Monday Goals

Monday, April 2, 2012
Time to set some weekly goals.  Hmmmm---

  1. Make binding for Blue Baby Swoon
  2. Borders on Green Urban Cabin
  3. Make binding for Brown Urban Cabin
  4. Sew binding on Blue 25 in 25

That's probably more than I'll get done with Easter this week.  Henrietta and I have been busy cutting and measuring and ironing and the sewing machines have been working overtime.   I was able to finish quilting the Blue 25 in 25 and then loaded the Blue Baby Swoon. 

Blue Baby Swoon
Its a small baby quilt--its done and off the machine.  Next Henrietta and I loaded up the Arrowhead top--it's big--102" x 102".  The batting is a bit wrinkled--so we laid it all out to relax overnight.  

Yesterday Henrietta and I hauled in some fresh dirt for my garden.   Using a big tractor it was easy--just took time as I hauled it about 6 miles.  Four dumps on my garden should last a couple of years.  I call it "compost" and chuckle--its just horse and cow manure I had piled on a slab of concrete eons ago.  Now I'm ready for the tiller man to make it nice and soft and even.  

Fresh Garden Dirt
Last night I watered my Jiffy peat pots and started some seeds.  Fairytale and Cinderella pumpkins.  Some fragrant Sweet Peas.  Several different Morning Glorys, and some Moonflowers.  I love the climbing vines on my deck and pergola--and Moonflowers smell so heavenly at night when they are blooming.  Yesterday the temp was in the 90's--but today is much cooler.  Strange weather for here--but I'm glad there is no snow!  



Nancy said...

Your Arrowhead top is large. Do you have special plans for it?

I love Blue Swoon on the machine!

Sara said...

The Swoon block makes a great baby quilt. Very pretty! Can't wait to see the arrowhead quilt all done.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Such a busy bee!! DH was out spreading "fresh dirt" on the garden on Sunday too...he got sunburned...imagine that. Today sure is a change from the 91 degrees that day. I got a fan out and now the furnace is running again.

Stitches said...

Sounds like you are really busy. I just stopped by to see how your progress was going on the applique Cherry quilt..didn't find much tho, are you finished with it??