Eat My Words

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Yes, I have to eat my words and publicly apologize to Henrietta.  Last night while she was asleep I finished my first Swoon block.  Henrietta's were hanging right in front of me as I sat at my machine and pieced. 

Henrietta's are a bit smaller than mine.   But the colors and prints are very similar.   I never noticed that while I was piecing mine.  Subliminal suggestion??

I'm heading to my sewing room to search for some "poke your eye out" fabrics!

Perfect End to the Day

Monday, June 27, 2011
We didn't have fancy glasses (notice the South Dakota Pheasants?) but the weather was perfect, the strawberries fresh, the company the best.  What more could you ask for??!!


We're very busy here in South Dakota.  Henrietta flew in Saturday and we did some serious damage with coupons at the fabric store.   No stash report as I haven't figured up the total.   Maybe its best I don't.

We are testing a new product--a Salem cutting mat.  I like the color (white translucent with red markings).    I trim two sides, pick up the piece with my left hand while sweeping the trimmings with my right hand holding the ruler (I use a 6.5" square usually) off the table into the trash box.   This mat is smoother and bits and threads slide off easily.  The white color defines fabric edges for cutting better than previous mats (various brands and colors).   The red marking lines are legible without being distracting.  

The design wall shows our current project, a pattern called "Swoon".   Here are Henrietta's blocks---

The blocks finish at 24"--a nice size.  Although we will use the same pattern, I'm sure our tops will look very different.   Henrietta has a more blended traditional style, and mine is "poke your eye out" contrasts/colors.   Here are my blocks--

Yes, I'm busy ripping.  The pattern directions are great.  Following them while tired and on a sugar high--well, I'm still ripping and piecing!  Using my favorite seam ripper--its one of those "ergonomic" shaped rippers.  I use a ripper a LOT, and its much easier on my hands.  

Still raining here, but warmer weather forecast for the end of the week.  I volunteer all weekend, so Henrietta will get time to sew and nap while I'm at the Visitor Center.   Henrietta has not visited at this time of the year, so the vibrant lush green of the grass, trees, and fields is a surprise.  She's always said South Dakota has the bluest skies, today they are absolutely brilliant with picture perfect fluffy white clouds.  76F and a gentle breeze. 

Saturday Snooze

Saturday, June 18, 2011
Yesterday I planted my tomato plants.  All six of them.  I think they look lonely.

Will I harvest any tomatoes before it freezes?  I hope so!  I'm hungry for a tomato sandwich.   Ken is spending time camping doing what he really enjoys---

Napping!  There's a husband under that blanket somewhere.    Tonight we'll grill burgers--Ken LOVES burgers.   Baked a hot milk sponge cake and the grocery store had wonderful strawberries on special.  A quiet weekend camping for Father's Day.   I wanted to sew, but I might wake him, so I'll read blogs instead.  I'm almost caught up with my google reader!  
Do you have plans for Father's Day??

Auction Treasures

Friday, June 17, 2011
Ken and I met at an auction earlier this week.  There was a lot of "stuff".   Ken scored a $2 wooden stepladder.   Several tables with household items.  I love old dishes.  Pie pans.  Bowls.    I waited 3 hours for these--

A Pyrex nesting bowl set in primary colors.   Of course, several other bidders had waited along with me!   This set was in very good condition, no scratches and the color hadn't worn anywhere.   You often find individual bowls, in the years of use one or more of the set gets broken.   Yes, I had the last bid and they will go on my shelf of "precious treasures".   Sometimes its not the value of the item, but the memory that makes these things precious.  My mother and grandmother never had a set of these--but I know they would have loved them.  

Do you collect anything??

Where's Mr. Rogers??

Monday, June 13, 2011
Its a beautiful day and the ditty "its a beautiful day in the neighborhood" is running through my head.  Sunshine, a breeze and about 75F.  The windows are open and the birds are singing.  

The extra water here on the Missouri River keeps everyone busy.   A short conference over a water problem was held in the office.

Blake, Diane and Katie studying the problem

Can you guess what the topic was?  Maybe another pic---

Katie chasing Thelma with Diane supervising

Cleaning the fish tank!  Thelma, Louise, and Tetsu haven't been put  in the pond yet, they spent the winter in a tank in the office.  

Blake--isn't he cute???!!
Blake did the heavy lifting!

The day was very busy after that--but I did catch a photo of Kristie from the National Park Service doing a program on Invasive Plants.   

Yesterday while I was sitting at the table on the phone with Henrietta, I saw this out my window---

Sorry the picture isn't very clear, I shot it between the window blinds through the window.  Must have been some tasty leaves--A whitetail doe stood on her hind legs munching away for quite a while. 

And Linda asked for a new Dam picture.  

I shot this while walking across the parking lot.  It may not look it--but that's a lot of water.  145,000 cfs (cubic feet per second).  I looked up a few figures yesterday--Hoover Dam was releasing 18,000 cfs.  Niagara Falls averages 100,000 cfs.   

Today I will run into town and see if I can find some tomato plants and maybe a few flowers for the volunteers campground.  I know the nurseries are picked over, but the weather hasn't been cooperating.  It rained early this morning a bit, and in watching the weather over noon I see Ken at home may get 2 inches today!    I know the lawn will be getting very green and growing, and Ken will be cussing the fertilizer we applied a few weeks ago.  

I am thinking of sewing this afternoon--but the weather is SO BEAUTIFUL I may just play in the dirt and read a book.  What do you have planned?  


Strange Weather

Thursday, June 9, 2011
Strange weather for South Dakota (or Nebraska).  Its raining and chilly enough at the camper I have the heat on.  56F outside.   Last year I missed the peonies blooming, so I picked a bouquet and took them along.  They smell heavenly and brighten my mood. 

Ken said the local garden man came and tilled my garden.   I will pick up some tomato plants and plant them the next time I go home, with a little luck (and no hail) we will have tomatoes to eat fresh.  Will plant a few cucumbers for eating, and maybe a hill or two of pumpkins.  It may be too late for the pumpkins--not enough growing season left--but I will try. 

No sewing at the moment, those totes are still in the car and I don't feel like getting wet!  What's happening at your house??


Wednesday, June 8, 2011
This has NOT been the year for a garden or flowers.  After two very hot windy days, it is cool enough you need a jacket.  My garden isn't tilled.  I've planted no flowers.  Today I will put in a few flower seeds--some Morning Glories and Moonflowers to climb the deck.   I might plant a few tomatoes in my the garden.   It will be "survival of the fittest" sort of garden!  The perennials  around my house were dry and I spent yesterday giving them a soaking.  Sounds strange with how wet its been, but there are large overhangs from my roof, and the gutters direct the water away from the house.   But one clematis is blooming--its a hardy one that must like where it's planted--

I think this is a Nelly Moser--the blossoms are as big as my hand.   The peonies and columbines are blooming--but are pretty ragged after two days of wind/heat.  

Busy Weekend

Tuesday, June 7, 2011
Its been a busy weekend.  Laura Beth was here to attend a baby shower, and Mason and Nick came along.  Mason is still fascinated by a camera--he took pictures with grandma's help.  

Laura Beth wearing a Target sack

Nick covering up with blanket
 I don't think his parents were quite ready for portraits!

And then grandma showed him how to take a self portrait---

Mason took LOTS of pictures--of the ceiling, the floor--I think the phrase--"point and shoot" describes his style.   

I did manage a few shots--



The weekend went by too quickly.   

I planned to work on my blue/white blocks after they left.  But the new blue and white fabrics were left in the camper--again!  I decided to make sample blocks with some scraps---

The blocks are to be blue and white--and a star pattern.   The first one is okay, I think the color values are not like the pattern.  And the second block is nice--but there are a gadzillion pieces.  59?  60?  Whew!  They both squared up nicely--perfect 12.5".  

Today Ken is planting beans.  This picture is for Lee---

I head back to Yankton tomorrow.  If anyone has seen South Dakota in the news--I volunteer above a Corps of Engineers dam.   The dams will not "break".  I personally am high above the river.   

No goals--its going to be busy.  I hope for odd bits of time to sew.  

What's it like at your house??  Are you sewing?  Vacationing?