Sunday Stash Report Week 13

Sunday, March 27, 2011
My numbers didn't change, nothing added, nothing finished this week.  

6.75 yards In YTD
8.25 yards Out YTD
Stash Decreased by 1.5 yards  

Please check how everyone did this week.

On the way out the door I saw these snowflakes on my deck---

At first I thought they were bits of styrofoam, but they melted when I touched them.   I don't remember seeing them as distinct as this before. 

Family is keeping me busy this week, one of my sisters had a hip replaced, and my dad has an infection in his leg--he's in the hospital too.  Small town hospital--they are almost across the hall from each other, so visiting is easy!

I did sew this week.  Chain piecing relaxes me.
I wanted to try a Scrappy Trip Around the World, but keep one fabric controlled.  I used the blue in the picture.   I'll take a picture when the blocks are together.  To keep my piecing easy to reach--I use a cardboard box on top of a bucket.  High tech.

I just pick up the box and take it to my ironing board.   My ironing board is the same height as my sewing machine, they are back to back.  My rolling chair twirls around and I press my piecing.  

What do you do to make sewing easy on your body?

Sunday Stash Report Week 12 and Week in Review

Sunday, March 20, 2011
No additions to the stash.  I did mail a bit as a gift--25 noodles!  About 1 3/4 yards.  Its so nice to be able to send these gifts--how often were you making a project and wished for a bit of variety in one color family or type of fabric?  My totals for the year are--

6.75 yards In YTD
1.75 yards Out This Week
8.25 yards Out YTD
Stash Decreased by 1.5 yards

Check everyone's numbers here.

Week in Review--

I'd had a busy week.  Spring is coming (yes, finally!) and being married to a part time farmer, we've been on the road looking at planters.  I rode along on Thursday and Friday, and Ken went by himself on Saturday.  No planter bought, but MANY were viewed.   I did make more Two Lips blocks but didn't have brain enough to handle prepping some Cherry Tree blocks.  Same way with borders, I'm sure I would have cut them too short or some other error!  (No brain because of head cold.)

But I have this question--since most of us are quilters--what's on YOUR bed?  I have a scrappy log cabin that is several years old.  

 I LOVE this quilt--but maybe I should swap it out for a more spring-like quilt? 

Weekly Goals

Monday, March 14, 2011
Time to set goals.  

  1. Make 4 more Two Lips blocks
  2. Prep 2 more Beyond the Cherry Trees blocks
  3. Put borders on Scrappy Trip Around the World (after your feedback!)

An update on last week's goals.  Last week I wanted to make 5 Two Lips blocks.  Done.  One is from the previous week.

And finish a Beyond the Cherry Trees block.  I finished #6.

I think the colors are a bit insipid but its only one block in a big quilt.  I admit I didn't like making those flowers.  

I haven't decided on a border for the Scrappy Trip around the world.  I have laid several pieces on it--I wanted a brown, but a blue might be better.   

A brown, medium blue, lighter blue, medium blue, and a medium purple.  I think maybe an even darker blue with the brown for a wider second border---what do you think?? 



Sunday Stash Report-Week 11

Sunday, March 13, 2011
Nothing was bought, nothing finished.  Stash is still ahead 1/4 yard.  I've been sewing, and maybe tomorrow I will have some pictures of my progress. Next stop is everyone's stash reports on Judy's blog.

I'm behind on blog reading.  One of my favorite things is to read all the stash reports on Mr Linky.   I don't always comment, but I HAVE been there!  And of course I follow links to other blogs and ............that's my excuse for why I haven't done much sewing!  How do you balance life, sewing, and blogging??

Tuesday Goals

Monday, March 7, 2011
I've been busy with things other than quilting.   Last week's goals were just that--goals!  I did work on my Cherry Tree blocks, and I made two Two Lips blocks.  We'll see how much sewing I do this week.  So for goals---

  1. Finish one Cherry Tree block
  2. Make five Two Lips blocks
  3. Pick first border for Scrappy Trip Around the World

Does your husband do this?  

Yes, he's putting a grill together in the living room.   Its almost done.  I won't thaw any steaks yet, just in case. 


Thursday Update

Thursday, March 3, 2011
Finished Block #7 of Beyond the Cherry Trees.  The yellow vase felt right to me.

I will embroider the stems on all the blocks at once.   And a Two Lips block---

With the fabrics Henrietta sent I should have enough to finish all the blocks.  Haven't chosen a setting yet.  When all the blocks are laid out it might spark something. 

The sun is shining and its not near as cold as its has been.  A weekend high--maybe 30F.  Starting Monday possibly snow again.  

Monday Goals on Tuesday

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Need to set some goals for the week.

  1. Work on Cherry Tree blocks
  2. Finish sewing rows of Scrappy Churn Dash
  3. Pick borders for Scrappy Trip Around the World
  4. Make five Two Lips blocks

I blamed Helen and Mereth for tempting me with their recent projects.  Here is my Scrappy Trip Around the World top--

Random strip selection.  I love scrappy!

My mailman brought a very welcome envelope.  Pastels for my Two Lips blocks from Henrietta.  

She sent me lots of lavenders, my stash is very short on pastels, especially lavender.  Thank you Henrietta!