

Stephanie D said...

I took the word verification out of my blog, too, once I realized blogger had changed their font. These new ones are almost impossible to decipher. Haven't had any spam since I did it, either.